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Far North is a movie about survival. Two women living alone on the run surviving in the deadly frozen climate in the far north. One woman declared cursed at birth from the village shaman, she finds love only for her whole village to be slaughtered by soldiers and she forced to flee taking the last surviving baby with her. The two women, adopted mother and daughter spend many years together surviving just the two of them, hiding and running from soldiers and living off of the little life they can find in the arctic wastelands.

Their lives change forever when a stranger named Loki (played by Sean Bean) is found nearly frozen to death by Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) the adopted mother on a food foraging expedition. She brings him back to the tent rather than let him die and starts to have feelings for him after a short time. Anja (played by Michelle Krusiec) is however the object of Loki’s attention and affection and she falls for him as well. The film covers his recovery and the three of them surviving together for a short while.

The film was a little slow but interesting story and beautiful cinematography and styling. It is only in the last fifteen minutes or so of the film that it takes a dark and disturbing twist, one which I didn’t expect and left me just shocked for hours after the film. After reading others reviews of the film I learned the film was intended to always be a kind of dark Greek Tragedy type of film, I just didn’t expect such an ending.

I agree with other reviewers, go into the film with disconnection if you watch it. You start to care about the characters, so when the end occurs you end up overly shocked and hurt. If you view the movie without getting vested in the characters it might be easier to handle. However, I must say the ending itself lends you to compare Michelle Yeoh to the female Hannibal Lecter. Who would have thought that love, lust and jealously could lead to such an act by Saiva.

The movie for me was worth seeing, and the ending though disappointing to many including myself had value in the fact that it showed human emotion in its raw most insane form.

I would give this movie 2 out of 5 stars.

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