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Link building is an oh-so crucial aspect to SEO work. Without backlinks, a website will fail to crack the first page of the search results. A few times, I have hit a metaphorical link building wall. After searching around the internet and brainstorming, I was able to come up with unusual and different link building methods. This post will touch on a few uncommon link building ideas

Offer a Design Improvement

If you come across a blog or website that would be a perfect backlink opportunity that may not have the best design, you can offer to provide the website owner with a bit of web design help in exchange for a backlink to your website. For example, if the website logo or header is dated, message the website owner and offer to create a new one for them. If the blog owner agrees, you can either do the work yourself or hire an outsourced worker to do it for you. If you outsource the work, simply inspect the finished product to ensure it is of high quality. I love using Fiverr and Elance for outsourcing work.

ProTip: There may be student clubs and organizations within a college that do not have a website. If you are desiring a backlink from a .EDU domain, offer to create a WordPress website for them. Often, colleges will allow clubs and organizations to host their website using the college’s domain.

Host an Event

If you are looking to build links within a very specific niche, you could consider hosting an event such as a meet and greet, a networking session, or an informational seminar. Getting other industry experts to speak at your event will improve its credibility while simultaneously increasing the amount of exposure your event will generate. Naturally, the industry experts will want to publicize where they are speaking and some will include backlinks to the website of the event’s host.

Also, when other websites in your industry and news outlets hear that you are hosting this event, they may link to your website to help inform their viewers about the event. These links can be quite powerful as they will can come from very authoritative domains. Remember, it is the job of a marketing professional to let appropriate organizations/news outlets know about such important events.

Give Out Free Stuff

If you own a business that sells products, consider giving out your product for free to influential bloggers and review websites. If you have faith in your product, you should not be worried about a negative review hurting your business. If you are worried about receiving negative reviews, you obviously have an issue. Time to improve your product!

In exchange for the product you send to a website owner/editor, you should ask for a link back to your website when they write the review. If you don’t have a product then consider sending something… physically. People still like to receive things via snail mail, especially if it is cool. You could send chocolates or flowers to a website owner/editor. I know if I received a chocolate box with a message asking for a link back to a website, I would probably blog about the experience. If the link is worth it, consider doing it!

Create an Interactive Infographic

Most link building campaigns are centered on link bait. Link bait is useless unless it is useful. I know that sounds like a Yoda sentence, but, it’s true! Create high quality content. Infographics are still some of the best pieces of content a website owner can create, if they are actually useful, unique, and interactive! Why? Because, If you are trying to explain a complicated concept, interactive infographics make it easy to explain this concept visually instead of using plain text. Because interactive infographics are engaging and unique, other website owners love to link to them or place them on their own websites. Content is not the easiest thing to create and website owners love unique, useful, engaging, and FREE content. By creating very neat content, you are providing website owners/editors FREE content! This is solving one of their problems. Example 1 and Example 2.


Dare to be different! Do something unusual and creative. People love to blog about neat and different things that happen to them. You should create such an experience for those you are hoping to get a link from. Create high-quality content. You are helping website owners/editors by giving them well thought out and exclusive content. You can do it, you can succeed!

Matthew Schmoldt
This article was written by Matthew Schmoldt. He loves technology and gadgets. He runs a website where he rhymes about cool things to buy online (ohthethingsyoucanbuy.com). He is passionate about the Internet and about sports. Follow him on Google +.
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  • http://tomjamieson.com/ Tom Jamieson

    All good tips here. I especially like the idea of doing web design tweaks in exchange for a back link. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marc Philippon

    Great tips for those who already have a site a need tips. The best long term link building technique that is the closest thing to being algorithm proof is to build some great resource that others will WANT to link to. I do this by:
    1) figuring out who my target audience is
    2) figuring out where that target audience hangs out online (which sites)
    3) figuring out what I can build (content? resource? tool?) that is great and would make those sites where my target audience hangs out want to link to me
    4) build that great content, resource, or tool WITHOUT taking shortcuts (no one is going to WANT to link to something they can find on hundreds or thousands of other websites.. must be GREAT and must be unique)
    5) I let those web sites where my target audience hangs out aware of my new content, tool, or resources and ask them to check it out.
    If you succeeded at #1-4 then the result will be lots of natural, editorial links from authoritative sites where your target audience is found.

  • Shah

    Tips are really nice and workable. I must try to implement these tips in coming days to see the positive change.

    Thanks Matthew!