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Dark, devastating and exciting all at the same time!  The Official Iron Man 3 trailer shows Tony Stark under attack emotionally as well as physically reeling from an apparent event/attack against New York.  We see his Iron Man suits being destroyed in one scene, his home being bombarded by helicopter missiles and even one of his stolen suits (presumably) startling Pepper Potts and him awake in his own bed at night.

Watch the Iron Man 3 Official Trailer now!

Share what you think about the new Iron Man 3 trailer, is it the suit that makes the man or the man that makes the suit? How do you think Tony Stark will come out on top?

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
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Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
  • RonaldSmith

    It’s actually Pepper Potts, not Gwen Stacey. Gwen was 1 of Spider-Man’s gf’s 😉 I’m just glad to see Tony finally getting his butt handed to him by the Mandarin, despite the fact that how they make Mandarin look is rather lame.

    • I think Ben Kingsley is a great actor, not sure if he was the best role for The Mandarin but I know many didn’t think Jeff Bridges could do Obadiah Stane. Thanks for calling me out on Gwen Stacey, I had a total brain fart, I knew it was Pepper Potts, I had just read a review on The Amazing Spiderman earlier and just spaced out.

      • RonaldSmith

        JB as Stane was great in my view, and I love Ben Kingsley as an actor (man’s a genius of the art), but I agree that he wasn’t the best for the part, just like how Ken Watanabe wasn’t the best that could’ve been cast as Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins (but at least Watanabe is Oriental, lol). The Mandarin is supposed to be from China, not India (Kingsley’s of Gujarati descent, which are from India). I’d hoped that when they finally cast him, they’d have picked someone from Chinese descent, regardless of where they live, but at least of Chinese descent. When it’s this big of a thing, you gotta go for the details as much as you can.

        They’re just lucky that Avengers saved their butts from the near-fiasco that was Iron Man 2, lol. Nobody really gave a crap much for the Whiplash story, and many were not happy about the way the 1st movie re-did the story either (originally it took place in China, on an expedition sponsored by Stark industries, and he fought the Mandarin then). honestly i kind of expected that Crimson Dynamo and/or Titanium Man would be 2 of the big boys in this one as it seemed like they just didn’t want to feature the Mandarin at all in the series. It seems like maybe they just have swelled heads now and don’t even care.

        • I don’t mind the liberties, and I actually thought his injury and capture alternate wasn’t a bad choice, it was more relevant to the times and helped probably spur some initial success.

          I am wondering if they will leverage some elements of Iron Man Extremis in the film or in the next one, there is one scene where Tony seems to be able to call objects to his hand remotely, not sure if nanotech implants are involved or if there is some sort of biological reaction.

          I agree, I didn’t like the 2nd movie nearly as much as the 1st or The Avengers, it was a little slow, but I liked the portrayal of Whiplash by Mickey Rourke. What doesn’t make sense to me is the timeline of events, does Iron Man 3 take place before or after The Avengers? Is the reference to what happened in New York a nod to the events of The Avengers or another type of terrorist attack in NY? If the movie takes place post The Avengers.

        • RonaldSmith

          I actually thought the same thing about the timeline of events, as it
          seems it could very well take place immediately following the Avengers,
          but from what they show it looks like it could also be from an attack
          that only Tony was the target of. Avengers took place immediately following Iron man 2 and Thor, so I’d say this either takes place immediately after the Avengers, immediately after Thor 2 or there’s this huge gap that needs filled in with explanations.

          Even more intriguing is the Iron Patriot armor that you see above, before clicking “play” on the video. Oh and I totally agree about Rourke playing Whiplash, he’s another actor whom I regard well, the man can play nearly anything you throw at him, and do it the best possible. Hopefully they didn’t end his career with Iron Man 2, that would be very stupid, but I haven’t seen him elsewhere since. Just watched Sin City again a few days ago, lol, love his version of Marv. Great stuff.

        • Mickey Rourke was in The Expendables and The Immortals both of which came out after Iron Man 2, I hear there is another Sin City movie slated for next year too and he will be starring in that one as well.

        • RonaldSmith

          Ah, yeah, thanks for reminding me of those 2. I didn’t care for his role in Immortals, but in the Expendables he was great as usual. I’m not sure how I feel about a 2nd Sin City with him in it, I mean there ARE 7 books, but he was only in 1 of them as the main character, and that was “The Hard Goodbye” which was the main portion of the 1st movie. What i didn’t like in the 1st movie was that they took 3 books out of the 7 and just tossed them together in a random order that made no sense. Oh and supposedly I guess the 2013 film is supposed to be focused on the 2nd book in the series, “A Dame To Kill For”, so we’ll have to see how it goes. Marv’s in it, but not that much, so it’s like a cameo spot or something. Could be interesting.

          That’s enough of Mickey Rourke though, for me for now, lol. We shall see how well good ol’ Ben plays his new role, and of course how many millions of dollars got wasted on this movie, lol. Could be worse I suppose, it could’ve been taken over by Michael Bay (admittedly it does look like it was, lol). XD

  • Hi Justin, I enjoyed the other two I cannot wait to see this one. I wish they would make more moves from our comic book heroes. It’s always a good idea and meets the needs of my generation and age gap.

    • As long as they keep doing well at the box office, they will keep making them.

      Superman was always and is my favorite comic book character, I am really hoping the new Superman reboot due out next year doesn’t disappoint.

  • Hi Justin, I didn’t even know a new one was coming out. I’ll certainly catch this one. I love this series. Great review! Sally

    • It certainly looks serious, looking forward to it.

      • I just watched it and really liked it. The reviews talk about how Iron Man gets beat up a lot, but to me, it showed his human side. I loved it!

        • I agree and saw it 2 weeks ago, I didn’t get a chance to do an official review for the site, but I thought it was fantastic.

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