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Top 5 Kid’s Drone in 2017

Nowadays, one of the coolest gifts you can get your kids is Kid's Drone. These drones are not only an object for entertainment; they also help the children to grow their brain and can get them interested in learning technologies. As the holiday period is quickly approaching, a drone can be the perfect gift to [...]

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Aglaia 7 Watt LED Desk Lamp Giveaway

Our friends over at Aglaia have decided to help celebrate Amazon Prime day by not only offering some deals on their products which are listed below, but also running a giveaway with us where 2 lucky people will get one of their dimmable LED desk lamps which are the perfect reading lamps.  With touch controls [...]

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SADES SA-810 Gaming Headset Review

So the Bai Sheng Shop over at Amazon sent me a SADES SA-810 Gaming Headset to review and showcase to our audience, often lately we get online stores instead of the brand manufacturer that sends us products to help boost recognition and awareness for their store.  This is one of those cases, though we have [...]

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ODRVM 1080p Waterproof Action Camera Review

I get a few different Action cameras to review periodically and the ODRVM 1080p Waterproof Action camera is the complete kit which you often don't get when you by an action camera and are forced to buy an accessory pack with it to cover all your needs with the action cam. Unboxing the ODVR Action [...]

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Enter to Win a Hundred Dollar Amazon Gift Card from Dragon Blogger and Dealspotr

Dealspotr is an online place where you can not only find deals and coupons for products you want to buy on major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Sony ,Walmart...etc but it also rewards members for posting deals and validating deals.  Validating deals can even be done without having to buy a product, you simply [...]

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