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We are looking to partner with companies, bloggers who want to help sponsor an iPad 3 Giveaway. The iPad 3 was just announced recently by Apple and is already taking pre-orders, this device features revolutionary Retina display technology having 1 million more pixels than the highest definition HDTV at the moment as well as offering voice dictation and having a more advanced camera.  The iPad 3 also will feature 4G LTE and server as a hub device which others devices can connect to and gain broadband access from.

The iPad 3 Giveaway contest we are hoping to hold is expected to bring tens of thousands of entries and here is what benefit hope to provide to our sponsors:

There will be 2 sponsorship levels,  Gold and Platinum and the benefits vary per level.

Gold Sponsorship – $100 sponsorship

Gold Sponsors will receive 1 social media account linked in the Rafflecopter widget that is “mandatory” for readers to follow and 1 additional social media account that is part of the optional follow entry method.  Sponsors will also automatically receive weekly broadcasts as recommendations for #FollowFriday recommendations on Twitter as well as requesting support for my sponsors on Facebook.  All in all, this means we will promote your company or blog to over 17,500+ followers (13,000+ Twitter, 3500+ Facebook, 1000+ Google+) no less than 8 times during the length of the contest.

You will be guaranteed no less than 1,000 additional followers from DragonBlogger.com contests for your social media accounts.  If you do not gain that many followers from the contest, then you will be added as a future sponsor to all contests until you reach the 1,000 additional followers from being a sponsor (note, Rafflecopter tracks all likes/follows so you will be given the exact amount of followers you receive from the contests as a sponsor).

Here is an example of the metrics for follows from a previous Kindle Fire Giveaway, note that this contest is expected to product 3x the amount of follows for each sponsor that the previous giveaways.

So as a result, your total return on investment is guaranteed to be no less than .10 cents per follower added to your social networks ($100 / 1,000 follows).  This is a conservative estimate and does not include the additional benefit you would get from the 8 social media blasts as well.


Platinum Sponsorship – $200 sponsorship

Platinum Sponsors get 2 social media accounts listed as “mandatory” to follow to gain entries into the contest, in addition you may add a 3rd option of your choice (vote for something, leave comment on blog post…etc) as an entry for the Rafflecopter contest.  In addition you will receive daily broadcasts (each unique) sending information about your company or blog to my social media networks totaling more than 17,500+ followers.  This is 60 broadcasts for the initial 2 month contest duration.

In addition to the above, your company or blog will receive a “Featured Article” here on DragonBlogger.com where I will write a no less than 400 word article showcasing your company or blog to my readers.  Note:  I earn about $75-$200 per article from SocialSpark alone.

In addition to the above benefits, you will also be guaranteed no less than 2,000 total follows, or you will be listed as a contest sponsor for free for all future contests until you reached your minimum of 2,000 follows for your social media networks.  This again means you will have minimum ROI of .10 cents per follow ($200 / 2,000 follows) and in addition you will still get the featured article, backlink and the 60 promotions on my social media channels.

Sign Up to be an iPad 3 Contest Giveaway Sponsor Now!

Just enter your information into the form below and submit your payment information, once collected you will be contacted and confirmed as a sponsor.  This contest will kick off on April 1st 2012, I am looking to really use April Fools Day to kick off a real contest as part of the gimmick!  This is of course provided I get the sponsorship commitments prior to April 1st.

Note: I  have to order the iPad 3 before hosting the contest (at least confirm order and shipped).  The reason is I don’t want to be in a situation where the iPad 3 is on back order and I am unable to deliver for the winner, so sponsors will have to commit to paying the funds prior the contest kickoff.


If you have any questions at all or want to negotiate sponsorship in the form of several payments spread out, please contact me directly at contactme[at]dragonblogger[dot].com right away or use my contact me page.

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