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DragonBlogger is a Technology and Entertainment portal that features articles on everything from technology, video games, social media, Internet, software and includes many product reviews on various gadgets we test and provide feedback on.

My name is Justin Germino and my background for my day job is focused on the IT Industry for over 15 years specializing in identity and access management applications, web-based technologies and information security. You can visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me professionally. I am a techie by nature, I love technology, science and particularly enjoy reading about the latest science and biological news and discoveries. I love movies and television and appreciate the art of film to the highest degree. I am into video games, music, travel, night life and just about anything and everything. You only have one life and you have to live it to the fullest extent is my thinking here. I love all forms of entertainment including Movies, Television, Books (Especially Audiobooks), Role Playing (Dungeons and Dragons mostly), Music (Rock primarily, but all kinds and Sting is my favorite musician).

My blog is an extension of my persona, my ability to reach out to readers and share with them my thoughts on life, the world, as well as the products and services I work with and try. Somethings are very good and worth spreading praise about, and others are not so good and worth warning people about. Welcome to the world of my opinions and thoughts and reviews, it is my goal to provide insight and help provide some useful and original information as often as possible, and if you gather any new knowledge, or learn a new trick or are influenced by my opinion on any product, service, movie, game or anything that I review…
Then my job is done.

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My primary blog site 50% technology, 50% entertainment and mixes movie reviews, game review with blogging news, internet & technology news and reviews.
Dragon Blogger is my other persona online and is my alternate identity, my Dragonblogger.com site currently gets more than 13000 unique visits per month.


Justin Germino

This is my personal blog about being a Husband, Father and resident of Arizona. I blog about everything I do and come across, and share insights and personal opinions on just about anything. Some of my most popular categories are romantic tips and parenting advice.

I offer a variety of services to clients from assisting with product reviews, promotions, WordPress assistance to helping others optimize their blogs for their target goals.  If you have any questions or want more information on any of the services I provide just contact me.

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