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Jun 302011

Many times I’ve come across blogs which have .com domain names but are hosted on Blogspot. Most of these blogs still have the Blogspot favicon beside the URL and Page Title. This somehow reduces the brand value of your blog. Here we shall see how a custom favicon can be added to your Blogspot blog.
This process of adding a custom favicon to your blogspot blog can be done even if you are using a domain name. In fact it is totally independent of what your domain name is!
In the past when I had been looking for a technique to add my own favicon to a blogspot blog, I came across many tutorials which explained the process very well, but there was one problem. The Blogger favicon still remained as it was!

Here I’ll give you the latest and working method :

1.Go to any Favicon generation site like and make your favicon. Then download it to your computer.

2.If you have a free account at some site like, upload the “favicon.ico” file to that account.

3.If you don’t have a free hosting account, make one now and upload the file. It would take just around 5 minutes (check the spam folder for hosting account confirmation).

4.Now go to EDIT HTML page of your blogspot blog. Just search for “html” tag using CTRL+F, and you will find the following piece of code :

6.Replace the URLs, Keywords and Description etc. and save the template.

Some added advantages of this method include added SEO benefits from the meta tags and Page title styling.

In addition to using this method for “” blogs, you can also use the inbuilt custom favicon upload feature currently offered through “”. Just go to the Blogger-in-draft dashboard, open the layout page of the blog, and replace the Blogger default favicon with your own!

Samir Saurav Majhi
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  • Coool! I never knew one could set a custom favicon even in blogger. I knew how to do it for our own hosted sites but did not know that it is even possible to do it in blogger.

    • Earlier the only way was to add extra code to the ‘head’ section of the layout. But now, using Blogger-in-draft you can simply upload a .ico (icon) file to blogger on the design page!

  • Thanks for sharing this tip! As a non-web-designer interested in web design this was one of the reasons I left blogger for wordpress. But a lot of my friends still use blogger and I think they would benefit from this.