Nov 282012

Console gaming enthusiasts who have wanted to record their video game play footage and post it online to a YouTube channel pay attention.  The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition is the device you need and supports recording video on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and can directly upload it for you to YouTube.

hd pvr2 hauppauge gaming zone

The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition has a record button which allows you to start recording without even connecting the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition to your PC.  However if you want to hook it up to your PC you can rest assure that the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition can record your footage without any delay so you can play and record in real time.  This is thanks to the no delay passthrough which allows you to record while the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition does the video encoding on the device itself to prevent slowing your PC down while recording.

The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition can record up to 1080p for Xbox 360 and any resolution between 480i and 1080i for the PlayStation 3.


An easy to setup diagram and a FAQ full of good answers you should be up and running in no time and record your console game footage so you can showcase it online for the world to see.

Enter to win a Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition


Contest Rules:

This contest is open to anyone Internationally and Hauppauge Gaming Zone will ship the prize to you once the winner is confirmed.

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  • michael joshua pabia

    Actually, I would prefer using the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 at work. As a supervisor of a team wherein everybody is working home-based, training them simultaneously can difficult and most of the time annoying. Low internet speeds in my country worsen the situation and skype conferences during the day is really slow. This device could help me record trainings and make them into “webinars” latecomers and others can watch later. That would really be helpful. Well, a bit for gaming when there a nice scene in Mass Effect 3 I would want to record 😀

  • If you get an issue with the Punchtab widget, just press the reload button.

  • Alexander Genvarev

    I have PS3 and I want to record with the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition all games!

  • We have an XBOX 360

  • Amy Pullifrone

    we have an XBOX 360 and my 2 sons love Minecraft and Halo…

  • peppe

    now I have a ps2 but I’m going to buy an xbox 360 and I think to record Halo

  • m


  • Marcus Thurston

    I need to get back into the recording/streaming world, I had a HD PVR from hauppauge that was flawless but lost it to a power surge would love to win another!

  • I have an XBOX 360 and a PS3 and I would love to record Black Ops 2 and soon Far Cry 3! This is an awesome opportunity to get one now, everyone should grasp it.

  • I play on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 and have currently been playing black ops 2 emphasizing zombie mode. I would love to record the crazy shenanigans that occur during a horde of zombies =)

  • Tristan Lucero

    I have a lot of game consoles, and I would record some LBP gameplay!

  • I have an xbox 360 and a ps3, I’d mainly record Ps3 games, I rent them fora few days, do a review and then publish it on YT (I own the Dazzle).

  • migrad

    I have a PS3 console and I want to record Cod:Bo2 and Battlefield 3 😉

  • We have ps3, xbox360 , my boyfriend would record or stream all the games he plays, my 3 year old is Peggle fan, im up for shooting games only (BO2). 🙂

  • I have the XBox 360 & I would record any of the Saints Row games or Halo games

  • slugbug55

    I have a PS3 and would like to record some Black Ops 2 gaming.

  • I can really use this i dont have any money for a new one for my gaming channel

  • It would be for my boys, they record themselves on BlackOps and Halo – and Minecraft ffs! They just have a £15 rubbish capture card, my laptop and an old wii mic atm between them so fingers crossed!

  • Cahal

    I have a ps3, xbox 360 and wiiU, I want to record my fifa, halo 4 and hitman for my youtube channel and upload it

  • Connor Cullins

    I have a ps3 and would really like to record some Black Ops 2…. I have gotten some insane clips in the past and am sure there are more to come. Right now I have an easy cap, and i know that might not be the only reason I dont get a huge amount of views, but I know if I had a HD sickness PVR I would be more motivated to keep recording and getting big.

  • Jo Tuason

    We have Xbox and will probably recording most of our Kinect dance games.

  • the giveaway widget never loads. #FAIL!!

    • Did you try clicking the reload button on the widget itself? There should be a reload button that appears, over 1,000 people have entered so far so it is working but I did notice it takes a reload.
      I have so many contests with embedded Punchtab widgets that some are having to be reloaded manually to work.
      I am trying to resolve the problem.

    • Okay, I think I found the problem and it should always load more consistently now.

  • Xbox 360. I want to record some of the Kinect replays

  • Antonio Iacobone

    I would record Xbox360 the new Halo4 with this device!

  • I will use this on my nephews xbox 360 he is always on it.

  • vhick

    I will record God of War in my PS3 🙂

  • I have both Xbox 360 and PS3. This would be fun recording Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II!

  • I run a PS3 and would be posting Black Ops II gameplay. My old Haupauge won’t record sound any more 🙁

  • Awesome Giveaway .. Gamers always Love to show their Game play to worlds & share with their friends this device will really useful to do so.

  • TC350

    I run both PS3 and XBox, Recording BO2 for my up and coming YT channel 🙂

  • Ronald Smith

    I have an assortment of consoles that I’d like to use with this, but it appears only my Xbox 360 would work since the inputs on the device do not support the composite cables, lol. I guess it would be my Xbox 360 then.

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

    • There is an adapter you can purchase, enabling the use of composite cables.

      • Ronald Smith

        Just saw your reply, and that’s great news to know! Thanks for that info. 🙂

  • Michael Jerome Oliver

    Got Xbox 360 and PS3. Would record Black ops

  • I dont have any consoles yet, but I want to record from PC games like Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation and Demigod.

  • Alan Tong

    I have both an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I want to record Halo 4 and Resident Evil 6 on the XBOX. Thanks!

  • Milica Kuvalja

    Battlefield 3 and CoD

  • My boys have Ps3 and Xbox 360 and they would record Halo and Black ops and if you can record borderlands that would be one too lol they play so many It is hard to keep track.

  • JustBetterton

    I would like to record Minecraft and Black Ops on the Xbox 360.

  • We have an XBOX 360

  • Sandy Bruce

    I would again give it my daughters so they can record them murdering Newbs in Halo and if I get them Halo 4. Yes my little girls are killers! lol But if I needed to record something I could use the PS3 or my Pc

  • PC! Skyrim, BF3, DiRT 2/3/Showdown, CS:GO… name a PC game and I probably either have it or have it on my wish list. (there’s also a Playstation laying around here that doesn’t see much action…)

  • I have an XBOX 360 and a Wii. Would love to use it on the Xbox for Halo and Black ops.

  • I have PS3 And Xbox 360. I would record games like Forzan harizon and many other ones

  • Id use to record some of my footage when playing sports games o writing guides at wikicheats.

  • Ayush Gupta

    44 entries 😀

  • I would let my brother in law record walk-throughs for my son for his epic games that I am not skilled enough to play.

  • Yomar Lopez

    My son is an aspring YouTube star so this would be a nice way to support his dream. I just know him and passing fancies.. Shelling out over $200 for a good PVR when he’ll likely lose interest once he sees the work involved.. No thanks. LOL.. Hey, other parents out there know what I’m talking about! I do have my own gaming blogs so, who knows, maybe I’ll “borrow” the PVR from him if I win it. ;o)

    • My own 9 year old wants one of these but I couldn’t shell out for one yet, even though he creates Minecraft and Guild Wars 2 YouTube vids on his channel I want him to show more than a few weeks commitment to it before I would get him it. If I owned one I would use it myself for sure though.

  • Rahul Kumar

    Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition! want to record call of duty 🙂 and widget it superb…
    loading fine 🙂

  • Mohideen

    I have an old version PS 2 would like to try it out with PS 3 thanks for the giveway

  • Cory Mc

    I have a Wii and would love to record some of the gaming time I spend with my grand-daughter. 🙂

  • annethought

    My son loves to record his games and the PS3 I’m getting him and that PVR that I’ll be winning will be great gifts. 😀

  • bloggers should keep commenting open for fans.

  • Thanx for give away

  • Theresa Reed

    My son has the Xbox 360. As for the games he would record it could all or some off them. Not sure which ones he world record. 🙂

  • My son has all the systems and this would be a great addition for him to have

  • atta

    A Xbox 360 and I’d record MW3 MP games.

  • I would like to win this HD pvr2 giveaway.

  • Would record walkthroughs of various indie games and latest released games on PS3 and 360.

  • Pac

    A custom desktop and I’d record my Left 4 Dead games for next Halloween.

  • I’d primarily use the HD PVR 2 to record Xbox 360 gameplay. I could also use it to record pc content, as my pc has an HDMI output. Haupauge has an adapter for composite input, which would enable recording of older consoles, such as the Super Nintendo. I believe you are mistaken about the sentence directly below the 1st image of the device. I think the button allows you to record without first opening the capture program, but it does need to be connected to the pc.

  • I’d use it to record every game i play on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC. There’s always a crazy moment or bug that would be awesome to record but I never have anything setup to do so.

  • HCL Service Center

    Nice article on website and internet. it is very helpful.

  • I would record some Medal of Honor Warfighter on PS3

  • I have an xbox 360, if I won I’d share videos of my Halo 4, Borderlands 2 and CoD gameplay 🙂

  • GMan

    I have a PS3. If I won, I’d share my Mass Effect 3 games for everyone to marvel at.

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    XBox 360 Kinect. I want to record some Kinect replays.

  • I just like to win one really:)

  • fgyn

    A PS3 and will record some Skyrim.

  • brandi gauvin

    ps3 and I’d like to record skyrim

  • Xbox 360, a lot of games.

  • Ryan Swedine

    I want to use the HD PVR 2 to record BF3 from my PC!

  • Colleen Cole

    xbox and nintendo – and my hubby would be recording so not sure. black ops likely

  • I don’t have any gaming console 🙁 I just play games on my laptop…

  • I have an Xbox 360 and would love to record my gameplay sessions of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Borderlands 2, Halo 4, & many more games with the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition!

  • Xbox 360

  • Ariel Abella

    actually I don’t have console game I just play through online but if I get this I will play console because most of my friends are playing console games.

  • EvilShadow15

    Xbox 360, I would record Halo 4