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Entrepreneurship is a word which possesses a very big and subtle meaning. Now a days, entrepreneurship has become a choice made by thousands of young minds. Every year, new minds come out to do unique and innovative things. But keeping in view the requirements of today’s lifestyle,  money and power form a part and parcel of one’s life.  And for them, people are always in search of jobs which have the advantage of better remuneration . This situation contributes towards the  lack of zeal to which is an indispensable trait for one to become an  Entrepreneur. First of all let us understand who entrepreneurs are and what entrepreneurship  is.


What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a word which means “to undertake”. It is an act or the art of entrepreneurs who implement innovative ideas and introduce new stuff. Entrepreneurs are independent people . Good entrepreneurship can turn into to the formation of big organizations or lead to collaboration with big firms.

Now the question arises,

Why choose Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship brings with it the opportunity to transform an idea into a huge business conglomerate . Entrepreneurs think beyond the limits.

Who can become Entrepreneurs.

We are living in the era of  incredible technology.  Everyone has the requisite knowledge and everyone knows how to work. Everyone knows how to make money and how to live their lives. Just a single idea changes everything. Yes, only a single idea can make you an entrepreneur. A single brilliant idea can do things differently, can change one’s lifestyle, can change one’s thinking. If an idea is constantly knocking on the door of  your mind which you believe  can make something incredible, then try to implement it in the right way, at right time . Now the question arises, why is blogging  a right choice for entrepreneurship.

After talking about the entrepreneurship, the  question is what to do? When should one implement his ideas, what should be the perfect way to broadcast the ideas? There are lots of options but in my opinion blogging is best option.

Now the question is -

Why is blogging the right choice for entrepreneurship?

Before proceeding let me tell you something about blogging. Blogging is an internet platform where a person can broadcast himself through various media like text, video, audio, podcast etc.  It is far more than just simply running a website based on a CMS framework these days and social media is just as if not more important than the static sites themselves now.

Blogging + Little Investment = Huge Money +Lots of Fame

Blogging was introduced around a decade ago. No one knew about  blogging in those days but later,  it become one of the best platforms to broadcast one in front of millions of web surfers.

How Does it work.

You have a creative mind. You know how to present your ideas in front of  the audience.  You know how to attract the audiences . If you know all this ,then you can make thousands of dollars. There are a lot of sources which are available to make money online. One of the best ones is still AdSense which is an advertising campaign powered by Google. Other methods belong to direct advertisement or various PPC/CPA networks that work similar to AdSense.

There are millions of people  online and everyone seeks new and amazing content. 95% of the internet is dominated by blogs so one can easily provide his/her creative ideas to those who need them . You can easily reach a certain level of fame with the support of blogging.

Blogging not only gives you the money but also the fame that one needs the most in the beginning of one’s entrepreneurial start-up . A person needs to ask for the permission only to publish the idea, which in the language of blogging is known as Guest Blogging.

Conclusion -

After  discussing so much about entrepreneurship and blogging, it is time to conclude the discussion.  I have been blogging since I was in 9th standard. My friends  used to tease me at that stage and back then but now they all ask me about my secret ingredient for success.  So I just want to say that I’m an entrepreneur and I love my profession.  It gave me fame at least in my country. I started this article with the title ‘Why blogging is the right choice for entrepreneurship?’ I have answered this question in the above discussion that blogging is indeed the right choice for entrepreneurship.

Why am I saying this? I have seen many bloggers who are giving up on their jobs and choosing blogging as a career. They are making a huge amount of money.  I am proud to  say that I am in college and I’m earning in dollars. So I just think blogging is an amazing platform.

So guys, what you think about Entrepreneurship and Blogging? Let us know in the comment section below.


Dragon Blogger’s Note:

Rudraksh, I like the optimism and enthusiasm you have for blogging as a viable entrepreneurship and I always encourage others to blog and spread their innovative ideas, be creative and find a way to be your own business or earn from your own ideas at some point.  I do however have a very different view of the hardship and I imagine most bloggers, especially U.S. ones would share that blogging isn’t nearly as lucrative as some would make it seem.  To earn decent income off of AdSense or other CPA programs you have to truly grow a site or multiple sites to traffic levels to bring in that passive income, affiliate marketers I think have a better shot of making better income with lower traffic than bloggers.  Most are a hybrid of blogger and affiliate marketer as I am myself.  Also, depending on your Country and currency value, a blogger can make a living in some countries that may be sustainable, but are simply an unsustainable income in more expensive countries.   I know if you made $12,000USD per year as a blogger, this is below poverty level in the U.S. but can be a fair income for some countries, so depending on which country you live in can greatly affect what you can expect and how much you can expect.  You need to set realistic expectations on what you want to earn and how you plan to go about it.  There are dozens of programs to help you make money online, with some being more successful than others for different types of bloggers.  I encourage trying them all, but what many don’t realize is that failure or lack of success is much more prevalent than success, out of 20 million plus blogs on the Internet, 1/4 of 1% maybe (if even that) earn enough that someone could rely on that as their only source of income.

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Rudraksh Pathak

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  • http://theannoyinglife.com/ Kevin Martin

    I knew when I was back in junior high school that I wanted to have an online business. I chose blogging because as you wrote in your article, the startup costs are really low and the potential for recognition and earnings is huge as an Internet audience is global. Excellent article, Rudraksh!

    • http://www.tekdig.net Rudraksh Pathak

      Good to hear that you love Blogging. Thanks for your feedback.

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