Mar 062011

Google Trends is a powerhouse search engine feature which allows the user to find hot topics to use for anything the user will need. The user is able to search up to five topics and learn about how frequently it is searched on Google. It shows all of the searched areas such as Google News stories and the individual geographic regions of those who have searched for the topic. The Hot Searches shows who people are searching for the most on Google that day.

Using Google Trends will provide an endless amount of hot topic ideas for your blog on a daily basis. The first thing the user will need to do is decide on the subject or topic of interest then add in phrases that will specify the results even further such as how to, how do I, what are, Tips to, Top 10, easy ways to, and more. These types of search qualifiers will provide a good start in finding the right information needed. For the user to be absolutely successful they will need to search about topics that people normally search for in plain language and not using symbols such as hyphens. Avoid using the Google Trends auto-complete feature instead enter in the search phrases or terms directly then pressing the enter button.

  • Google Trends has an advanced search feature called Google Insights for Search which provides the user with the capabilities to search for:
  • The search volume index graph shows the frequency of how much and how often the keywords are searched.
  • Google Trends also provides a News Reference Volume Graph displays the number of times the topics has appeared within Google News.
  • Google has also has added a Google Hot Searches feature which shows approximately 40 topics updated on an hourly basis. These Google Hot Searches are available RSS feed allowing the user to subscribe to the feed and access through any RSS reader of their choice such as Google Reader which is another great web application brought on by Google.

Google Trends provides an endless amount of hot topics to choose from for writing inspiration on blogs. Google Trends allows the user to compare many different hot topics at the same time. The user can exclude words from your trend by using a minus sign. Parentheses can be used to enter in multi-word terms.



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  • BlazingMinds

    I usually use Google Trends when I get one of those “Blogger Block” days, it’s probably one of the better uses for Trends, though sometimes it can be a little overwhelming with what’s going on in the world ;)

  • Paul Salmon

    I remember reading about using Google trends over a year ago, and took a quick look at it. I never have used it since then, and there have been times where I could have used it for coming up with blog topics. I’ll have to remember to take another look at it in the future.

  • zammax

    Although, Google is indeed a good tool to help a webmasters or bloggers to find an idea to write, I used Google trends a year ago and never used it since then.

  • Miranda Surgery

    Thank you all for your comments. Seems like Google Trend is something we knew about but then forgot. Hopefully you’ll begin to find it useful again!

  • Alex@Jocuri

    Google trends is a great way to find new posts subjects, but what I noticed is that they have some delay between when those topics were hot and when Google displays them on their google trends.

    But google insights looks like it’s a little more up to date so I would recommend that then, it’s best to test that keyword in the keyword research tool from google to be sure there isn’t a better variation.

  • brian speer

    That certainly will help when doing research to set up a new blog topic. Good to also know that Google does not post its trend that fast.

  • Ivin Viljoen

    I use Twitter trends too. Check them out!

  • Claire@High Definition

    Google Insights for Search might be a good source of idea/topic to write. Thanks for the tip!

  • Kyle@Finally Fast

    I’ve actually been using Google trends as a keyword research tool for freelance SEO clients, in all this time I’d never thought to use it as a blog topic generator. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for those white square days I get from time to time.

  • Rajesh@Hack Facebook Account

    I use Google insight particularly when I find myself blank – dont find any descent topic to write on. Insight is surely a perfect tool to check what all stuff is rocking on Google and to stick to that point while writing article so that we can get benefitted from it.