Oct 242013

I am pleased to be able to offer my readers a new giveaway and this is actually our first Chromebook giveaway here on DragonBlogger.com.  This giveaway is sponsored by BugScore which is an online scoring platform for people, businesses and Bugscore allows you to score, compare and rank this information. Bugscore allows you to score, compare and rank this information and even provides ways for users to earn by sharing their reviews and adding businesses and products to the system.


BugScore is ramping up and just getting started as a portal to get information about a business, product or person and help you gain reputation information based on scores, comments and reviews.

Sites can start encouraging users to vote and score them too, by implementing the BugScore button in your site and letting users help score your business or services.


So learn more about BugScore and remember that if you sign up and start helping build the database you start earning points, the more points you earn, the higher your ranking in this incentive program and the higher your ranking, the better chance you have of winning monthly prizes and at the end of the year, a share in the BugScore business!

HP Chromebook 11 Giveaway


The HP Chromebook is a fantastic little 11 inch travel companion and has an extra bright screen, 6 hours of battery life and comes with 100GB of Google Drive storage to augment the 16GB SSD drive in the device. It weighs just over 2 pounds and has a really nice tactile keyboard. The HP Chromebook is perfect for working on the road since you can video chat, work on  your documents, it boots instantly and supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has 2 USB ports.  It uses a MicroUSB port for charging and has a screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

The Chromebook is a great alternative or compliment to a tablet when you just have to have a keyboard and compliments an Android phone perfectly as you can start emails or docs on your phone and finish them on the Chromebook or vice versa.  Portability is key here in both the device and the information and Chromebook is designed to allow for the flexible user who needs access to their information no matter where they are.  It is also perfect for watching YouTube, listening to music and comes with a 2 month free trial to Google Music too.


This giveaway has 2 winners and prizes, 1st lucky winner gets Chromebook 11,  and a 2nd lucky winner gets $50 cash via PayPal.

List Price: $279.99
Current Price: $265.00
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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • Adil Haimoun

    Bugscore is very interesting I worth to be tried :)

  • Lori

    I get a white blank page when I try to go on Bugscore

  • http://www.exceptnothing.com/ Anirudh

    Both are awesome prizes! I wish to have atleast one! Hope this will be my first giveaway Win! :) Cheers Dragon Blogger :)

  • helobuff

    who won??!!

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Justin Germino

      Still waiting myself to hear, it is Giveaway.ly that will choose the winner and publish, should be sometime today.

  • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Justin Germino

    Congrats to Mikel V. who won the HP Chromebook and Adrianna H. who won the $50 Paypal.

    • helobuff


  • fletas27

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  • Ionut Baciu

    wow!!!!!!!!! i won!!!!!!!!!! hurray!!!!!!!!!! greatest Christmas gift ever!!!!!