Jan 242010

For a few weeks I have been wanting to go through and fix how my comments displayed and when somebody asked me on twitter about my comments being centered, I decided to finally do something about it.  I was able to fix the error in the single.php where I had a <center> line near the bottom which was was causing the issue with the comments centering, but I also didn’t like the size of the font and the display of the users who left comments.

A few quick plug-ins like WordPress Thread Comment which allows my reply to show right after the person who comments, and threads it is a really neat plug-in that allows you to customize the background color of the reply so you can make replies stand out from normal comments.

Since my wordpress theme is actually really old, no gravatars or images displayed for users who left comments, so I installed the Easy Gravatars to quickly and easily resolve this problem.

I also increased the font size to 14 and changed the font to Verdana for comments, so that I feel the comments are more user friendly, easier to read and you can see the gravatar of those who comment.

What do you think of the comment improvements to DragonBlogger.com?

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
  • Much better Justin, it does look more professional now 😉
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  • Oh that is a Lot nicer, seems like it’d be easier to keep track of too. 🙂
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    • Though, it’s showing a totally different blog for commentluv, any ideas why?
      .-= read Heather´s article about Maryland Zoo partners with the B&O Railroad, Maryland Science Center, and Port Discovery for the Months of January and February. =-.

  • Yes this seems to work alot better. I’ve been using the ID template for awhile with these types of functions embedded too.
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  • Looks like somebody’s been putting his house in order! To be honest, I didn’t even notice the problem with your comments area before, but it definitely looks good now. Good for you for taking care of something that was niggling at you, and sharing your solution.

    Like Heather said up there, Comment Luv was going to erroneously show the “Maryland Zoo Partners” article for me, so I unchecked it.

    • Whoops, never mind. I just commented over at The Creative Junkie and the same Marilyn Zoo Partners post pre-filled in Com Luv. The problem is there, not here.

      • Holly Jahangiri

        Interesting. I remember this happening to me, once. Wish I could remember what caused it or how Andy fixed it.
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  • Ray

    I quite like the change.
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  • Ray

    Pardon the expression but, WTF? How did I get a link to someone els’e blog post? Houston, we have a problem. I think it’s with commentluv.
    Here’s MY blog

    • Did I miss a comment or something, I don’t recall saying I didn’t care about the Maryland Zoo, not sure where that comment came from.

    • Ray

      As a former Marylander (33 years) I will have you know that I never even heard of the Maryland Zoo. I don’t even believe that it exists, and that if it does, it is nothing more than a petting zoo. The National Zoo is in Washington, D.C. Maryland is for crabs. Blue crabs. Delicious steamed in beer and vinegar with Old Bay Seasoning Blue Crabs. Mmmmmm good. How I miss Maryland. 4 seasons, and the nation’s capitol tucked into a little pocket by the Potomac River. I miss Maryland. But I never heard of the Maryland Zoo. So there.

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    • Ray

      Justin, have you been hacking the code again? is this white text on a white background?
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  • Ray

    Well, I didn’t. I looked at it, that’s all. I feel like my link has been hijacked. Here’s my blog.

    • Is it working now? does the link show the right blog for CommentLuv?

  • Ray

    Shoot. when I tried to give the real link to my blog, I think Askimet is diverting my comment to the spam file. o hell.

  • Greg Ellison

    It looks much better now. Greg Ellison
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  • cadilacjax

    Yeah nice now Justin.. I wondered what was different.

  • Updating the style.css isn’t that hard, you just look for the section that says “font size” and “type” and can change from “Arial” to “Verdana” easily. The size also is listed in pixels (10 change to 14) and presto font size larger for comments so you can read easier.

    • Ray

      That’s what I thought too. Nothin’ to it. Oops. Be very careful when annotating code. And back up first. Otherwise you may have to create a new blog from scratch…not that anything like that has happened to me or anything…heh.

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  • So happy you changed up the comments bro they look so much better, that center comment field was bugging me out. haha.
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  • I’m with Heather, uh, second Heather, I don’t recall any issue with your comments. Then again, I’m a bad visitor and don’t come by and comment as often as I should. {slaps hand} 🙂
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  • i have long wanted that threaded comment in my blog. i guess newer themes have it already. but mine, i need those plug-ins.
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  • Whew! It’s a nice change alright. It’s about time. 🙂 I think im gonna change mine also as it is old just like your ol’grandma. Have a nice day!
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  • Ramkumar

    Dude the comment has some issue with Threaded replies, the second reply appears in white background with white font color. Please check them 🙂
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    • I just fixed, it was the CSS code in the WP Threaded Comment plug-in (it had the nested reply inside reply with a background color of white) thanks for pointing it out.

  • I don’t remember much about your previous version but I can vouch that the comments section which I am seeing now is great.

    The fonts make for easier reading.
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  • Ray

    It’s fixed and looks beautiful. Good. I wouldn’t want the pearls of wisdom that drop from my lips..err…fingers to go unheard…err..unread. Anyway, it looks fantastic, Justin.


    p.s. I can’t wait until commentluv refreshes its cache. I’ve written two new posts already today, and it’s falling behind.
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