Free Backlink From Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy the eccentric genius billionaire…wait that is Sir Richard Branson my bad.

But still, Ted the innovator behind IZEA, SocialSpark, PayPerPost and others is running a new campaign called “Where in the World is Ted Murphy” the point is simple print out Ted’s head from the link at the top of this page and take a photo of yourself somewhere next to his photo sticking your tongue out.

Ted will mention your picture and where its from and create a link back to a site of your choosing, this is a good opportunity for bloggers to get their blog linked back to from someone who is well known and a giant in the blogging community.

I only have a B&W Laser, but I do plan on doing a TED printout eventually when I find myself a color laser printer.

Later Ted, or shall I call you PapaMurph?

-Dragon Blogger

This post brought to you by…hmmm lets think about this…. Ted, yep, Ted Murphy himself.

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