The following is a list of websites, companies or blogs that have either featured some of my work or mentioned me.  I have a good working relationship with some of the companies I have tested products for and enjoy showcasing products and services which I feel are positive and excellent.

Quote and Feedback:

“In a world filled with GIMME’s & I’m better’n u & COMPETITON, @dragonblogger stands out as one of the REALLY nice people in the world” -Janine Joi

“You guys have the most in depth case review I have ever seen. I wish some of the bigger guys had the dedication that you have.”  ~Jace O’Steen (Corsair)

“We went to Dragon Blogger for the launch of the BlueBulb Bluetooth Bulb. They produced a top notch video! DB dives deep in and acts as a powerful platform for promoting new technology and product launches” – Steve Green (Blue Bulb)

“Thank you so much for your effort, you guys are quite awesome and professional as always.” -UtechSmart Marketing

“I have read your blog review and you wrote it pretty cool! Awesome! You made me paste a smile while reading your experience from start to end :D Thank you so much!” -Solid Cordz

Press Mentions:

Interviews with Justin Germino

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