Jan 272013

The World Wide Web is considered as the supreme information superhighway. In just an hour, the average web user can visit many websites, spanning hundreds of niches that are available. At this rate, it is fitting to say that information can really travel fast, and this can affect the way people accomplish their daily tasks. Operating on this premise, Chatwing.com and its developers are now offering a chat widget that can improve everyone’s website chat experience. The Chatwing application taps many important factors that can benefit all end users.


Real-time Chat Emphasis

Chatwing app can be installed to any website in under a minute. Once successfully installed, the visitors can now start chatting. Upon entering the chatroom, visitors can log in with their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. The chatroom app puts certain emphasis on real-time communication. This simply means that visitors can post inquiries and the chatroom admin can answer them right away. With such efficiency, a website owner can build his social network within a short time.

Chatroom Dynamics – Empowering Professionalism

Chatwing is a live and dynamic chatroom—registered admins have the opportunity to change the overall styles of the application. The most common style or form is the shoutbox. In this style, the Chatwing app takes only a small portion of the website. Commonly, the chatroom is placed on the sidebar of the website. Another form is the pop-up window. This is efficient for minimalists who want to keep their websites sleek and clean. The pop-up window style only leaves a small “chat now” button that can be clicked by visitors. Once clicked, a new chatroom in a separate window will open up. The last is the vanity URL style. This allows the website owner to create custom URLs; the purpose of this style is to initiate group chatting with only selected people. These three choices have their own purposes, and website owners can tinker with them as often as they like.

Diverse Setup Means Diverse Choices

Aside from the Chatwing tool’s dynamics, it also offers diverse customization options for all admins. In the Chatwing dashboard, the admin can now change border colors, sizes, and certain parameters. Any color is possible—the admin can try out different combinations to achieve the right mix. When it comes to admin functions, Chatwing offers high leverage and control. The admin can set up a word filter system by just inputting profane words. If a visitor types any of those words, the word filter can block it right away. This preserves the integrity of the chatroom and website. The admin can also delete chatroom messages in one click and ban visitors through their social media usernames. Moreover, Chatwing also allows unlimited moderator and shoutbox creation.


Chatwing’s simple chatroom tool can bring large changes to any website. With a new form of website chat leverage, visitors can now get the information they need. Website owners can also get in touch with their visitors on a greater level. On a greater note, the Chatwing tool is free for everyone.

About the Author

Ivan Diamond is a blogger and web developer who frequently searches the Internet for applications and unique gadgets. He also loves to play browser-based games, especially those that are under the strategy niche.