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I have to give a big thanks to Dennis Edell who actually told me how to setup Feedburner to send out a different email subject if there are is than 1 article in the RSS feed.  So I did a little more testing and came up with a good idea to help others customize their Google Feedburner RSS Feeds for email.  If your blog has more than one article posted in a 24 hour period on some occasions but not all occasions there is a good reason to have two separate titles for your RSS feed.  If your blog always has more than 1 article every RSS update then you can use a single title to cover the many subjects, or you can actually just use a single title that shows the # of articles in the feed if you want to use 1 subject for all emails.

Here is a video tutorial on customizing your email branding options with Feedburner:

For those who want to read instead, to change your email branding options, log into your Feedburner account.

  • Click on Your Feed Name, then Publicize
  • Click on Email Subscriptions to the left
  • Click on Email Branding drop down


Here you check mark “Change Subject” when an email has 2 or more items and you get the option to set a unique subject when more than 1 article is listed in your RSS feed.

Some helpful tips and variables can be used on Feedburner.

  • ${latestItemTitle} will display the title of the latest article
  • ${n} will show total number of articles in the latest feed
  • ${m} will show number of articles after the first in the latest feed

This allows you to create custom subjects like:

Top 10 Chrome Applications from DragonBlogger.com

You would use:  {latestItemTitle} from DragonBlogger.com


4 new articles published on DragonBlogger.com

which would be ${n} on DragonBlogger.com


Top 10 Applications + 3 other articles on DragonBlogger.com

which would be: ${latestItemTitle} + ${m} other articles on DragonBlogger.com

These are just some suggestions to help optimize your Email RSS Subject Titles.

-Dragon Blogger

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  • Thanks Justin…This was very helpful…I really didn’t think this could be change..I will know now if I have more then one post going out in a given day..

    BTW..Can you can contact me on my contact page..Its very important..I need your help.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • I didn’t know this trick 😀 Thanks Justin… At now, My Rss Email is stronger 🙂

  • Justin – I had actually just learned how to do this last weekend and I have been playing around with for a little, but your quick tutorial helped me learn a lot more. Thanks for letting me know about the variables I can use. I really appreciate this.

  • Ditto I didn’t know about this trick either and from the looks of my Google reader I don’t know if very many bloggers do. Excellent insight.

  • I remember doing this some time back with my feedburner, it certainly lets your feedburner emails look a bit more professional 😉

  • I just login to my FeedBurner account and still not found it yet. :(!

  • Yet another trick I didn’t know! You really have some great stuff on this blog! Thanks for providing written instructions in addition to the video. Videos are cool, but I can read soooo much faster than I can watch a video. . . plus I like to refer back to the instructions, which is harder to do with video. Nice work.

  • Hey! Thanks for this great info, I never knew we can do this in FeedBurner…

  • I’ll be using the first option for my feeds

  • Thank you very much, I’m looking for this trick and I found it here. I will customize my feedburner soon

  • Always had a confusion regarding this. Now, I can use it to full effect when I do multiple posts at a time.

  • Thanks for the info, I was having trouble with this and gave up awhile back.

  • Haven’t touched that feature of Feedburner, it will definitely add more “branding”.

    Thanks for the awesome video!

  • Hey Justin, there is so much to explore in the FeedBurner interface and this is a great tutorial describing all of the options. I did know about this feature but I didn’t make any changes to it #1 because I never have more than one item in my feed and #2 because I didn’t know how the different variables worked. Thanks for showing us the ropes!!

    • This helped as I switched from a 1x per day blog to having posts 2-3 times per day on as many days as I could.

  • Wow nice tip 🙂 I added logo and titles. My email feeds looks cool 😉

    • Yeah, the logo really does help the cosmetics of the RSS email. Glad you found it helpful.

  • I’ve never given a thought to the rss email feeds. I’m glad I came across this post. I’m also going to work on a small logo to go with the emails. Dennis is a cool cat for pointing this out.

  • I had no knowledge about the Feedburner feature which allows the RSS feeds to be customized for email. Thanks for the article as well as the video.

  • jd@armani aftershave

    Great step by step guide. Glad you put in the video aswell. Will have a go at setting this up not really explored using customizing RSS feeds for emails that much. Last time i messed it up by this time i will do exactly what you said.

  • Thank goodness! This surely made life easier. I didn’t know one could customize an e-mail with RSS feeds. The tutorial video was very detailed and made Feedburner easier to use.

  • Alex Gracian

    Thank you for sharing another very informative article. I never had any idea that customizing email rss feed would just be easy like that. The video also made it more easier. All I did was to customize my feed while watching the video. And it sure did work!

  • remy etienne lebeau

    hi all.. how can we force feedburner to just send one item or article per email?? i am having an autoblog and it does not look good to have one title for multiple articles within 1 post…appreciate your help.. thanks..

    •  @remy etienne lebeau Why not just change to have custom title saying X # of new articles for you to read?  I actually don’t know how to force feedburner to only pick up the last single article.