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The Little Secret To Become A YouTube Star Is Out Now    

You cannot underestimate the Midas touch of the social media platforms to make any start-up entrepreneurs shine bright. But, why your business videos are not meriting those whopping ‘1 million’ view tags, while clips evidently quite inferior to yours getting it?  Now how can you be rest assured that the ‘views’ they boast of, are [...]

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New DDoS Hacking Group Looking to Out-Slither the Lizard Squad

In the battle for supremacy between two powerhouse DDoS hacking groups, botnets will be assembled, malicious traffic will be mobilized, servers will be sunk and targets will buckle under the strain. In the battle for supremacy between DDoS hacking groups, there can be only one victor. However, there can be over one billion losers: every [...]

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Understanding Ransomware and What To Do If you Become a Victim

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that holds your computer hostage until a ransom demand is met. The vice took the IT world by storm in 2013 with the launch of Cryptolocker, malicious program that infected computers and changed the login credentials effectively denying users access their computers. More recent ransomware variants encrypt the [...]

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Bullet VPN 2017 Review

No matter what corner of the world you look to, people everywhere are looking for ways and means to keep their online activities private only to themselves, and to protect their personal data whenever online. Unfortunately, a good majority don’t really know about VPN, a simple technology that allows you to hide your browsing history [...]

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PHP Cloud Hosting: Features and Advantages

Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular in recent times, where companies are frequently switching from traditional hosting to this contemporary method. Cloud hosting is essentially an extension of clustered hosting, where websites are hosted on multiple servers, and there are several encouraging advantages with this that encourage users to choose cloud hosting, particularly PHP cloud [...]

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Here’s How to Stay Safe When Paying Online

We are never very far from our next online purchase. Need airline tickets? Click here. Want a new sofa? Enter your credit card info. Looking for a little entertainment, like “renting” a movie or gaming online? Pick your saved payment information and confirm. But how do you know that your information is safe? Any time [...]

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Do I need Ultra Fast Broadband?

Image credit: Wikimedia Well, we seem to have reached that point in history where everything we do is now linked to the internet somehow.  Whether we are streaming our favorite series on Netflix, Facetiming with our grandparents, gaming with strangers across the globe, or online shopping, quite a vast percentage of our downtime is now [...]

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Why use a VPN for torrenting?

There are a number of reasons you might want to use a VPN for torrenting. DCMA notices, fines or prosecution Preventing yourself from being served a DCMA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a United States copyright law) notice is one of the major reasons to use a VPN service for torrenting files. You may be forwarded [...]

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European data revolution to raise 425 billion a year

The European Union data revolution will have a global impact on how we all store, delete and share data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be enforced from May 2018 and businesses have less than a year to prepare. Cyber-crime fines of 20 million euros to be imposed A businesses ability to adapt [...]

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How to Choose a Custom Software Development Company

The difference between having a company application and not having any sort of company software is massive. The latter option is no longer deemed acceptable in today’s business spectrum and for that reasons most companies are racing to get their own. The process from deciding that you will engage in making company software to the [...]

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6 Key Ways To Know If You’ve Been Hacked By A Computer Virus

Today, with millions of us depending on the internet for work, education, entertainment and socialising, it has become a backbone of sorts, for all things communication. While offering a plethora of advantages and benefits, it is easy to forget that, like all things, the internet too has a dark side. While the number of web [...]

Top Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Needs Cyber Insurance

The advent of ecommerce was a watershed moment for both consumers and vendors. Shoppers could peruse products from around the world from the comfort of their homes, and aspiring merchants could open their very own virtual storefronts with decreased barriers to entry. Since its appearance in the mid-1980s, ecommerce has grown, finally overtaking brick-and-mortar stores as consumers [...]

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The Technology Behind Online Casinos

From sophisticated slot machines to top of the line table games, have you ever wondered how gambling sites manage to produce such impressive virtual casino games. In such a competitive market, online casinos vie for the top spot in the online gaming industry. Each gambling site keeps on adding new technology and raising the bar [...]

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How to Use AI to Improve Your Online Startup

The idea of artificial intelligence is not a new concept in the history of the world. Even the Ancient Greeks had an idea of the concept of machines with human qualities and independent thought. Artificial intelligence is the use of any sort of intelligent agent, or any device that sees its environment and takes actions [...]

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Why Cloud Software Suites are Crucial for Managing Vendor Relations

Of all the different types of relationships that a business lifecycle brings, vendor relationships can be among the most worthwhile of your efforts. Your vendors help to lessen the load, assisting in the growth of your business and providing expertise that might not be possible to find elsewhere. Managing vendor relations can be a challenge, however, and juggling information doesn’t [...]

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Why You Need the Best CDN Services for Your Website

Nowadays, CDN services are becoming popular, with its purpose of improving the experience of websites’ audience. They are basically about delivering content to end users. Content such as text, graphics, media files, documents, applications such as e-commerce websites, live streaming media etc. are examples of internet content served by Content Delivery Network providers. A CDN [...]

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How to Tackle Cloud security issues

  At the beginning, cloud computing was introduced to an Internet of Things on a much different scale than that of today. The cloud space has grown significantly and new players have entered the field, opening doors for other organizations to work with and compete with one another. However, as the space continues to grow, [...]

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