Jun 062010

It is always useful to know what is the name of your Windows system for both record keeping as well as troubleshooting purposes.

Here are three ways to find out what is the computer name from Windows :

First and the longest way :

1.Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and double click on System.

Scroll down to Computer name,domain and workgroup settings.
Here is where the computer name is.

Second and quicker way :

Alternatively just right click on My Computer icon on desktop and select Properties.

That brings up the same thing as Control Panel > System but with just a couple of clicks.

Third and quickest :

Now comes the coolest way of all,the quick command prompt way :

1.Go to command prompt (Start > Run > cmd.exe)

2.Type : hostname (one single word) and hit Enter

This brings up the info with a single command.

As you can see,there are many ways to get the same task done in Windows and it is always better to know more than a single way to do it either only through the point and click way or through commands via command prompt.

I hope this has been an informative post.


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My name is Anand Parekh, I like technology. I write about technology on my blog hoping it would be beneficial to everyone who uses Windows ranging from users to system administrators. My IT credentials include being a MCSA as well as being a former CCNA . When I am not using Windows for work or fun,I would be using any of these Linux variants for the same (Ubuntu/Mint/SuSe/Fedora).
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