Dabbling With WordPress 2.7

So I have decided to upgrade one of my blogs to WordPress 2.7 and see what all the hype is about and test out some new features.  At first I was extremely disappointed with the new dashboard, I couldn’t find links to anything.  I then learned that some of my plug-ins “Lighter Menu’s” specifically actually prevents you from seeing the left column bar in WordPress 2.7.

I troubleshoot this by deactivating all of my plug-ins and when the left column reappeared I added my plug-ins back one at a time until I figured out which plug-in was the culprit.  So now I can display the proper WordPress 2.7 dashboard:

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Wordpress 2.7

I have only upgraded one of my four blogs at this point and may do the other three this weekend. One good thing about my hosting company is I have full SSH access to my servers so I can just tar up my existing directory and deploy the wordpress update, I have easy back out steps if necessary.

So far the plugin activation and deactivation is lighting quick compared to WordPress 2.6.x even when you do bulk activates or deactivates. The homepage itself is more useful and streamlined, I also love the quickpost where you can just type and do some minor format changes and immediately post right from the wordpress home page. Though if you do complex tagging, or have SEO plug-ins you have to write the post the normal way.

One of the main features I am looking at implementing is a sticky post, kind of like a mini home page above your current posts, this feature will be very useful for getting across a message and will go along way to allow companies to use blogs as their primary site types in my opinion. I want to get a sticky post to work on the Rock Along Productions blog, since when people visit they don’t realize that there are new posts they just see the static page.

Note: Static page is a permanent static blog front page, but sticky post will only show 1 of your sticky posts on top of all the others, so you still see your current posts under your sticky post. This is why sticky post is valuable.

I will report more as I learn new features and functionality and see what new plug-ins take advantage of the new WordPress 2.7 in the meantime check your plug-ins carefully, I already had 3 invalidate from the upgrade, so I am sure many plug-ins may have problems until they release updates.

-Dragon Blogger

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