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More and more small businesses are getting onto social media. But they often realize in order to get successful results, one person needs to be assigned to this task. If you have a small team, you may not have that specific team member to give this project. There are a few reasons you may not give this project to someone in-house:

They may not have social media skills or the interest in learning about this topic.

Social media takes time. You may not have a team member with the time to dedicate to this task.

Hiring a social media specialist means you have an expert working on your team.


But how do you choose a social media specialist? Just about anyone can say they are a social media specialist, there is no standard to gauge them by. If you don’t have a lot of experience with social media, it may make you feel even more intimidated or just a bit unsure of how to tell who is the most qualified. Here are a few ways to help you choose the right specialist for your small business:

“What is your experience with social media?” Your ideal candidate has used the social media platforms that you want to use (Facebook and Twitter for example) and has done so for a while. They should have personal accounts and have used them at work. It would be helpful to find someone who has experience in your specific niche – if you are a bookstore owner then if you find someone who has done social media for publishing/bookstores – but you may find it is not necessary if they can learn about your niche.

“How would you make our social media successful?” Most who look at doing social media for their business really focus on getting a lot of followers. They want big numbers, and don’t think much about how these numbers are obtained. You want a social media specialist with creative ideas for engaging and interesting social media content to keep your followers coming back for more – and sharing your content with their friends on social media too. You don’t want someone who has a tunnel vision focus on attracting a magic number of followers – something that some small businesses may have at first in mind when they think of getting onto social media. It is much better to find someone who can create social media content – videos, copy and images, that entice your followers and have them thinking about your products, services and company the next time they need you.

Check up on them. According to, a social media expert you want to find a LinkedIn account and also unlocked social media accounts. If social media accounts are locked, this means you will be unable to read posts and it will be hard to get a sense of what their social media strategies are like. Another helpful tip is to simply “Google” the company or person you would like to hire to see what comes up.

Where to find a social media specialist:

Try business contacts you know. This is one of the best places to start. Recommendations from other small businesses could lead you to the social media specialist you hire. Even if they refer you to a social media specialist who is unable to take on another project, that specialist may know of other social media experts who could work with you. Start with your business contacts.

Ask friends and family. Social media has become quite popular, you may discover that someone who you know, knows someone who is doing social media professionally. This is another possible way to find someone.

Turn to the web. Try a search engine search for “social media specialist” and add any keywords you need, such as your state or your niche or company type. This may help you find the ideal specialist.

Freelance job sites. Sites like and are excellent places to find social media specialists.

About the Author

Lauren Hill writes for Galorath, a project management company helping businesses to deliver on time, on budget and as specified.