Jul 192011
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Have a Facebook Wall full of unwanted stuff like Farmville updates or Astrology predictions?
The simplest option is to delete your Facebook account completely!

But don’t worry, since in this post we shall learn 2 different FREE methods to clean or clear or delete your Facebook wall posts automatically with very little effort on your part. Before we go on to those methods, however,  let me tell you that if a particular app is bothering you with useless updates, you could simply block it from your Application Settings page.

Method 1 To Delete Your Facebook Wall Posts Automatically:

Using Grease-monkey User-scripts with Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browsers.

Grease-monkey is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It is also used with Opera and other browsers like Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. The scripts I have mentioned in this post work best for Firefox and Opera.
So, unless you are using it already, install Firefox now! It’s the best browser I have used, mostly due to the inbuilt download accelerator and thousands of add-ons and themes.

Once you have installed Mozilla Firefox, you need to install Grease-monkey to run the scripts to delete your Facebook wall automatically.

Now you can proceed to installing the user-scripts for deleting your Facebook wall posts.

There are two different scripts you can use depending on how much of your Facebook Wall you want to delete.

1. This script will delete the recent activity on your Facebook Wall:
For Reviews and Help with this script you can go here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/67751

2. This Grease-monkey user-script will delete all the wall posts on your Facebook Wall:
For Reviews and Help with this script you can go here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/92664
Make sure you understand that everything you, your friends and the various Pages, Groups and Applications on Facebook have ever posted on your wall will be deleted.

Method 2 for Deleting Your Facebook Wall Posts Automatically:

So, using a bit of curiosity and knowledge I used a free Auto-click software program to get rid of the old posts.
All you need to do to clean up the mess on your Facebook Wall is:

  • Click on the “Record” button on the program window
  • Then carefully fix the scroll-location of the Facebook Wall page at the top most corner and click on the “Remove” and “Okay” (deletion confirmation box) buttons a few times.
  • Now click “Stop” in the program window to stop recording.
  • Then click on “Play” on the Auto-click program window and check whether all goes well.
  • There might be cases where a particular Wall post has a slightly different location for “Remove” than the others. Make sure you find out the relative frequency of such variations and make an intelligent approximation to automate the process of deleting your Facebook Wall.
  • There would also be the “Older Posts” link at regular intervals. Make sure you also include a click on this link by scrolling down to the bottom of the page to show and delete the older Wall posts.
  • If possible stay close most of the time to avoid any problems caused by pop-ups from your other computer applications/programs. The safest thing would be to close all other applications before starting the project of deleting your Facebook Wall.

My experiment with deleting the Facebook Wall posts was a sweet success with this software (It’s 100% FREE!):

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Samir Saurav Majhi
Samir is a Technology Blogger with several years of blogging experience in the areas of Computer Software, Web Browsing Tips, Windows 7, Blogging and Freelance Writing Tips. His major interests include Theoretical Physics, Genetics, Neurology and Philosophy.
  • http://youlovecoupons.com Delena Silverfox

    I’m definitely going to have to check this out. I’m really getting tired of all the random invites and posts about Farmville et al on my wall instead of actual, useful things! Going through and deleting each one by hand is just pointless, since my friends will just post more within the hour, but I like this option!


    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad you liked it :)

  • Andy

    I liked deleting facebook profile posts..good work

  • http://www.webhostings.in madhuri@webhosting

    Thanks for sharing valuable information regarding the face-book and its various methods..It was quite interesting to know..

  • http://www.cyberdesignz.com/ Web Design Company USA

    That’s great trick. I am already using Firefox and no need to do extra work and i also agree that its the best browser.

  • http://sadiakomal.com Sadia Komal

    Very useful tool specially to remove unwanted applications

  • jesty@Heart rate monitor

    This could be a very useful app for me as well.. nice job! “clap clap” :)

  • http://www.aigburthphysio.co.uk Mike@Alternative Therapy Liverpool

    I’ll give method 2 a try, thanks alot for your help.

    Very useful help.

  • http://www.faissals.com/ Faissal Alhaithami @ facebook marketing tips

    Great methods samir! will need to try it out! because I’ve been getting this annoying stuff too

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad you found it useful Faissal!

  • http://www.tecmark.co.uk Stacey Cavanagh@SEO

    Another awesome use for Greasemonkey.

    I love that plugin.

    Great tips… always handy to find out new little things like this.

    Thank you muchly.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad you found the post useful :)

  • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    Oh man, how I wish I had this when I did completely delete my account!

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Now a lot of features have been added…preventing others from posting to your wall, selecting what even your friends can and can’t see, temporarily de-activating (not deleting) your FB account etc.

  • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    This is the kinda thing that might get me to actually rejoin…

  • http://georgia-kids.com/ jandelaria@Georgia Kids

    I’ll try this method for kicks.. thanks for the help.. :)

  • http://www.thehomecart.com/boulder-colorado-real-estate-and-homes-for-sale.php Brian@boulder homes

    Hey Sameer,
    Thanks for sharing this much needed information. It sometimes get very annoying to see all these unwanted invites and for how long and how many times will I delete? So what you’ve shared is a perfect piece of solution.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad to know you needed this :)

  • http://sports-clips-locations.com/ khan@supercuts

    Very happy to read this tutorial.It is very useful for me to work in facebook

  • http://www.shedplans101.net/ Adrian

    Yes, i really need this. My facebook wall is full of “garbage” and need’s to be cleaned up.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad to be of help :)

  • jaust231@Kettlebell Workouts

    Hmm.. can you just delete the app if you don’t want it bugging you?

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Blocking an app will prevent future posts, but you can’t remove the earlier posts on your wall!

  • Suhaib@Facebook Smileys


    Nice Post. Will surely help me future writing on my site. I have also started a new site (not that new its a PR2 right now), would love to get your feedback on it. Also i am offering dofollow backlink to comluv members. So you on my site.


    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      While I’m not a big fan of external smileys, for those who like them, your site is a useful resource!

  • http://hostingtitan.com Stephen@Hosting

    Facebook is so full of crap these days from all corners. One more thing that can be done is whenever you see a farmville kinds unnecessary feed, remove it. Over a period of time FB will automatically prevent such posts to be seen in your feed. Works beautifully :)

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      If you are just looking for ways to remove application posted content, it’s no work. However, sometimes I feel even posts by others on my wall are not worth keeping for long. Such as mere conversations. In such cases, you can use these methods to remove all posts on your Facebook wall!

      • http://hostingtitan.com Stephen@Hosting

        Not really..

        This works with all kinds of feed. Unless you select show feeds from all users by default it shows feed only from friends whose profile you visit most & interact often.

        • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

          Cool! I’ve never really tried this :)

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

      I agree I block all notifications from all applications, but I wish you can mass select and delete event invitations this is my current annoyance.

      • http://hostingtitan.com Stephen@Hosting

        Agreed.. This is very much required. Not only this, with so many spam friend requests coming ever so often, there needs to be bulk deny & not those stupid “Not Now” buttons.. trying to figure out ways to deny ppl you have no clue about..

        Wait for Google+ to gain a lil more popularity & FB shall mend its ways..

        • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

          Recently I’ve found myself denying a lot more more friend requests!
          Even if I “know” some of those people by name or face, I have simply no intention of becoming “friends” with them!

  • http://youngdriverinsurancescams.co.uk/ James H

    Hey Samir, Thank you for the post. I hope if i install this addon, my all the wall posts will not be removed, i would love to have some control on what i want to delete and what it don’t, will this interactivity will be there??

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      These scripts can’t distinguish between posts. You might have to search elsewhere :)

  • http://www.cleaningsuppliesuk.net Danny

    Thanks for sharing this, im going to use this process.

  • http://ronleyba.com RonLeyba

    A pretty good trick to delete wall posts. I hope you guys can create a one click type of script of software that mass deletes twitter direct messages in one click.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      I believe some such services are already in place. While I’m not very active on Twitter, Justin might have a good idea :)

  • http://benefitof.net Lyka Ricks

    This is Great! My Fb wall would not be free from unwanted stuffs. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad to help :)

  • terry

    It would be really useful to me as well.. deleting those useless post on my wall would be great.. thanks for sharing it..

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      I chanced upon a lot of posts which were the “hi-how r u-gr8 how ’bout u?” kind while going through my own wall. That is what led me to experiment with these methods a year ago :)

  • jorge

    It is really helpful for me also.. I even research about it in the internet and found this one.. I’m glad I don’t have to experiment on it myself now.. :D

  • Smith@steam cabin

    These two free methods to delete the facebook wall are gift for us.We will sure these.

  • http://wpwebhost.com Ricardus

    This is great.. Able to clear all the unnecessary spams

  • terry

    It a great way to delete spams.. nice

  • Alex

    You seem to have add more value to fb tips, well done.

  • Clueless

    Ok I have a question . on MY wall I have all of my posts obviously , but I also have recent activity links where I commented on OTHER peoples walls or photos or whatever . My question is will this app delete my comments on other peoples wall I made or just delete the link on my wall which takes me to those comments?? – if it just deletes the link then my comments are still on the other person wall and therefore will lose all referance to try and find them again ? ….or am I missing something here that needs explained better ..thank you

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir Majhi

      @Clueless These methods will only delete the posts on your wall, including notifications. If you wish to keep track of your comments on the other person’s wall, just click on the see friendship link!

  • RosieCathyBanks

    Hello , iam really happy to have find your blog , your tip is really usefull , i will like to know, if you have others tips for facebook like how to clean friends list when we have 5000+ …thanks