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Dropbox is a fantastic cloud storage app that lets you easily transfer documents, music, images and more between your PC and countless mobile devices.  At the moment the Dropbox application in the Amazon app store doesn’t support installation on the Kindle Fire, but this article will show you how to install Dropbox manually on your Kindle Fire so that you can sync files between your PC and Kindle Fire with ease.  If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, then get Dropbox now first and setup a free account before you follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Allow Installation of Unknown Apps

Go into your Kindle Fire settings and enable “allow installation of unknown applications”.

Step 2 – Install ES File Explorer from Amazon App Store

Download and install ES File Explorer from the Amazon App store, this application lets you browse the file system on your Kindle Fire so you can select and install .apk files which are packaged android applications.  (Similar to .exe files on Windows).

Step 3 – Download DropBox .APK Manually

Go to https://www.dropbox.com/android manually and download the Dropbox .apk file directly to your Kindle Fire.  You can do this by opening your Silk Browser and downloading the dropbox APK directly to your Kindle Fire or downloading it to your PC and transferring it to your Kindle Fire via USB.


Step 4 – Install Drop Box

Click on the Dropbox.apk icon in the ES File Explorer, it will appear under your “Downloads” folder if you downloaded directly from Dropbox.com/android URL from your Silk Browser.


Step 5 – Start up Dropbox and Sign In

Start up Dropbox and sign in or register if you are a new user.


Once you have Dropbox installed and are signed in you should see all of your folders, images, files that you have access to from your PC as well.


Until the Dropbox application is registered in the Amazon App store as compatible with the Kindle Fire, this is a a workaround for getting Dropbox to work on your Kindle Fire.

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
  • DropBox is really is good for unknown application but register for new user in dropbox is free ?

  • dragonblogger

    @loriwilde Thanks for sharing those articles.

  • God bless you! You saved my sanity and my sleep 🙂 I am an old fart but you made it simple enough for me to follow and I now have my dropbox on my Kindle. Still can’t open the file but I will work on that next 😉 Thank you! Grandma Patty Ann

    • [email protected] I could help, I bought Kindle Fire’s for my Mother in Law and Kids for Christmas and have been writing articles after learning how to do things for them.  What file are you having trouble opening, maybe I can send you some instructions.

  • I have figured out half of the  problem.
    I have the drop box on my Kindle… but my file is still IN the drop box and I was trying to open it from there instead of putting it IN my kindle and opening it up there.
    It did say: Can’t open Cheryl Strayed~Wild (v5.0).mobi  Please download an app that can open this file. 🙂
    I have about three other things I am working on… which I know NOT to do. I have trouble enough doing that when I know what I am doing and not knowing what I am doing is bad.
    You are awesome handing out Kindles! I do believe when a child is born it should be issued one in this day and age. 🙂
    Love, Grandma Patty Ann

    • [email protected] of clicking on the file, there is a little down triangle/arrow to the right of the file.  Click on this and click the “export” button, then you get to choose what folder to save it to on your Kindle Fire.  Try putting it in the Books or Documents folder, I also heard you have to reboot your Kindle Fire in some cases to get it to see the .mobi book under (books) it rescans on reboot.