Oct 212012

Kingston Technology was awesome enough to provide us with yet another USB Flash Drive to giveaway to one lucky reader. This one is the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 and is designed for people who need to keep the data stored on their USB Flash drive secure.


Now, this drive isn’t built for speed due to it’s security on the fly, and claims to have 10MB/s read and 5MB/s write speeds. But what it lacks for in speed, it makes up for in security features.

  • The Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 features the following:
    Hardware Encryption
  • Password set at first use
  • Formatting / deleting all data if bad password entered 10 times
  • No software required to setup
  • Works with PC or Mac interchangeably (same drive)

Remember, your password is the key to keeping data secure, make one secure enough not to be known by someone, but not so secure you forget it and wipe your own data 🙂

Enter now if you want to win this 4GB Secure USB Flash Drive from Kingston Technology.


The winner of the 4GB USB DataTraveler Locker G2 flash drive was Starletta from Indiana. Congratulations.


What types of data would you secure?  I personally see this more for backing up your financial records, documents that contain sensitive information (lists of account numbers…etc).

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Justin Germino
  • jeegeepee

    Personal and work-related data files.

  • spikeyLoki

    What would you secure on the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 Drive?
    Mostly my secret and very important files. It contains important copies of my records, resumes, etc.

    • @spikeyLoki Resumes?  Are those considered sensitive documents?  I guess because they reflect employment history but nowadays someone can just view your LinkedIn Profile if you have one and get access to all of that 🙂

  • clairejundis

    What would you secure on the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 Drive?
    My school document files, records, certificates. They’re the most important thing I had in my life right now.

  • AlexanderGenvarev

    My documents

  • sdhuab

    all i can think as of now is protecting a note containing my passwords to diffrent accounts. haha! especially to gaming accounts. making those passwords that are really hard to remember so i’ll just copy it from a note and paste it when i’m about to play … avoiding those ‘hackers’ reading my hand while typing my password. haha! i guess it’s safer than just relying to my e-mail.

  • RonaldSmith

    I would secure very important information items, such as financial information, tax information, important pictures I may need for evidence in court cases, etc.  One never really knows what they’ll need to keep secure until the situation arises really.

  • AntonioIacobone

    I would secure all my personal most important information such as bank informations, passwords of every website and credit card numbers!

  • run19

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  • Gerald Shimizu

    With a locker I can sure use that.

  • Gerald Shimizu

    All the passwords that I can’t always remember.

  • I want to secure my photos and documents!

    • Thanks for entering the contest.

    • Testing a reply from Disqus 2012 dashboard just to see if it shows up on post, thanks for entering the contest.

  • Photos


    i need that to secure all of my important information, banks, docs, passwords etc..

  • This would be good for business people to transfer sensitive information. BTW, what about international residents @Justin?

  • I would pick security features against speed any day,
    considering its just 4 maybe 8 GB. A couple of minutes in exchange for security
    is definitely a better deal. I was always uncomfortable with storing
    confidential data into a flash drive, as it’s easy to get misplaced or misused.

    • I agree with you, I mostly use flash drives only for photos, video, music nothing sensitive.
      Also moving games, operating systems (ubuntu…etc)

  • Passwords for sure.

  • Account info/passwords

  • I’d like to win this for my husband so not sure what he’d protect.


    i need that to secure all of my important information, banks, docs, passwords etc.

  • to secure my password and other important information …

  • Family photos

  • Ted kooper

    my passwords files


  • Ah, I was too late for this giveaway.
    However, I was always skeptical about the security feature claimed by thumb drive manufacturer.

    • While the encryption itself isn’t specified, I am hoping they use AES256 however the password protection feature is obviously only as good as the password itself. 10 failed attempts auto formats the data on the device. This is their personal USB stick line, not their business security USB stick line so it lacks the certified security standards like the DataTraveler 6000 which has full FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Military Grade Encryption


    who won?

    • Winner has been emailed, waiting for them to confirm they have until tomorrow. I will announce publicly once they confirm, because if they don’t confirm I have to choose a new winner.


        ok thank you sir justin..

  • The winner of the 4GB USB DataTraveler Locker G2 flash drive was Starletta from Indiana. Congratulations.

    • RonaldSmith

      Grats Starletta, a fellow Hoosier 😀