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imageAfter almost 3 years of working exclusively in WordPress as a blogging platform I have owned and operated or administrated 13 WordPress blogs using over 32 themes over the years.  In addition to managing my own blogs I have assisted other clients with migrating WordPress blogs between hosting providers, upgrading and patching WordPress with full backups included as well as tuning WordPress installations for SEO optimization via plugins or configuring Thesis to properly optimize it for SEO if you have a WordPress theme on Thesis.  I only do WordPress support part time but I typically have a 48-72 hour turnaround on most services needed that I can resolve within a few hours.

Blogs that I own or am an administrator of currently: Dragonblogger.com, wpcypher.com, justingermino.com, wandererthoughts.com, btowners.com, cyborgism.com, thechefscookbook.com

Hire WordPress Services

If you are looking for help with your WordPress installation just contact me with the form below and I will provide you with a quote.

  • WordPress installation / upgrades / plugin upgrades
  • WordPress file & database backups
  • WordPress Security Lockdown
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • WordPress SEO Optimization
  • Blogging Consultation
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Blogging or WordPress Education (I will personally call you and provide training over the phone on SEO, WordPress, Analytics, Monetization, Niche blogging…etc)
  • Minor WordPress theme modifications & branding (I can modify most WordPress themes that don’t have encrypted files)
  • Performance Optimization
  • PageRank Sculpting (NoFollow Sculpting)
  • AdWords Advertising Campaigns / Tracking

Beginner Special – $50

Right now I am running a WordPress Service special that includes the following for existing WordPress bloggers:  For $50 you get the following services, and you get  a discount if you have more than 1 blog that needs the services.
  • Full Backup of WordPress files & Database
  • Upgrade WordPress & All Plugins
  • Optimize WordPress for SEO
  • Optimize WordPress for Maximum Security
  • Monitoring scripts to report any file changes/intrusion detection
  • Scan for Malware/Virus and Clean Up
  • Improvement report (Areas where I see room to grow/focus to help expand and grow)

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  • Richard Pastor@Illinois staffing solutions

    I have a sister out in CA who worked with you and was singing your praises! I couldn’t believe it when I came across your blog here this evening. I had to call her to make sure it was the same individual, but I can tell you she was very happy with the services and keep up the good work with WordPress!

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