Fcleaner – Fast, Efficient and Free System Cleanup

This is one piece of Freeware that I found that can replace several utilities for me on my home PC.  I tried out and tested the new version of Fcleaner this morning which now has the ability to flush and clear cache for IE, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

    First you have to download Fcleaner and install it on your Windows PC, then when you start up the program you are greeted with the main home page, you can quickly click the Analyze button to see how much you can free up and clean.  I was able to free up almost 300mb most of it tied up by Google Chrome cache after clicking the Run Cleaner button.
    Fcleaner Home

    In addition to just cleaning up temporary and browser cache and downloads, Fcleaner will also do program uninstalls, repair and remove entries. Here I used Fcleaner to uninstall the Ask Toolbar which it did without issue and very quickly.
    Fcleaner Uninstall

    Finally Fcleaner will also manage your startup scripts and programs, when I first ran Fcleaner and tried to delete some start up programs, they immediately re-appeared in the list.
    Fcleaner Startup

    I then learned that you can only remove items from your StartUp if you run Fcleaner as an administrator, to do this before you open Fcleaner, right click on the icon and select Run As Administrator.
    Fcleaner Run As Admin

    Bottom line Fcleaner is a very nice piece of freeware, easy to use, clean interface and works very well. It will in moments clean out and free up all of your computers temporary files, browser cache and files, and can be used to manage your installed programs list and your windows startup list. It also has tabs to bring you right to Windows System Tools to view your system information, as well as it logs its activity and how much it has cleaned over its use.

    This is one free program worth the download and worth donating a paypal buck or two to the developer for writing such a nice piece of software.

    -Dragon Blogger

    Justin Germino
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