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ClickBooth is a major player in the PPC and PPA market and is an attractive alternative to Google AdSense and AdWords for advertisers or publishers looking for something that has among the best payout rates and conversions in the PPC/PPA industry.




ClickBooth can be seen in use by major companies including DirecTV, Dish Network, MSN and Yahoo.  Clickbooth CPC gives you access to billions of exclusive CB impressions as well as photo text ads to strengthen your brand. 

ClickBooth proudly boasts the following statistics that advertisers should be aware of:

  • Over 5 Billion Impressions per month
  • Over 10 million leads per month
  • Over 1 million actions and sales monthly

In an article featured on Technorati by Curtis Silver titled Google AdWords, Meet Your Competition: Clickbooth Curtis talks about ClickBooth going up against Google AdWords and being strictly an Advertising platform that relies on other search engines. 

ClickBooth clearly is something to look at for publishers as well if you want to try and improve your CPC earnings on your site or if your AdSense is under performing you may want to look at hosting ClickBooth banner or text link ads to compare and possibly earn more for your website.

For those who are looking for more experience and training in Internet Advertising or CPC, CPA and other forms of online monetization terms, ClickBooth also offers a publisher certification program and a continuous learning website to ensure you can become a successful and knowledgeable Internet Marketer.

How many bloggers have already taken a look at ClickBooth from an advertising or publishing perspective? 

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