All Purpose Living Room USB Charging Station from Unitek

I received a very neat and very usable device from Unitek the other day, and I must say I am very impressed. Their 4-Reversable-USB-Port USB Charging Station is perfect for your charging needs. Not only will it charge all your devices, it will charge them 4 at a time. Not only will it charge 4 [...]

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Proker iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

There are quite a number of charging cases for the iPhone lately and these are basically cases with a built in external battery or power bank. They come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses but the one from Proker that I received to review is probably the thinnest one of all the iPhone 6 [...]

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Revolutionary New Golf Game Improvement Plan Through the Aid of Technology!

The game of golf is very popular the world, over, with many people participating in the game for fun, as well as its popularity as a professional (whether you are the pro golfer or you are the one who watches the pro golfers)! Whether the interest in the game started when you were a kid [...]

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HyperX CLOUD Stinger Gaming Headphones Review

Now that everything can play audio: consoles, phones, computers and more, it’s hard to find a pair of quality headphones that will work for all of them and sound good too without breaking the bank.  Those days of frantically searching for those headphones or maybe buying multiple pairs might have ended with the HyperX release of the [...]

Liquidum Rocket VPN for Mobile Phones

We can never be too careful these days. When it comes to safety and security, we need to be make sure we cover every single base and that includes online. You might not know what a VPN is (Virtual Private Network) but it probably wouldn't hurt to utilize one, especially if you're like a lot [...]

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Photoized Review: Personalize A Phone Case For That Special Someone For Christmas!

Have you ever just wanted to make someone something special for the holidays? Or just something funny for that crazy coworker at work. Well, Photoized has  you covered. I got to take a look and design one for you to see. Their website is easy to use. They claim you can take any picture and they can add [...]

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Dr Mode iPhone 6 Case with Belt Clip

This is a quick review of the Dr. Mode iPhone 6 Case with Belt Clip which I received last month and spent a few weeks testing.  I ended up giving this case 3 stars though it may be 3.5 stars due to it being very reasonably priced and you are getting decent value here. Normally [...]

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CRDC Life Bluetooth Speaker

I got a Bluetooth speaker from a company named CRDC Life. It is a fairly small square box speaker, but that’s the only thing little about it. When you hear it, it delivers where it counts. Here is the unboxing video One thing I have learned doing reviews is not to judge a product before [...]

Olala iPhone PC USB Flash Drive Review

I hadn't actually reviewed a Flash Drive that worked not only for the PC via USB but also had a lightning connector and was a portable media device for your iPhone as well as your PC.  The Olala iPhone USB Flash Drive which has both Lightning and USB plugs gives you everything you would want when [...]

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How Fix The iTunes Cannot Detect iPhone Problem

Your iPhone is the best tool you can have for staying in touch with your company. Imagine trying to market a company that’s selling structured settlements for cash when you can’t use your iPhone with iTunes. It doesn’t take thinking about for a growing startup. But sometimes iTunes can malfunction entirely and it can’t detect [...]

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5 Apps that Might Make Travelling Easier

Living now, in the 21st century, has made the enjoyment of traveling that much more exciting and has made it that much easier to facilitate. New applications for smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, etc. make finding new places a total breeze. Check out some of the most fun and easy apps to use while you are [...]

Getting Started with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is all over the game media outlets and if you don't know what it is yet you may be living under a rock.  This is an Augmented Reality game that is for iOS and Android which allows you to collect and train Pokemon by leveraging your real world environment.  What this means is [...]

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