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Boys and their toys, men and their motors; for men, gadgets and technology are everything. As a generalization, we hate to work but love to play… PlayStation. When the sun is out, sure a BBQ is great, but what about playing Call of Duty on Underpass? Here are the essential must-haves for the modern man’s cave.


Big ass TV

imageWhat’s the first thing that the majority of men do when they move into a new home? Is it checking that the décor is in perfect correlation with the furniture? Is it making sure there’s enough food in the fridge? No – of course not. The first thing a typical man does is get the TV out and get it scanning for channels. Life without telly, Top Gear and the channels higher up in Sky’s channel guide – if you get the drift – would be unbearable for the 21st century male.

The TV isn’t just a chillax tool for the end of the day; it has become a part of our daily and social lives. We look to the TV for inspiration, relaxation, humor, a significant other and someone to keep us entertained. For all the single men out there, typically, all they have is a game console and/or computer and the TV. It’s an important fabric of our lives. Owning a TV isn’t enough, though, you have to buy big. Size, in this matter, is crucial. There’s an array of choice on the market; from 3D to Plasmas, there’s a TV to suit everyone, but which should you buy? Well, 3D is great and mightily impressive, but it’s not quite there yet. Give it another year and you’ll be able to buy 3D TV’s without needing the stupid glasses. Stick to plain LCD/LED for now and save a bit of cash, just make sure it’s at least 43 inches big or your mates will mock you until you are forced to buy the biggest TV ever made and end up homeless – albeit with a massive TV.


Lazy Boy chair

While you’re watching Memoirs of a Traffic Warden on your 90inch TV under the bridge where you now live – thanks to the TV costing you your home – you’re going to want to be comfortable. And there’s no better way of being arse-print comfy than buying a big leather chair. You’ll need one of those ones that reclines 180 degrees and has two pint-sized holes in the armrests for your liquid refreshments. If you’re feeling flush – try a scratch card for instant wins – buy an electric one that reclines with endless movement at the switch of a button. This is not only to impress your fellow tramps, but will mean, if you doze off, you can wake up pain-free.


Pool table

imageRight, so at this point, you’ve probably moved back into a small flat – thanks to the scratch card win in the aforementioned paragraph – and you want to treat yourself. You’re a man, so what are you going to do? Buy some flowers to oxidise the room? Call in some interior decorators to create some feng shui? No, you’re not going to do any of that, and it’s all because your living room is the perfect size for a pool table. Screw practicality and the ability to move around the room; get a pool table in there and your mates will come flooding in. If you’re unpopular, then a pool table will solve everything. There’s many to choose from – including a transparent one – so get picking. Kitting out your man cave has never been so cool.


Toilet and sink

This one might not appeal to the women, but think about it lads, just imagine a room with all-of-the-above but with the addition of a bog and a sink. You’d never have to move; you could play Fifa all day and not have to worry about climbing those stairs to relieve yourself of last night’s curry. If you want to be really clever, you could take a plumbing course – because plumbing is manly – and install a shower. That way, all you’d need is a blow- up bed and you’d never have to leave the room – ever! Now that would be man cave heaven.


PS3 /Xbox 360

Whatever side you’re on, a good PS3 or Xbox 360 is an essential gadget for the man cave. Without it, your big ass TV is pointless, your lazy boy chair will be made redundant and your nicely plumbed toilet and sink will be just an expensive monument. Choosing between the two consoles is impossible because so many people have pros and cons for both; so, this one is up to you. One bit of advice, however, would be to buy an HDMI cable so you can enjoy blowing someone’s brains out in perfect HD quality. That would be gaming nirvana, indeed.


This article was written by Daniel Butler on behalf of Home Leisure Direct – suppliers of  guy essentials like pool tables, arcade machines, jukeboxes and plenty of other essentials for the modern man cave.

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  • TrafficColeman

    Our gadgets are what we must have to live and caring on throughout the years. We’er never satisfied so we just go out and buy more..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Justin Germino

      I love me some new gadgets, I am guilty as charged as well.

  • Andreas@Online Advertising

    A nice sports car is also an essential tool for the modern cave man, but wifes like to block the idea because a sports car is not a good place for a baby car seat :/

    • Justin Germino

      Unless your man cave was the “Bat cave” you couldn’t fit a sports car in it :) I agree though a nice Tesla Roadster to show off wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Kristi Hines@Blog Marketing

    Is it wrong that I’m a girl and would want everything but the sink toilet for my modern gal cave, especially the pool table!? :)

    • Justin Germino

      Not at all, in fact I think the gender line is blurring more than ever when it comes to tech gadgets. My wife has newer gadgets than I do, she has an Samsung Android based Smart Phone, an iPad2, iPod Touch…etc. I don’t have any of those yet, though I am definitely more of a PC and Console gamer than she is, yet 2 of my site writers who do game reviews/articles are women which is great!

  • Paul Salmon@Technically Easy

    I used to dream of having great stuff for a man cave, but then marriage and kids came along. Now instead of having a “man cave” I have a “romper room.”

    • Justin Germino

      I hear you, I have two little kids and my Xbox and gaming is done in their “play room” and connects to their TV. I do have a home office though where my home and work computers sit but no living room type equipment.

  • Ava@ Title Loans

    You’re forgetting one of the most essentials: the fridge. And having it fully stocked with fermented apple juice. My dad has almost this exact set up for a man cave. Except, he also has a putting green and massage chair- because you know, that’s not over the top or anything.

  • Persian Poetess

    If I could sell my soul for one of those things right now…it would be the Lazy Boy Chair. Now I know things like the TV or game consoles are more enticing, but we’ve never bought those blessed chairs because of their big bulky frame. It just wouldn’t fit with the rest of our decor. I will never forget that sacred day when I first sat in one at a furniture store. Twas pure bliss.

    • Justin Germino

      I bought a similar rocker/recliner from Big Lots a few years back for a good deal and I like sitting in it while I game, but the chair is often in my living room and my Xbox360 is in my kids play room. So I have to drag it over and the feet scrape the floor which I don’t like so I don’t use it that often.

  • Tessa@Portland Website Design

    Nice article shows your dream for modern man cave. I like Big ass TV, Lazy boy chair & Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect.

  • Gabriella@tiles vinyl

    Gaming Nirvana on a HD quality is every man’s dream job on a Lazy Boy Chair with Big Ass TV would add sparkle to one’s evening. I feel a fridge with bottles of favorite drinks squeezing sip by sip would certainly increase the taste of entertainment. What goes your mind??

  • stephwoo286

    Until recently, I thought ‘Man Cave’ meant something entirely different.

    I prefer this real meaning.

    • Justin Germino

      Really, what did you think it mean’t?

  • Brian@Denver luxury Real estate

    The pool table looks good, its time I replaced mine. Its just that things become a bit different with small kids around otherwise it would be great to have a man cave at home but its good to share gaming time with the kids. By the way, glad to know about your tech family Justin.

    • Justin Germino

      I used to have a pool table, but I sold it when I thought I was moving to CA. I kind of regret it now.

  • james @ theater seating

    You know what’s really cool? A home theater seating group in the man cave with wireless bass shakers. It will give you a full cinematic experience. You will literally feel the earth shaking bass under your seat from movies, sporting events, or video games.

  • brian jameson

    all these things are essential to a man I can not deny …
    course that I can conform only with my laptop in it I have all music, games, I can see my series and my futball games do not need anything more … and of course must have a really big screen …

    • aidyspoetry

      Bigger is always better :)

  • Martin@ElectricianBracknell

    You know, I have most of that gear (ok so the TV is not quite that big, and I am severely lacking an all-in-one bog/sink) but when my mates come round the only that ever gets touch is the Fooozball table! :D

    p.s. I’m not entirely sure I spelt that right….

    • aidyspoetry

      No, Fooozball is spelled correctly ;) (I think) anyway–a TV like that…wow. Especially for gaming would be awesome!

  • jamie@buy furniture online

    dude i want that lazy boy chair soo bad lol