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Virtual seminar (webinar) is powerful.webinar

You can go anywhere you want, achieve all you ever wanted in your business if only you give back to the people who holds you in high esteem.

A lot of people will argue that they’re nobody in the blogosphere.

But that’s so untrue. I was thinking like that too until I saw the results of word of mouth marketing.

However, organizing a webinar to showcase and teach others how to do a particular thing has its limits.

Or should I say boundaries. Self altruism is never a demand in life. As you give back to people, don’t forget that your image is at stake. Not everyone is going to appreciate you for such kind gestures.

That’s why I’ve put up these five must-do tips to help every form of online meeting you organize blissful. Don’t take my word for it; you’ve better answers to the problems in your niche. This is only a guide. See it as a shoulder up above your challenges. Stand on it and see the world you ever wanted.

1.    Giving Is Living

Do you see giving as a pain in the ass? Stop right there and listen to this: the person that gives has a better life than someone who doesn’t. If you want to accelerate smoothly in this troubled world, even in blogging or any form of business, you need to give back to people.

You might charge a fee for hosting an online meeting but it should not equate the value you give. What you give stays. What you receive will get exhausted one day. So, stop looking for someone to help you make it online, find a way to give to some other person because you’ve what they’re looking for. They’ll come running to you like an angry mob.

Giving pays and what way do you want to extend that lovely hand of yours – organize a webinar and use it to touch lives?

2.    Weigh Your Options

Before organizing a webinar, what options do you’ve?

What options do you’ve in your life today? Let’s assume you’re a blogger and have the opportunity to create an e-book, become a go-to copywriter or sell other special skills for money. What would you go for?

All these are powerful and profitable means to an end. That means you should not accept anything throws you off-balance no matter how much monetary gain is attached to it. What is your purpose for starting an online business? Is it to make money (part of it), or to solve at least one particular problem (major reason actually)?

Weigh the options you’ve and choose the one that helps in achieving your end-goal. You might go for copywriting because of monetary rewards, but are you called to be one? Do you enjoy doing it? Think again before bringing any conclusion to the table and organizing a webinar around it.

3.    Position Your Business Aright

Online meetings and webinar helps small businesses to come to limelight. But you’ve to position yourself. The major reason why marketing is paramount is because you’ll become popular even before your first webinar is live. SEO content writing is also a powerful way to position your webinar.

I’m confident that if I organize a webinar today, several people are going to honor it. I’ve been writing for several blogs and clients since 2009 and the relationship I’ve with them is enough to fill my virtual chairs.

Even with social media marketing, positioning is the right word that brings people together to discuss a particular trend without getting bored. Will your business be there when they need you most?

4.    Webinar Is a means to an end

A lot of info product creators see webinars as an end to their marketing career. That is why they use marketing hype to lure greedy people into their sales page. But you don’t have to be deceived now that you’re well informed.

Organizing a webinar to grow your business is never an end; it’s not even the beginning. I think it lies in the middle. So, avoid every form of marketing that’s questionable.

The persons you invited to your webinar are humans, with blood running through their veins. They’ve decisions to make and believe me, they make quick decisions online. If you please them today, they’ll come back tomorrow and vice versa.

If you want to use an online meeting management system, you can grab free GoToMeeting.com promotion code and GoToWebinar discount code and save in every subscription you opt-in for.

5.    Add Self-Control to it

This sounds religious but I’m fond of it. Self control is not just for religious enthusiasts, it’s for everyone who desires success in life. Hosting an online meeting would sometimes expose you to different business opportunities. In fact, a blogger friend of mine confessed how much he wanted to exploit her guests.

And I said to him, did you control yourself?

Thank God he did. No matter what comes to you as you do business online, you must learn to coordinate and analyze opportunities. Some opportunities are meant to destroy your reputation and mar your hard work.

I’ve seen people who started out smoothly but ended up in the waste bin. All that glitters is not gold. And even before gold is formed, it has to pass through the fire. That’s where analysis comes in.

Analyze every idea, insight and thoughts in your mind. It may sound rosy and randy, but deep down; it’s full of deadly traps. It’s like a sepulcher (marbled grave), beautiful on the outside but inside it filled with dead men’s bone.

Webinar Takeaway

I’m seriously planning to host my second webinar, but I’ve to take my time to prepare and get myself well positioned for what lies ahead. I’ve laid-out the best tips; more like precautions so you don’t drive off course.

I hope this post inspires you to take action and enhance your personal life and your business. I love you from my heart, see you at the top!


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