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With a wireless PC or Laptop plugged into your LED or LCD HDTV you can watch streaming video’s and movies from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu or other services directly on your HDTV which opens up an enormous array of content on demand.

It is suprising how many people query how to hook up a PC to an HDTV and I decided to see who had the best information on the subject myself. It turns out that a fantastic article on Engadget written by Ben Drawbaugh about How to connect your PC to your HDTV is among the best articles I found.

The went into depth to not only talk about that your PC or Laptop video card needs a DVI or HDMI port (you don’t want to bother connecting a VGA port to an HDTV).

If you have a DVI port on your PC and not an HDMI port don’t fret, you can buy an DVI -> HDMI cable which will allow you to translate the signal and should allow it to work without issue.

  • Once you have confirmed your PC/Laptop can support DVI or HDMI and you have the appropriate cable, it is time to test and hookup your device.
  • Check your TV manual, some TV’s have specific ports that they designate for PC’s and you will want to use one of these ports specifically.

One good thing about the article is it talks about overscan and how it can affect your viewing image if using the HDTV for more than watching movies or TV Shows, the overscan can make it difficult to surf the web or access some area’s of your windows desktop. Some HDTV’s have less overscan than others and you will want to check to see what % overscan your HDTV uses (they list Samsung as having among the lowest overscan percentages).

Now, that being said some of the newer LCD / LED TV’s have their own internet connections and some can stream websites directly to their screen bypassing the need to hookup a PC or Laptop altogether.

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Justin Germino
  • I may just have to connect my PC to my HDTV, mind you I don’t think it would go down well with me hogging the big screen TV for computer work 😉
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  • John Paul Aguiar

    Best thing I ever did was connect my 22″ HD monitor to my laptop.

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    • I don’t have a 1080P TV yet, and my 1080i TV doesn’t accepts old style DVI input, is pre HDMI

  • Its really cool to watch streaming videos on HDTV!
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  • I like how you can connect different devices with each other for easy transferring. This makes things a whole lot easier for everyone.

  • [email protected] Smackdown

    Yay, something I really know about! 😀 I feel bad leaving comments sometimes because I’m new to blogging, and sometimes I might not know much about the category. But THIS I know about lol.

    I had my 42″ LCD hooked up to my desktop with a standard serial cable (blue-ended one, 15m-15m connection, something like that), and the picture was great! Even for surfing the web, I lucked out because the screen size was perfect for it.

    I’m not doing that right now since I moved recently though, because my computer is too far from the television, and I still haven’t gotten a longer serial cable.

    Why pay $130 a month for cable when you can go to places like hulu, sidereel, watchxonline, too many to name, and watch them for free…. I even wrote an article about cutting your cable off, and where to go online to watch the shows. Unfortunately it got pulled a couple weeks ago when eHow switched new whatever they switched :
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    • Right, I particularly like that the new LCD or LED TV’s have Wi-Fi built in and you can stream movies directly to the TV or surf the web without even hooking a laptop or PC up to it. My fav would be the Samsung OLED which also accept USB drives and you can watch movies right from a USB drive or thumb drive on your TV in addition to direct internet connection.

      • Joan

        Can you give me the model # of the Samsung Oled that can stream movies without connecting to a PC or laptop.

        Is there any other brand that can do that also.

        • The Samsung 8xxxx and 9xxxx series can if you have a Netflix subscription already or some other service.

  • Ileane @ Blogging

    The last time I needed to get a new monitor for my PC I decided to get a 19 inch HDTV instead. I love it. One day I’ll invest in a big screen. Thanks for the Engadget link.
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    • ameli

      hey, i have bought my HDTV in a very cheaper price from this site  http://shopprice.com.au/compareprice__samsung-55-full-high-definition-led-lcd-3d-tv,-ua55es7500m,-ua55es7500mxxy-/-ua55es7500-%5Bsamsung-ua55es7500%5D_ua55es7500_2614097.html

  • I would still go with the DVI cable simply because I want my sound going out through my speakers not my monitor…And when I plugin the HDMI cable to my graphics card it pulls out the sound so I can not use the normal green sound jack on the mobo.
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    • Wait if you plug your video card via an HDMI cable how can it output sound? The video card can’t output sound?

      • Natalia

        Actually, many of the newer video cards can output sound over the HDMI port, especially on laptops. My new Dell Studio 14 does this. There’s also an overscan setting in the ATI control panel that you can use to tweak the picture. I had to modify it when I hooked my new 24″ monitor up. It was set up for TVs, so my monitor showed a black box around the picture until I set the overscan to zero.

        • Excellent Tip, I don’t know if NVidia video cards have the same overscan setting, but I imagine they do as well. I also didn’t realize that HDMI supports audio and video for the latest video cards (this is what I get for having a computer that is almost 4 years old now).

  • This sounds interesting. But I guess for folks with slow internet connection, it is a no go area. 😉
    When I bought my Toshiba laptop, I noticed the HDMI slot, but I never bothered to find out what it is for. Now I know better. I’ve always wish for a big screen. The bigger the better. Thanks for the tips. Cheers.

  • The wifi built in is fantastic. I love it!

  • Grafik

    hey wazzup… i just wanted to say that my C64 is crashing when I click on the pics… are you using some java or something?

  • alterseekers

    Thanks for the article man. It’s true, you’d need to make use of the HDMI port on your HDTV rather than the other ports to get the best video quality when you stream the contents of your computer/laptop over to your HDTV. It would be even more awesome if we can do that even if the computer or laptop isn’t in the same room as the HDTV. The solution? Netgear Push2TV! This device makes use of the HDMI port on the HDTV and acts as a wireless adapter, displaying what you see on your computer/laptop on to your HDTV. So instead of connecting the computer/laptop via an HDMI cable, the Netgear Push2TV takes its place, and wirelessly displays the contents of your computer/laptop even if they’re in separate rooms in the house. To know more about Netgear’s Push2TV product, just check it out here, http://bit.ly/bByST7. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

    • The problem is Push2TV only works with a limited number of laptops that support wireless display.

  • Bernice Brevett

    It’s great to read this article. I am new to other information it made and I am lucky I found this site to learn more about connecting PC to LCD or LED HDTV.

  • Josh Waltton @ lcd tv

    i was looking for some good explanation how to connect pc with led hdtv and your guide helped me a lot.

  • ameli

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