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There are a few things I find myself leaning on more than others when blogging. I’m going to go through and detail some of them for you in this post.

Pen and paper:

Writing on paper is a good way to really let your ideas flow. Because writing with a pen is so much slower than typing, it allows you to focus your mind on what you’re intending to write about, and let the immediately available ideas in your mind pop out. When I’m typing, I find that there’s many ideas trying to burst out at once, and by writing them down the old fashioned way first, I’m able to determine what the key points are, before I go into a keyboard bashing frenzy. An alternative to this is whiteboard writing, where you can plot the big ideas out on a whiteboard, giving you an idea of the ‘big picture’ before you launch your word processor.

I’ve never been one to carry around a moleskin notebook or anything like that, I’m happy to just use a 60 cent exercise book and a fountain pen to get the job done.



So, if you’re on a bus, waiting in line or wherever an idea may come to you, a phone can come in handy. I used my old iPhone for about 4 years before I replaced it, using the notes app that comes pre-loaded into it. Whenever I had an idea about something to write, I would plan it out on the phone. Some ideas became articles, while some looked not as worthy upon a second glance, but the point is I was able to capture the ideas as they came.

Another way to take advantage of your phone is to record your voice on it. You can listen to these voice memos to yourself later as you’re preparing to write. Right now, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note II, which I think is pretty cool, but any smartphone should be able to let you capture your ideas on the fly.


I travel a lot, so I decided to go with an ‘ultrabook’. I picked up the MacBook Air, because it was the most fairly priced of the ultrabooks at the time. It weighs very little, the hard drive is solid state (so there’s not much chance of hard drive failure), and it’s small enough to fit into my backpack (i travel light). As far as software goes, I use very little, all of my documents, spreadsheets, etc. are in Google Docs, so I can access them in the unlikely case I’m separated from my computer.

If you don’t travel so much, I guess I’d tell you to get a desktop or laptop that is within your price range, but for me it has to be the MacBook Air.



For doing research, there’s nothing much better than Google. If you need to write a topical blog, a Google News search will help you determine something that is ‘hot’ right now in your niche. Google images, too, is invaluable for providing you with a time-efficient way of finding images to go along with your article, if required.


My Blog Guest: 

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Well, that’s certainly not everything I use, but it’s the ones I use on a daily basis. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to work on your own writing, of course, so read other peoples blogs, and push yourself to squeeze out a few words of writing yourself, everyday.

I'm into guest blogging, digital marketing and travelling. When I'm not doing that, I like to read comics, watch horror movies and chill out.

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  • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Great list of resources for bloggers. I like that you use pen and paper. Do you write out your entire post on paper? I outline posts on pen and paper and use pen and paper when I take notes during interviews. But for writing the posts, I use my computer.

    I use my phone as a recording device for interviews as well. It comes in very handy because I always have it with me.

    I also use Dropbox a lot so I can have images and documents with me wherever I am.

    Thanks for sharing your list, Archie!

    • Archie Ward

      Like you, I just outline. If you’re working in a team, you can also use a whiteboard. I would use Dropbox, but Google Docs value is twofold, as I am too cheap to buy Microsoft Office.

      • Justin Germino

        The Ad Supported MS Office is free now with Windows 7 and above.

        • Archie Ward

          Ah, cool. I use Mac OS, but it’s good to know Microsoft are being progressive.

  • RonaldSmith

    All great ideas for useful tools, thanks for that. The only thing I see that isn’t in there, that I myself would have put, is a USB flash drive with encryption software, just in case the cloud fails and/or your laptop. You never know when the worst is going to happen, so that could easily prove to be an invaluable tool. Also don’t forget that with cell phones, pretty well all blogs allow some way to post articles directly from your cell, which I’ve seen a decent amount of other bloggers do, and once you’ve the hang of it, it can easily be second nature as if you’re doing it from a computer.

    Again, thanks for the ideas. I just recently got back into blogging again myself, and am currently working with Blogger to get the hang of things for the time being, getting my bearings I suppose. These ideas above will be of some use to me for that, thank you.

    • Archie Ward

      Yeah, cell phones are good. I did actually mention my new Galaxy Note 2 in there, but as far as posting goes, I actually started out blogging by installing Word Press on my iPhone 3 when backpacking South East Asia, so that’s where I got my first real taste for blogging.

  • Dave Lucas

    At the risk of sounding like a “RushNut” – DITTO to all of the above!

    • Archie Ward

      Ditto appreciated.

  • Max

    Hey man! I hear you about pen and paper. Even though our technology reached almost to infinity and beyond, pen and paper is the best way to prototype stuff. My theory, that’s because computers are so much faster than our brains, and with paper we feel much more comfortable!

    • Archie Ward

      I think you’re right with your theory. You can have a kind of ‘slow motion’ control over your words with pen and paper, typing can kind of cause your brain to ‘spill out’ all over the place.