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When I replied to comments on my previous post, Know How Google Changes Affect both Ezinearticles and You, I caught a point Justin brought up that I actually planned for my next post. The question he asked was:

With Google filtering out and devaluing duplicated content, I wonder how the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress will help bloggers who publish articles and then sync them to eZineArticles. Since the original article will be on the bloggers blog will Google know this and lower the rank / SERP of the eZineArticle version or will it give priority to the eZineArticle version causing your post to lose ranking and traffic? Many bloggers sync articles from blog to eZineArticles and this will have a big impact I predict.

This is a very valuable point and before I quote Chris Knight, CEO of, I want to give you some very good advice. I know you want your blog to be found on Google’s search engines, even though you spew fire every time their brands name comes up because of what they did to you or your friends’ online businesses. You relationship to Ezinearticles can still flourish, if like with Google, you play by their rules. My best advice to you today would be;

Delete the Ezinearticles WorPress plugin now!

The reason is because you should now by now, if you read my previous article, that EzineArticles has been hard hit by google since last Thursday (24 February) because Google did some changes to their algorithm. Because of those changes EA have lost almost half their traffic since then, and if you post articles there to gain traffic, so did you. What has this got to do with the plugin? Let’s first see what Chris said;

Our WordPress Plugin will sunset this week and we will no longer accept article submissions via WordPress directly.

This has been reiterated by by Penny, Managing Editor of EzineArticles. So let me break it down for you.

  • Your WP plugin won’t send the article to EA anymore, so don’t send it there thinking it’s been submitted. You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way :)
  • The reason EA snuffed the plugins acceptance is because of the duplicate content on their directory which caused their page slip in the first place. I spoke to Dean Saliba from INeedDiscipline the other day and he said he would only submit articles that’s a year old since they’ve already dropped.Not even this would work anymore.
  • And since the Plugin doesn’t work anymore you best write original content and submit it to EA like the rest of us.
  • Inactive plugins are not good for your blog anyway as they cause problems with loading and can even crash your database.

So what is the skinny? Delete the plugin as the content, if it slips through is only going to harm you. Then be honorable, towards yourself and the rest of us, and write original content for EzineArticles and the game will still work for you. Only those who play by the rules can win the game.

What other plugins do you know of that may have become redundant in the light of recent changes?

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  • TrafficColeman

    I see all good things come to a end, just maybe people will start to right original content which will help the searches..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Ivin Viljoen

      I also hope this is a push in the rigth direction and an incentive fro those who work hard and don’t cut corners.

  • Andreas@Online Advertising

    The quality of the content on ezinearticles and many other article directories is largely horrible, I never used their services if I am in need of information, because I know that most of the articles are rewritten to the maximum. They need to hire much more professional editors and to tweak their site towards an online newspaper to make their system work, but I don’t know if they will be profitable then.

    • Ivin Viljoen

      My original gripe was when you search Google for info, researching for articles i.e the first 15 articles are ezinearticles, and like you said, mostly rewritten and spun drivel. It was very difficult to do freelancing ’cause everything took twice as long. Hopefully some original content will filter to the top,.

  • Paul

    I have written a few articles for EzineArticles, but haven’t in some time. I didn’t even know that there was a plugin, and if I did, I’m not sure if I would have used it.

    I agree with Andreas that the quality of EzineArticles is horrible as anyone looking for backlinks to their site writes an article. They would need much tighter control over their content to cleanup their site.

    • Justin Germino

      I used to use the plugin but my guest authors were submitting their articles into my eZineArticles profile and they kept getting auto rejected.

      • Ivin Viljoen

        Even before the changes?

  • DiTesco

    I use to have this plugin in one of my sites and quite frankly I have abandoned it for a long time. The plugin however is still there and best is to delete like you say. Thanks for the warning and reminder.

    • Ivin Viljoen

      Glad we (DBW) could help :)

  • Alex@Jocuri

    Well, I don’t think to many people have used this plugin, at least I don’t know to many people that used it religiously.

    But, now with all this slapping around from Google, if you would submit your posts to ezine, I am pretty sure that you will take the penalty because ezine is considered a more trustworthy website then you.

  • Ivin Viljoen

    Ezine has actually not been trustworthy of late. Not in Google’s eyes. Therefore the need for the articles I wrote.

    Also, the plugin is defunct, Ezinearticles doesn’t take submissions from it anymore. So I guess that was the point of the post. Delete it because it will only mess up our theme and it’s useless to even have ‘uninstalled’ :)

    P.s. More people have been using it than you may think too:)

  • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    I always thought submitting blog posts as articles was a no no anyway.

    • Ivin Viljoen

      Yep, it didn’t make sense then, it sure doesn’t now.

  • Claire@High Definition

    This is a good thing for the majority of bloggers. Hope this would cause some realization & warning to other article submission sites to clean up their databases of junk-duplicate-copy-pasted contents.

  • brian speer

    Thanks for the warning. I have never used this plugin seeing it is having problems now I don’t plan to add this anytime soon.

    • Ivin Viljoen

      Glad to be of service :)

  • Chaz @ Gear-Vault

    I used this plugin for about 3 months or so. I have 52 live articles on Ezine from this plugin. My daily visitors dropped over 50% since the google update. I am wondering if I am being penalized for using this plugin? Anyone else use this plugin and got zapped?

    • Justin Germino

      This plugin no longer works, eZine Articles pulled support for this plugin and won’t allow you to submit duplicate content any longer.

  • Chaz @ Gear-Vault

    Justin, I understand that. I used this plugin last year when it did work, will it cause issues to my google rankings since the farm update? Should I delete the 52 posts I added to EA using this plugin? My traffic SERPS has decreased 50%. I am trying to find the culprit and fix the issue. I am wondering if its caused by EA and this pesky plugin I used last year.

    • Justin Germino

      Best thing you could do if you have time is to rewrite the 52 articles so that they are original wording and not exact wording duplicates as your blog posts, or else they will not have very much weight and traffic from the SERP rankings. I wouldn’t pull them because if they have nofollow backlinks or such you still gain some SEO value to your blog.

  • Juicing With Rika Susan

    Good post, Ivin. I haven’t used this plugin, but I have a related question. I have about 10 articles from Ezinearticles on one of my sites. I have added new headings and an extra paragraph or two, but I am still worried that these may hurt my site. Should I rather replace them? The rest of the content on the site is my own work.