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Is your computer or tablet starting to take the place of your TV? Well, then you’re one of the thousands of TV show addicts who’ve formed a new love affair with watching TV via the Internet. In fact, many folks are ditching that nasty cable bill and relying on the web to support their TV show obsession. Here are some ways you can turn off the TV and watch old episodes from your favorite shows.

Ad Supported Network Sites and Apps


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Networks like ABC, CBS, and Fox allow their fans to watch shows directly from their websites as well as on their smartphone and tablet apps. Though you must sit through some ads just like you’d do with traditional television, you’ll have the ability to view several recent episodes at a time.

  • ABC.Com is an ideal destination for those who not only love ABC shows but are also interested Disney programming. No movies available here but you’ll still get your fix of “Dancing With The Stars” and “Shark Tank.”
  • CBS.com is an awesome network site if you’re a diehard fan of shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Survivor” but it has its issues. Though there’s a wide variety of programming and it’s an excellent model for high quality online TV streaming, the selection of episodes provided is a bit scant and random.
  • Fox.com provides users with an extremely user-friendly and attractive design, making it a top contender in the land of streaming video. Even better, viewers can watch the five most recent episodes of shows like “Glee” and “House.”

Crackle For The Aesthetics

Owned by Sony, it’s no doubt Crackle has a beautifully designed interface. Boasting a diverse collection of shows both old and new, its videos can be accessed directly from the Crackle website as well as on a video streaming player like the Roku box or Apple TV. Recently, Crackle created an App for iPads too.

Hulu and Hulu Plus For TV Buffs


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Hulu is an over-the-top (OTT) ad-supported streaming video service available with video-streaming boxes like AppleTV and the Roku box. It’s also available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Hulu has an extensive library featuring full-length popular TV shows like “The Daily Show” and “Arrested Development.” However, its movie collection is less than exciting.

Netflix For Everything Entertaining

Netflix has recreated their brand. No longer recognized for DVD rentals, they now lead the pack in the world of video streaming. For only $7.99 a month and with complete show series’ in their library, you can relive “Lost” or “The Office” from start to finish. The only drawback is they don’t have much in the way of recent shows but that’s pretty standard for these video-streaming services.

In addition to the the library, Netflix in 2011 began plans to produce original programming with the hour-long political drama, House of Cards staring David Fincher with Academy Award winner, Kevin Spacey. At the same time, Netflix unveiled Lilyhammer, a series about a New York gangster starting a new life in Norway. Just this April, it was impossible not to notice the advertising done to promote director Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove. All you need to see is the trailer and understand the intensity and buzz this series created. And in May, Netflix revived a fourth season of Mitchell Hurwitz’s popular Arrested Development sitcom.

Watching TV shows without a television has never been easier. Most of these services allow you to watch straight from your PC but for those “on the go,” there are smartphone and iPad apps too.  Yet, if you still desire that traditional TV experience, purchasing a video streaming box like the Roku will ensure you can still “watch TV’ without the cable.

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Teddy Hunt

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