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Do I Need a VPN?

You may have seen the term VPN being used pretty frequently and if you haven't researched what a VPN is or why you need a VPN, then you may want to consider this article a VPN for beginners if you will. What is a VPN? The acronym VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What it [...]

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How To Keep Yourself Safe From Phishing Attacks

Phishing scams were shown in the type of pop-ups or spam and not easier one to identify. Once, the unauthorized user who fraudsters have the personal details, they utilize it for various identity theft, good name and good credit at jeopardy. Because of, the phishing is one of the devious identity thefts vital for you [...]

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What is Shopify and What You Didn’t Know

Shopify is a popular eCommerce website builder that now hosts around 377,000 active online stores across the globe. Overall, they generate more than $29 billion on sales. The popularity of this platform has come about thanks to the fact that it allows the shop owners to design, develop and market their goods to consumers all [...]

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How to Fix Video error: Invalid public movie atom?

Recently, I got a message from Marvel Brown asking, what is the “Invalid Public Movie Atom was found in the Movie” error? Why is it happening whenever he attempts to play or view a video? Adding more information, he also expressed me that he has visited several forums or tech hint sites and though, he [...]

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7 Easy Steps to Creating and Designing Invitations

  In today's world of technology and Facebook invites, getting a letter in the mail seems like a thing of the past. However, there's still something so nice about receiving a custom invitation in the mail. Most formal parties, weddings, engagement parties, graduations, and so on still use traditional mail. There are many services available [...]

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About YouTube Videos and Why You Should Download Them Locally

YouTube is an online platform and its users are used to experiencing content online. That’s the way things have been every since YouTube was launched, so why would anyone want to download their YouTube videos onto their computers or devices? One of the biggest perks of watching videos online is that you don’t have to [...]

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Understanding How Consumers Are Tracked Online By Advertisers

Today, almost everyone utilizes the Internet each and every day for one reason or another. The Internet is utilized for shopping, working and a wealth of other activities. Big corporations see a major benefit in this and they have decided to use the Internet as a way to attract new customers. There is a pretty [...]

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How to Use Movavi Photo Editor to Remove the Background From an Image

Do you know that being able to remove the background from an image can be extremely useful in a number of different situations? Essentially if you’re able to delete the background while keeping the subject and any other foreground elements, you could create a transparency, or even replace a background that doesn’t look good with [...]

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Do You Know What Data Safety Is? You Have a Right to Secure Data

Online safety and security are a big concern lately, and you have the right to have a secure data transmission. In order to ensure that your data transmissions are secure, it is recommended that you use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A VPN enables you to have a secure long-distance connection to your network, [...]

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Fixing Facebook Font Issue with Messages and Chrome Browser

So I didn't think I changed anything in my system and all of a sudden last week my Facebook font had issues when visiting certain sections like messages.  When I noticed that certain pages and sites, especially Facebook messenger had font issues where the font in Facebook was unreadable at 100% normal view size.  Thie [...]

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Gaming is the Latest Industry to Embrace Cryptocurrency

It seems like every day, cryptocurrency becomes more ubiquitous. According to Forbes, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrency has increased from $7 billion in January 2016 to more than $130 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) has appreciated 30X since 2013, and Ether (ETH) has seen its own meteoric rise—100X since August 2015. Meanwhile, the Initial Coin Offering [...]

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What’s missing? Nine things you need to keep your website safe

If you’re thinking of building a website or updating it, one assumes content, the user experience, the call-to-actions and interactivity will be the main concerns. However, security should be viewed with equal importance – and here are nine things you can do to make sure you’re guarded against external forces. Install Antivirus software Protection from [...]

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A Complete Guide to Email Marketing

Like any other written correspondence, email marketing is all about content, and when you are pitching to a potential buyer, a critical balance needs to be achieved between giving away content and selling. Too much content with little focus on calls to action is a common mistake, while pushing the hard sell with little content [...]

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Gamefly Streaming on Amazon Fire TV Box Product Showcase

The Amazon Fire TV Box offers some incredible ways to provide its users with thousands of hours of entertainment whether it be in the form of streaming movies and even the ability to stream music. One feature that I would like to talk about here is the ability to stream video games on your Fire [...]