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This page is for companies, bloggers or individuals who want to become contest sponsors and partners.  Here at we strive to giveaway gadgets, software and other cool prizes as often as possible and enjoy making readers excited and happy for winning that lucky gadget they were hoping for.

Currently, we are accepting sponsorship for upcoming gadget giveaways, this can be tablets, laptops, webcams, mice, PC accessories and more.  I encourage you to fill out the form below and let us know what you would like to be a sponsor of and which giveaways you want to be a co-sponsor if.

Please send an email to contactme [at] dragonblogger [dot] com as well if you want a customized sponsorship arrangement or if you have a product or service offering you want to be the prize to giveaway which is an option instead of cash sponsorship and can be it’s own contest.

Sponsorship Benefits:


Sponsors benefits range depending on the amount of the sponsorship, some giveaways cost as little as $10 to become a sponsor of, some have a higher cost it all depends on the size of the prize and cost of the prize involved.

Giveaway Sponsors See Results and sponsors typically see a .02 cent cost per follower or better which is better than almost any advertising campaign you can run!

Giveaway Sponsors may get any or all of the following benefits from becoming a giveaway/sweepstakes sponsor.

  • More subscribers for your Facebook Fanpage
  • More subscribers for your YouTube Channel
  • More likes for your product/service page
  • More followers for your Twitter account
  • Pinterest Pins for your product or service page
  • Subscribers to your email list
  • Links to your product/service on blog posts, social media promotions, email newsletters and more.



If you would like to become a sponsor, fill out the form below and we will work with you to determine what you are looking for in terms of cost, return on investment and tailor giveaways to make sure you get an ROI you can be proud of.

Become a Giveaway Sponsor

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Budget limited? Ask about co-hosting the contest where you can win CASH by hosting the winning entry.  Co-hosting is free and all you have to do is host the widget on your own blog and you could win cash if the winner entered from your own blog.

Contact me with my about page or contact page at bottom or top of this site if you are looking to sponsor with an Amazon gift card or by doing promotion instead.

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