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If you are one of the many who find that your high speed high speed internet is lacking in speed, there is no need to fret. Faster high speed internet can be accomplished by following five easy fixes. If one of the fixes doesn’t give you a faster high speed internet connection, move on to the next. Check the speed after each fix until you reach the maximum guaranteed by your high speed Internet provider. Here are 5 tips to faster Internet:

1. Make adjustments to your router settings.
As with all electronics, it is always beneficial to read the manual. However, you have to know the equipment exists before it can be adjusted. Instead of plugging directly into your high speed internet modem, chances are that you are using a router. If you are using wireless Internet, chances of having a router are 100 percent. Finding and reading the manual for your router could lead you to an instant Internet speed boost.

Once you check the settings, another issue that can be checked with the router is its placement. If the router is next to a thick brick wall, on the floor, or located amid a sea of other electronic devices, you could be hampering the signal. Make sure there are no other electronics nearby and remove as many obstacles between the router and your computer as possible to get a faster high speed internet connection.

2. Eliminate unneeded background applications on your computer.
While having a bunch of application on your computer is cool, even if you have a use for all of them, chances are that you don’t use them all simultaneously. Open and close applications as they are needed. If they are left running in the background, they could be eating up valuable bandwidth that you could be using for the task at hand. The biggest culprits are instant messengers and media players.

3. Make sure your wireless security is activated.
If you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you should be aware that although a lot of computers can connect all at once, the more computers connected to and using the Internet will reduce the speed. If you do not have your security activated, people you don’t even know could be using your bandwidth, leaving you with a slow connection.

4. Talk to your Internet provider.
Your Internet service provider (ISP), which is usually your phone or cable company, may be able to help you out by making adjustments and checking the connection on their side of your modem. However, they can’t help if they don’t know there is a problem. Make them aware and see what they can do.

5. Adjust mobile high speed internet devices.
If you are using mobile high speed internet, the culprit is often the mobile dongle. The dongle is the adapter that connects to your computer through a USB port. Make sure you have a decent signal from the mobile provider. If you have to, you may need to purchase an extension that allows you to adjust the position of the dongle.

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  • http://www.blog.web6.org Kimi@wordpress video tutorial

    I am a dummy if it comes to techie stuff like this LOL..

    I have never touched my router, hubby usually does help, i am afraid that i would make it worse.

    Though i notice, country which we live in also matters.

    When we lived in Asia, the internet speed was tad slow, and there was no way to change it, but it was about 5 years ago,

    Now it’s changed..Thanks for the tip though.

  • http://www.gta5.tv/ Maximilien@GTA 5

    Hi Firespin, thanks a lot for sharing all these great tips to to faster my Internet with us, you rock!! :D

  • Jannich@Hurtige penge

    Hi Jay.

    Those are great tips, but maybe you should write an article explaining which settings should be adjusted on the router (stuff like MTU, frame sizes and so on).

    Cheers, Jannich

  • http://www.christopher-roberts.co.uk/ Christopher Roberts

    I have done most of those in the past, except talk to your Internet provider. Does that really work?

    I have heard that if you tell them you are planning to leave they may offer you a better deal…

    Worth a try I guess :-)

    Nice article anyway, thanks :-)

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

      Without going into details I did negotiate with my Satellite TV provider and get them to take $60 dollars ($5 per month off my bill) just for not switching to competitor.

      • http://www.christopher-roberts.co.uk/ Christopher Roberts

        Wow, that’s pretty good!

  • http://www.linknami.com Andreas@Online Advertising

    Its really amazing how much internet speed can be improved just by modifying some settings and making sure that unnecessary background programs are eliminated.
    Many users I know do not bother about the speed they purchased and waste a lot of resources right there.

  • steven papas

    hi! I just found Bandoo.exe running in the background. I think it reduces my performance. Thanks for your tips. Otherwise I wouldn’t check my task manager feature.

  • http://technicallyeasy.net Paul

    I try to limit what I run in the background – mainly to prevent any conflicts between applications. I currently have a 14mbps connection, and depending on the site/server I connect to, I can get close to the advertised speeds. For example, when I download from Steam, I usually get over 1 MB/s download speeds

  • http://www.seattle-locksmithservice.com Sean Radovic

    If you’re sending an email to multiple people, create a Contact Group (previously known as a Distribution List) instead of listing each recipient separately.
    Messages are sent more quickly and efficiently when you’re using a Contact Group. Your company may have established procedures for creating mailing lists. If not, learn how to create and edit a Contact Group in Microsoft Outlook.

  • http://www.techatlast.com Olawale Daniel@Technology Blog

    Powerful advice, thanks for sharing this…

  • Allen Cooper@Fairfax Locksmith

    Hey I have changed all the above mentioned settings but I am unable to change my router settings. I don’t really know how to change it. The speed of my internet is still very slow. May be it is due to the router settings. I think it will surely change as soon as I change the router settings. Can you please guide me how to go with it? Also my house is made of brick walls, so in that case what do I do to get speedy internet service.