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Traveling to a new place? If so, you’ll probably want to considering using a GPS. These now commonplace devices make travel much easier. GPS soft and hard ware are also built into many phones. If your car hire company can’t provide you with directions or maps, you may wish to bring your smartphone to assist you in the drive.

With the launch of Apple’s brand new Maps app, many iOS users are wondering if that should become their default application. A quick Internet search of reviews however, turns up a long list of complaints and bad reviews of Apple’s Maps. What is it about this new app that has so many bloggers and reporters up in arms? Apple’s website boasts of a beautiful new app, “designed from the ground up,” that uses a “beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease.” Sounds great. But in reality, as millions of users have discovered, it doesn’t quite work yet. It sounds like a great idea, and it might one day be, but the reviews suggest that Apple’s Maps isn’t quite ready for use yet, especially with long trips to new places.

As you may have noticed, a lot of the news coverage following the release of Apples Maps was negative. There have even been casualties in the Apple offices as a result of the poor public relations following the debacle, with executive Scott Forstall being fired over his unwillingness to sign an apology to the public. To make amends, current Apple CEO Tim Cook did in fact write an apology to the public, saying sorry for the less than perfect functionality of Apple Maps during launch.

Tim Cook even proved himself to be a big man, by  encouraging users to use Google Maps in the meantime, while Apple irons out the kinks in their software. The main complaints from users included: wrong directions, missing visuals from maps and an unpleasing interface.

Google maps, on the other hand, has been running for years, and has been the subject of slow but steady development and progress. Rarely in the spotlight of large announcements, this Google product has consistently been one of the top tools the Internet mega-giant has to offer. With the release of Google’s Android mobile operating system, Google Maps has been used in a more practical and mobile environment. And several versions of Android later, Google Maps, combined with the built-in GPS of many of the phones it runs on, has become reliable mapping software. Although mapping systems aren’t perfect, and Google’s software definitely isn’t without its flaws, it tends to provide accurate navigation.

If you’re looking at going on a big trip soon, you want to know how you can get to your destination. You probably don’t want to be the guinea pig of Apple’s someday-will-be-great software. Google Maps is a great way to make sure you get to your destination safely and accurately. If you have a compatible phone, consider using Google Maps with your GPS to find your way around. If you haven’t used it before, you may find it useful to try it around town a few times while going to places you’re familiar with before you take it on a big trip.

If you’re really getting serious about going on a big trip, you may also want to consider investing in a stand-alone GPS. These dedicated devices often are more reliable than phone mapping software, and tend to be more suited for use in the car. Whether you’re driving your own car or renting from a car hire company, using a GPS is a great way to make sure you reliably get where you need to go.

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  • avgjoegeek

    The irony of all of this is? That if your in a major city in the U.S.? You’ll be fine using either map system for major Cities. Still this was terrible on Apple’s part to release such a shoddy product!

  • michael joshua pabia

    I believe Apple already hired Google to fix the iOS map. Well.. Google maps is already proven.. Apple still needs to make up for the crappy maps

  • Mobile prices in pakistan

    Apple is little behind google but i am damm sure that they can do better and will rank higher in a year a so.