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I am a big Vin Diesel fan and have enjoyed many of his films, especially the Pitch Black series. The movie Babylon A.D. from the trailers appeared to be a Blade Runner-esque type movie set in a gritty future where humans had to fend for themselves and governments had broken down. I hadn’t heard much about the film and I usually don’t read reviews because I like going into a movie fully surprised, I was surprised by this film in several ways.

First the film has more in common with “Children of Men” crossed with “The Fifth Element” than with Blade Runner, it has Vin Diesel as a mercenary hired to escort a girl and her keeper to New York City from Russia. The movie has some decent action sequences but nothing super exciting or original. The opening line of the movie sets the movie up to be something big, as you hear Vin Diesel’s voice say “Too bad it was the day I died” and you think this will be a great flick with some huge ending.

But the movie never really climaxes and never reaches that sort of build up you were looking for, even as it looks like it was heading in that direction. The movie maintains a set of something to come and something big to be revealed but by the time the movie finishes you are left wondering what was the big deal? The film just didn’t explain the Aurora “Melanie Thierry” enough, only passably explaining what she is and why she is wanted. The ending part of the movie cuts away huge portions of time fast forwarding several months and then years leaving you even more confused as to what happened leading up to those events.

I really wanted to like this movie more than I did, it wasn’t a “bad” movie but it could have been much better. Had I seen it in theaters I would have been more disappointed but when you rent movies by mail it was worth adding to my rental list. I still say Vin Diesel’s character if you like his general persona type like “Riddick” has that sort of feel which makes the movie enjoyable watching him interact with disdain and disconnect but eventually grow to care for Aurora.

I would give this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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