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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ClickBooth. All opinions are 100% mine.

ClickBooth is a major player in the PPC and PPA market and is an attractive alternative to Google AdSense and AdWords for advertisers or publishers looking for something that has among the best payout rates and conversions in the PPC/PPA industry.




ClickBooth can be seen in use by major companies including DirecTV, Dish Network, MSN and Yahoo.  Clickbooth CPC gives you access to billions of exclusive CB impressions as well as photo text ads to strengthen your brand. 

ClickBooth proudly boasts the following statistics that advertisers should be aware of:

  • Over 5 Billion Impressions per month
  • Over 10 million leads per month
  • Over 1 million actions and sales monthly

In an article featured on Technorati by Curtis Silver titled Google AdWords, Meet Your Competition: Clickbooth Curtis talks about ClickBooth going up against Google AdWords and being strictly an Advertising platform that relies on other search engines. 

ClickBooth clearly is something to look at for publishers as well if you want to try and improve your CPC earnings on your site or if your AdSense is under performing you may want to look at hosting ClickBooth banner or text link ads to compare and possibly earn more for your website.

For those who are looking for more experience and training in Internet Advertising or CPC, CPA and other forms of online monetization terms, ClickBooth also offers a publisher certification program and a continuous learning website to ensure you can become a successful and knowledgeable Internet Marketer.

How many bloggers have already taken a look at ClickBooth from an advertising or publishing perspective? 

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
  • Hmm.. Never heard of it, might check it out soon!

  • Brandon Cox@Blogging for Income

    I was rejected by Clickbooth the last time applied, but it’s been a long time. May have to try again!

  • ClickBooth is offering a lot of services.Thanks for sharing too much information in one post.

  • I didn’t know ClickBooth, it could be a good alternative to Google Adsence or a good complement 🙂 Thanks for the discovering!

  • I have an account with them, but never tried their ads. Maybe I should test them, I really want to see how their ads perform.

    The funny things is that I was accepted immediately, I think they verify you after you used one of their ads code.

  • I applied for ClickBooth a long time ago and I have been rejected because I did not have enough vitamins to pass their requirements. Thereon, I completely forgot about them up until now. Maybe now I will give it another go and hopefully I’ll get accepted. Thanks for the reminder. Always like these alternatives to test drive and see how it works. Are you using it?

    • I have not signed up yet, honestly I hadn’t heard of ClickBooth until the SocialSpark opp came my way, so I am going to sign up later this week, but am testing Google DPF first so I don’t have two services competing.

  • I will take a look at it. Sounds and look like a promising one. I hope they accept newbie bloggers like me.

  • Justin – I have never heard of ClickBooth until now, but over 5 Billion impressions per month is very impressive. I’m interested in giving ClickBooth a try and see if it is for me.

    I am going to take your advice and host a ClickBooth banner or text link ad on one of my sites and compare it to the performance of my Google Adsense ads. Thanks for bringing this program to my attention Justin.

    • Share your results, would be curious to know how it performs for you.

  • I have read about Clickbooth but I was not sure that it’s worth giving a try or not.After reading your review I would surely give it a try and give you the feedback for same.

  • Always interesting to read another making money opportunity Justin. Thanks for the information. I should check this one 😉

  • Never heard of Clickbooth until now. I wonder how the per click rate is. Might be worth giving it a go.

  • Carl Parker@advertising, business

    Intresting i will definety look into it further! Thanks for the tip of!

  • Justin, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about CPA networks lately. How do CPA networks differ from basic affiliate programs like those offered by Google, Commission Junction, and Share a Sale?

    • CPA is basically paying you based on an action taken after the link is clicked, these have lower conversion rates because the user has to either fill out a form, answer questions…etc in order for you to get the qualifying commission. However because they require involvement from users and aren’t just random clicks there is virtually no “false click” issues and the pay rates are higher than CPC typically.

  • hmmmmmm really nice… I will try for my products..thanks

  • Will Google Adsense dislikes blog serving Clickbooth? As I know it has Image and Text Ads also. Otherwise, it could become a Google Adsense alternative by rotating both ads at random time like ContextWeb

  • Steve Markham

    Hey Justin,

    I tried Clickbooth way back when they first started. I replaced my adsense ads with CB ads for a month and the results were not good.

    That was many years ago but it seems like they’ve really stepped their game up. It might be time to give them another shot. If I can remember my password that is 🙂

    Have you started to use them yet?


    • I have not tried ClickBooth myself yet, I am still experimenting with Google DFP to see if I can boost my CPC with AdSense

  • i am using adsense and will think of clickbooth if anything get wrong with my adsense…

    • I agree, don’t use both at same time they will compete against each other.

  • Tej Kohli

    I am using Google adsense right now , but my earning is too less, I am plan to use clickboot for my next launch

  • I have never heard of clickbooth and will decide if I want to try them out after I heard more from you.

  • The good of this clickbooth is that,makes payments easy for you to calculate and as they represent merchants such as Blockbuster, Gevalia and VistaPrint you for sure can expect an increased monthly income.

    And thanks to this post,I hope that it will be read by other people.So good luck!