About Raymond Stapleton

I have worked in and around many different types of computers. In the Navy, I used a magtape drive computer that was a step down from pen and paper. I later worked for a big computer company and after tat, taught computer class’s nation wide. I had the privilege of teaching 14,000 students in a 2 years period of time. Afterwards, I owned a small computer training and repair shop for a few years. I have owned C-64’s, Pc’s of various types, Amiga’s, and even Mac’s. I now have included the android to my collection. At any time, I have close to 15-20 computers or combinations of computers and game systems in the house. I look forward to more.

All Purpose Living Room USB Charging Station from Unitek

I received a very neat and very usable device from Unitek the other day, and I must say I am very impressed. Their 4-Reversable-USB-Port USB Charging Station is perfect for your charging needs. Not only will it charge all your devices, it will charge them 4 at a time. Not only will it charge 4 [...]

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System Mechanic Pro

System Mechanic is not new to me. I have had the opportunity and privilege to use their previous version of the software before, and it was great. This new version is even better. You might ask what System Mechanic does, and in just a few words, it is an all in one tool that you [...]

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Showcasing the GPD WIN GamePad Tablet PC

Over the past year or so, I have noticed a number of windows tablets enter the market. Most have little to no storage capacity which I have learned is not good.  I have also seen a fair number of combination android and windows devices that look nice, but for many reasons fail to deliver both [...]

Alonso A5 Bluetooth Speaker Review

I have tested a lot of Bluetooth speakers and I still love it when I find something fun and exciting. The Alonso A5 is just such a speaker. Many speakers simply sit there and reproduce sound. A few, do it with style. The A5 is one that uses colorful LED lights to bring life to [...]

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Havit USB Type C Cable Review

My daughter recently received a free cell phone and she was very excited. There was only one small problem however and that is her new Moto Z-Droid Force only came with a charging cable that you plug into the electrical socket on the wall. She had no way to link up to her computer to [...]

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CRDC Life Bluetooth Speaker

I got a Bluetooth speaker from a company named CRDC Life. It is a fairly small square box speaker, but that’s the only thing little about it. When you hear it, it delivers where it counts. Here is the unboxing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5KZecLZjlc One thing I have learned doing reviews is not to judge a product before [...]

Loftek 50W LED Floodlight

There are products out there that you never knew you wanted until you have them in hand getting to try them out. My next review is just such a product. Unboxing the Loftek 50W LED Floodlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkWTnSsJeuc Now for the written unboxing and more details, one thing to know about me is that I love [...]

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QICENT Multi-Port USB Charger for the Car Review

I have two lighter plugs, or utility plugs in my car that provide me with the connections needed to power some of the devices I own. Usually both are filled, one with a USB/GPS tracking device, and the other with my new video dash cam. This means some stuff like my tire pressure monitoring device [...]