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Oh, for the love of… BioShock Infinite was pushed back again? REALLY??? How is this possible? It was supposed to come out last spring, wasn’t it? At least initially, when we all first heard about it? Then it was pushed back umpteen times and now, after being stamped with an official “Street Date,” it’s been pushed back again. Another month we have to wait before we can explore Columbia… sighs.

Excuse me for a moment….


Sorry about that, I just had to let it out. Okay, here’s my thing…. I get that things don’t always work out the way we want them to, and developing video games is an astonishingly hard thing to do… but at the same time being forced to wait is almost unbearable in some cases.

Let’s take a look at what has been pushed back lately, or repeatedly. Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in development for what seems like eons. I’m a huge fan of the franchise despite some of the later movies being less than stellar and pretty much every game that has been based off the movies either sucking and/or blowing, but this new one looks really good… just like it looked really good when it was first announced over two years ago!

What about the Duke Nukem Forever fiasco? Duke Nukem fans eagerly awaited news that took the better part of a decade to come down the pipeline only to have developer issues, funding issues, and virtually any other kind of problem you can imagine. Then, after all that, the game sucked. How does this happen? After all that time in development, the game ends up tarnishing a once beloved character and was easily one of the biggest disappointments in the history of the medium.

Diablo 3 was continuously pushed back as well. Fortunately, the extra time spent helped hone one of the better PC titles to come out for some time. However, by the same token, think about how many Diablo players are now committed World of Warcraft aficionados because that game took so long to come out! And while those same fans undoubtedly stopped playing WoW to take on the demons, what do you think they went back to once they were done?

I’m well aware that specific example is akin to me comparing apples and oranges, as the game styles are completely different. But it does beg the question: would more people have migrated to WoW if Diablo hadn’t taken so long to come out?

All this waiting makes me nervous! Do we end up with a Diablo, or a Duke Nukem? Undoubtedly the biggest game of next year, Grand Theft Auto 5, has been tentatively slated for May. What are the odds on that actually happening? How about this: what are the odds that it will even come out next year? Which is more likely?

What do you think about this ongoing problem that plagues our industry? Does it bother you? Can we even trust previews and release dates when they are announced? More to the point, should we even care, as long as the end product is better for the wait?

By the way, you can still pre-order Bioshock Infinite now so you have it lined up for you whenever they decide to release it!

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  • Ronald Smith

    Whilst the majority of the article I agree with, the one thing I don’t is about DNF. I happen to be one of many who really like the game. It’s frustrating sometimes, but what GOOD game isn’t? For me, the humor alone is worth it, but yes I happen to like DNF quite a bit. I’m one of those weirdos who also likes games like Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Armed & Dangerous, amongst many other tongue-in-cheek “Did they really just say/do that?!” style games, and DNF is one of those. Heck, I spent a good hour just drawing funny stuff on the dry erase board (though I won’t say what exactly XD), lol.