Nov 292012

Keeping your data backed up to a USB Flash drive can both a precaution in case your computer gets wiped or damaged, but also you want to make sure some of the data is secure so if your USB Drive falls into the wrong hands it isn’t so easy to get to the data.


The Kingston 32BB DataTraveler Locker+ G2 can help store a lot of your data and keep it safe, with physical password protection that only allows10 tries it will keep your data secure and wipe the flash drive if anyone fails 10 times to access it.


All data on the drive is encrypted as it writes to the flash drive and stored encrypted on the drive.

Enter to win a Kingston 32GB DataTraveler Locker+ G2 and backup your key files, photos, documents and more!

List Price: $82.00
Current Price: $74.62
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Justin Germino
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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • Heather Holmberg

    commenting is great, even the negative ones .. everyone can have their opinion and its good and healthy to have a nice little debate going on

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    I want to backup some of my important documents.

  • Nicholas Teri

    All my important documents, work related, gaming files.

  • Akshay Ohri

    Important Document…

  • Vladimir Ljubetic

    books and family photos + videos.

  • Mary Dunst Mahaney

    I love taking family photos and need a secure place to store them all!

  • Noemz

    Important documents as well as photos

  • Colleen Cole

    I would use it as a backup for important docs

  • Bernice

    I have a lot of Photos on My Old PC so i would store pictures from the old computer

  • lilyk

    I want to backup and keep my browser bookmarks.

  • Naser Mohd Baig

    I would keep my blog backups in this drive…..