Aglaia LED Desk Lamp Review

It can be a struggle to find a quality desk lamp that can hold up through hours and hours of work. Thankfully, with new LED lamps this search is becoming easier. The Aglaia desk lamp has a minimalistic look and also three different settings depending on how bright you want your light. The LED lighting isn’t too [...]

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HAVIT Wireless Optical Vertical Mouse Review

This is a review of the HAVIT 2.4GHz Wireless Ergonomic Optical Vertical Mouse with Adjustable DPI. This mouse was just released by HAVIT and is sold for a price of $17.99 on Amazon. Design This is actually more of a three-quarters vertical mouse, meaning that it is not completely perpendicular to you desk, but your hand [...]

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Overwatch Neon Light by FanFit Gaming Showcase

Let’s be honest, if you’re a true gamer, you love buying or, at the very least, checking out merchandise for your favorite games. There’s an endless amount of knick-knack’s and thing-a-ma-jig’s that you could quite possibly spend weeks and weeks looking at all the various stuff for some of your favorite games. The hard part [...]

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OUTXE Waterproof 10,000mAh Power Bank Review

This is a review of the OUTXE IP67 waterproof and dust-proof 10,000mAh power bank with an LED flashlight. The power bank is currently sold on Amazon for a price of $29.99. The OUTXE power bank is a rugged and high capacity power bank that is suitable for everyday use, but is especially useful in situations where [...]

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COUGAR Revenger 12000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse Review

It seems like everyone makes a mouse, throw a billion buttons on it, throw some DPI and a bunch of gimmicks on it and it’s good right… wrong.  Many times, these mice are clones, look and feel like every other but many don’t care about the things that mater, but it seems that Cougar does.  [...]

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ICZI Micro USB 2.0 Braided Charging Cables Review

This is a quick review of the ICZI Micro USB 2.0 Braided Charging Cables (5 pack). This USB cable pack is for someone who is looking to increase their data transfer speed, and decrease their charge time and needs a variety of USB cables in various lengths. The ICZI USB cables come in a pack of five, [...]

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