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This is the monthly Blogging Income and Traffic report which I do for other bloggers to get more insight to how I monetize my online sites including, which ones are working for me and which ones may not be worth investing in. I test and try a variety of methods to monetize my blogs but most of my income methods are not tied to affiliate sales of products, I do some affiliate recommendations while blogging but generally these are in the form of product reviews and passively linking to my affiliate link in Amazon where one can purchase the product we reviewed in case they want one for themselves, this isn’t a primary income earner for the sites.

April 2013 Income Report


In April 2013, SocialSpark didn’t have any payouts which was rare as I usually have opportunities every month, combine this with some problems with the IZEA Ads creative and the only income from IZEA services for April 2013 was from Sponsored Tweets which is rare as I usually get a decent bit every month from IZEA SocialSpark specifically.

For this month most of my income came from sponsored posts or guest posts where advertisers hired us to review products, services and/or I charge a fee for editing, SEO optimizing, adding images to host guest posts that don’t meet the free publication standards and necessitate a fee to cover my time and labor to help re-write the articles or update them.

AdSense was still a bit lower than previous months, but not too bad.  I also had some writing and WordPress services for other sites which help fill some secondary income as well.  Amazon Affiliate did a little better than average in April 2013 which is always nice as well.  The Blog Frog still has opportunities few and far between, but they are always high quality advertiser opps when they do have ones that come in that interest me.  The Blog Frog is a great program for my non-tech blog as I haven’t seen any specific tech focused opps from that program yet.

If you look at my expenses, I had almost $360 in expenses paid out in April 2013 from my blog funds, this covered my newer Synthesis Hosting which has kept my blog more stable and is highly recommended.  I also paid out quite a bit in giveaway sponsorships toward other sites where I either co-sponsored or fully funded prizes to giveaway on other blogs.  I also spent quite a bit in advertising the Google Nexus 7 giveaway which turned a very good ROI that I will share later.

April 2013 Traffic Report


Traffic increased a bit but is still down compared to January though getting better, Unique visitors is still holding just over 33,000 with nearly 55,000 pageviews in April 2013.  Now Facebook became the #1 traffic referrer for April 2013.  You can see though that besides Google Search, Sponsored Tweets was the 2nd largest traffic source for the month of April, this is what almost exclusively drove traffic to the Google Nexus 7 Sweepstakes that I ran and this one giveaway had 16,789 pageviews in April 2013 as a result.

One thing I learned with this latest round of experimentation is how to get a really good ROI with Sponsored Tweets that was more valuable than any Facebook Ads, Facebook Promoted Post or Google AdWords campaign.  I just wish that Sponsored Tweets had a Facebook option to promote through users on Facebook.

Overall traffic is doing well and increasing, largely in part due to the giveaways but I am seeing increases in other articles as well.  My focus is to continue to grow in content and leverage giveaways to continue to generate buzz and interest as well as grow to reach new readers and audiences.

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  • Michael Aulia

    Getting 9,249 visitors from Sponsored Tweets for just $1.99 in expense? That sounds like a seriously good ROI to me! (unless I understood it wrongly?)

    • No, this income report is my earnings from Sponsored Tweets and using it as a publisher, not an advertiser. I am going to do another article showcasing my results with using Sponsored Tweets as an advertiser and ROI, it took about $30 in advertising to make about 9,200 clicks which is still a very good ROI compared to AdWords, Facebook Ads, or FB Promoted Posts.

      • Michael Aulia

        Wow, it still is a good ROI. I’ve never had an expense for marketing or advertising. Thinking to spend one as Google’s traffic is going downhill so I’m looking for other sources. Would be great to read some tips or guides from you.

        Looking forward for the article!

        • Yep, I have driven about 19,000 visits to my site on around $50 due to social media marketing campaigns last month. This was for my Google Nexus 7 giveaway, but the returns were about $40 in higher AdSense earnings overall for the month, plus many more giveaway entries and people aware who became subscribers to my social media channels, so not only was the CPC excellent, the return on AdSense almost paid for the promotion and the subscriber increase is hard to calculate like a CPC and is worth even more in my opinion.