Oct 292011

Spotify which is arguable one of the best desktop music streaming services on the planet is an ad supported music player that is integrated with Facebook.

The creators of Spotify wanted to make sure no one could  hide ads, or crack it so they have made it debugger proof and have made ads nearly impossible to remove.  But there are some really clever guys who have managed to mute the annoying ads in Spotify every time they pop up.  It is possible to block Spotify ads by using Blockify, which is freeware.


Unlike other Spotify ad blockers, this ad blocker does not need an list of ads but finds them out instantly as new ones appear. It is fairly easy to use, just run it after downloading  and set the options you want.

It works well with the default options but if you want it to start whenever you start Spotify, then check the Auto Start feature. You can make it play music when an Ad is playing, by selecting Play MP3 and setting the MP3 folders, it will resume the Spotify music as soon the song that plays during the advert is over.

So rather than block it is more like “replace advertising with custom MP3” so that you don’t have to hear the ad.


Blockify is available only for Windows, if you want to block Spotify ads on Mac OS X, then use Smutefy.  Or just simply sign up for Spotify Premium which has no ads and has the added bonus of letting you sync songs offline so you can play them when you don’t have an internet connection.


Do you know any other better alternatives? If so, I am dying to find out.

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Editor’s Note:  It is technically against Terms of Service to interfere with the ads on Spotify, so we can’t really condone doing this and are just sharing the information for public awareness purposes.

  • I didn’t know about this, pretty interesting. Although I find it much easier to just pay the ten bucks!

    • @israel.kendall I pay for Spotify myself, but $10 a month is $120 a year and that isn’t chump change so some would find an alternative preferable.

    • RonaldSmith

      If you’d pay the $10 because it’s just easier, then sign up for a free Pandora account instead. Much better variety, bigger library, far fewer ads, and the ones that do pop in are not really annoying either – usually.

  • Ind-Serial

    I couldn’t find spotify shortcut, so blockify couldn’t, there is no spotify folder in program files as well, so blockify cannot autostart it, please help asap, thanks

    • Ind-Serial

      Please I am Really Grateful To You.

    • Ind-Serial

      Please I am Really Grateful To You.

      • @Ind-Serial Spotify is located here :- %appdata%Spotify . Autostart works fine for me with default settings.Please post back if you have any other problems

  • I don,t think so there is any alternative than this. make sure to share with us any other alternative if you found also

  • antac55

    Thanks! 😉

  • It’s not against the terms of service…
    Blockify automates what the user can already do.

  • saborrie

    Blockify causes problems when you have 2 screens. Tis a shame coz I only have a second screen when im doing coursework and thats when i need my spotify library most.

  • Charger0707

    It worked it just mutes the ads which is fine with me, theres other functions i just dont care for them more than perfect for me…

  • Rorrisss

    @AngelOsipovichS ¡Gracias simpatico!Puede que hayas salvado la central de spotify porque estaba a nada de ir alli y liarme a palos con todos

    • AngelOsipovichS

      @Rorrisss Nada mujer, que con spotify al final acabas queriendo cargarte a todos los subnormales de Ron Brugal con sus muertos.

      • Rorrisss

        @AngelOsipovichS tu eeerees el origTUS MUERTOSSSSSS JAJAJJAJAJ

        • AngelOsipovichS

          @Rorrisss AJAJAJAJA Lo peor es que si lo pones bajito se para el puto anuncio,son el demonio.

  • moleymoleymoley

    Cool enough, i’ll take the silence – or i’d make my own ‘commercials’. Now if only there were a way to remove that nasty popup ad that obscures the playlist…

  • While I see why they run ads, are they really that bad? All I hear is ads about their mobile app or their gift cards or something relating to Spotify. And really they last no more than 30 seconds long.

    • the real truth

      are yo fucking going to buy everything they sell to you if not why the fuck do you need to be bombarded with shit you dont fucking need.

    • RonaldSmith

      All I ever hear is the same ad for Home Depot, over and over and over and over… like every 3-4 songs over and over. It’s insane, really.

  • dfdfdfdf

    smells harmware all over

    • RonaldSmith

      I’d smell funny things too, if I were using as obviously as fake of an email. 😉

      • 18Trevor3695

        XD fun af

  • Anonymouse

    Actually using proxies is another solution that completely destroys the ads….

    • 18Trevor3695


  • 18Trevor3695


    • 18Trevor3695


    • 18Trevor3695

      Okay false alarm XD my computer just was having problems with closing the scrpts which wasn’t letting me delete it 🙂