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This page is dedicated to social and blogger networking and you can find all of my social network connections beyond what is simply in the sidebar and homepage here on I look forward to meeting and connecting with other bloggers, I encourage them to join networks like BlogEngage, Triberr, MyBlogGuest and other services that help spread the word and bring attention and other SEO benefits to your blogs.


So feel free to connect with me on any one of my networks, I run 3 Triberr Tribes (Blogging, Technology and Gaming) and am always looking to help promote others who want to join Triberr and build up their Twitter presence.

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Blog Engage is one of my all time favorite blogging networks and highly recommended to get your articles in front of other bloggers and start networking with peers.

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You can find us on Google+ too!

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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
  • Jeff Schmidt

    I am working with a company on the development
    of a new app for Android devices. This app will require a dedicated
    simple tablet with Wi-Fi in order to function with the app. The tablet
    will mainly be used as a digital notepad for creating lists that can be
    communicated with the users smart phone.

    I am looking for a tablet company that could work with me on the development of the hardware for this product.
    I think a smaller, private company would be preferable as they may be more “hungry” and willing to work with me on development specifics and price point.

    Thus far I have reached out to Tablet Express, ProntoTec, Chromo Inc., iRulu, and NeuTab. I was planning on contacting Tagital, but I haven’t been able to locate contact info for this company.

    Any suggestions for other companies that produce simple, low cost tablets would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your suggestions.