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We all know a car nut or three. These auto loving individuals take so much pride in their cars that they often seem to treat them like members of the family. Fortunately if you’re buying one some Christmas presents you are more than spoiled for choice it seems.

There are more gadgets out there for auto enthusiasts than there are auto enthusiasts and so here are some of our favourites for that special someone.

No Blindspot Rear View Mirror

If you’re looking for something to ensure a safer rise then this may be it. The no blindspot rear view mirror provides a 180 degree field of vision in the rear mirror to ensure that the person can see a distortion free area. Traditional mirrors only provide a 52 degree area, so you get an idea of the difference. Potentially, this mirror allows a full five lane view and allows you to see all vehicles on the road to the rear of you no matter where they are. These mirrors are fitted in NASCAR and Police cars for the aforementioned reason.

Auto Car Polisher

Imagine all the hours that the car lover spends buffing and shining and sweating over a piece of metal and imagine how much easier this could make it. The cordless professional car buffer is the perfect way to speed things up and also to create a far better shine. These devices dispense just enough wax and buff it into the metal almost instantly, allowing for a fast and attractive shine.

Car Performance Analyst

These little devices are increasingly common among car nuts and they allow a man the chance to be the envy of all their friends. The little box with LCD display is plugged into the car and will give petrol heads a lot of information on how the car performs. From 0-60 times, to braking distances, to fuel economy – there are a load of stats at hand and all it takes is a button press. It can be moved from car to car, so he can even take it on holidays when car leasing.

Remote Control Car

Even if they can’t race in real life, then they can in the local park with a remote control car. Whether you choose high powered battery or superfast petrol model is up to you. However, these cars can reach up to 50mph and really provide impressive performance and a lot of fun.

Arcade Racer Seat

Games Console nuts will love an arcade racer seat, with authentic bucket seat and racing controls. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can even purchase hydraulics that allows your car lover to feel each and every bump on the road. It’s a lot cheaper than taking the car to the Nuremberg ring and probably less embarrassing too.


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