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It was by reading a post by Ben Jackson on about ways to succeed with blog commenting that I first came across drop my link.   Drop My Link is an excellent resource for querying blogs online to comment on based on pre-selected search criteria in a drop down.

With Drop My Link you can select blogs based on criteria like “DoFollow”, “CommentLuv Enabled”, .edu or .gov only…etc and search for the keywords you desire to help build backlinks organically for your own site in the niche/topics that align with your own services.

Organic is the key here and this is a fantastic way to not only find great articles but build connections by leaving useful and quality comments and engaging with other bloggers.  It also serves the purpose of getting an additional backlink for your own blog, and the article specifically mentions ways to use extensions like SEOQuake to help ensure your comment backlinks are DoFollow but I also had another idea which I took to the developer of Drop My Link.

I mentioned that Livefyre commenting system has default of DoFollow comments and they should put it as a criteria in the drop down system.  Sure enough the developer added it, and now the over 35,000+ Livefyre blogs can be potentially found with the Drop My Link site just by selecting “Livefyre” in the dropdown list.


I had been wanting to branch out and find more Livefyre blogs and within only a few minutes of querying I now found 16 other sites using Livefyre and am going to grow my commenting network.  I have also used the site to find and comment on CommentLuv blogs as well as DoFollow blogs.

imageIf you haven’t used Drop My Link yet to find and comment on other blogs then you really should test it out for yourself right now.  This is one of the best resources I have found online and I am proud to say that thanks to me, Livefyre blogs are now included as an option and you know if you comment on a Livefyre blog you are getting a dofollow backlink to your website as well.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino
  • livefyre Check this out, this will only benefit Livefyre by helping bloggers find Livefyre blogs to comment on!

    • @Dragon Blogger Now THAT is a clever hack 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

      • @jennalanger Works like a charm, even filters out blogs that have closed comments/conversations so only active posts you can comment on will show up.

  • Wow! Surprised to know that I hadn’t read about this earlier though. Seems like a great resource for all bloggers and webmasters.

    • @Samir Majhi Yeah, if you aren’t using Drop My Link yet it works great.

  • Ben Jackson

    Hey Justin, thanks for the shout out! I’m a bit late, been ignoring my Google alerts lol.

  • Ben Jackson

    Hey Justin, thanks for the shout out! I’m a bit late, been ignoring my Google alerts lol. The livefyre search string is a solid addition to DML, just started using it to find more blogs 🙂

    • @Ben Jackson Thanks only problem is I found that Livefyre switched to nofollow for comments, still good to have though.

    • @Ben Jackson Thanks only problem is I found that Livefyre switched to nofollow for comments, still good to have though.

  • Yep, Drop My Link is a great resource for sure.

  • Yep, Drop My Link is a great resource for sure.

  • Thanks Justin, DML helps me a lot. so easy to find out livefyre blogs.

    • @Sophia.C. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Did you know that you can auto insert image thumbs into Livefyre comments just by posting a flickr or twitpic URL of the image. I just found that out tonight.

  • Justin, I installed Livefyre on a Tumblr blog that I started the other day. This will come in really handy. Thanks!

    • @Ileane I didn’t even know Tumblr supported Livefyre 🙂 Send me the link, want to see how it looks.

      • @Dragon Blogger Here’s a good post you might like. 🙂


  • fantastic resource “drop my link” thanks for that Justin – makes it very quick to find what you are looking for

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • aa33030

    Useful and interesting article on how to find blogs to comment on

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  • Thank you

  • I’m really going to check this out – it looks like just what I need.  I’m just starting out so I need anything that will increase my traffic.  Thanks for the heads up.

  • Good morning,
    Thank you for the sharing, I am an internet rookie, and I am having  a hard time building backlinks.

    • [email protected], DropMyLink is excellent and I always use it.

  • Hi Draggon,
    I just came from visiting that site, and livefye is not accepting any comment.

    • [email protected] do you mean livefyre is not accepting any comment, drop my link is used to find other blogs, you simply search the keywords you want, and choose what type of blogs (dofollow) / (Livefyre) / (CommentLuv) and then they show up in search results page.  Where were you trying to comment?

  • tonygreene113

    @dragonblogger Did you get a chance to use the beta version of Livefyre 3?

    • dragonblogger

      @tonygreene113 I tested it on Danny Brown’s blog, but didn’t put it on my own. Found a feature missing, and a few bugs opened.

  • I’m using Livefyre for link building and I found that it’s so easy and helpful.

    • Bradleydanielelliot

      what is there resource find more about the links to get the way back track.

  • KidsFashions

    I have made a few comments on blogs to help with back links and I thank you for all the information. to help me get more.

  • Daily News Dig

    Just played around with this tool and it’s totally amazing. Thanks for sharing, this it will surely save me time. 🙂