Nov 282011

The Contest Has Ended!

What better way to kick off Cyber Monday than by hosting a Kindle Fire giveaway contest and this is what a few lucky readers will win by entering.  Here at I teamed up with some great sponsors to giveaway Kindle Fires to a few readers and I will make sure it arrives before Christmas if you win the contest.


The Kindle Fire which just released less than 2 weeks ago is one of the hottest holiday items and at a price point of $199 makes it the best bang for the buck tablet in existence.  With over 16,000 apps including over 6k free apps plus combining with Amazon Prime for video on demand and eBook rentals you have a versatile tablet that will change your daily life.





I have been testing the Kindle Fire for about two weeks now and have done everything from installing apps, transferring music/media via USB, moving between cloud/local devices, renting books with Amazon Prime and much more. In addition to the Kindle Fire I will be giving away to 2 readers, I am also giving away a copy of uRex DVD Ripper Platinum for free which you can use to rip any DVD and convert it to Kindle Fire compatible video. This software will make it easy to burn one of your own personal movies to your Kindle Fire for the long road trips or air travel!
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Join the Kindle Fire Giveaway Contest:

If you are writing a blog post, make sure you download the sponsor html code here >> sponsorhtmlcode << and put this html code in your blog post to thank the sponsors of the Kindle Fire Giveaway.

Dragon Blogger Kindle Fire Giveaway Sponsors

These awesome sponsors made this giveaway possible and you should pay them a visit and thank them!

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Who wants to win a Kindle Fire, share if you will keep it or give it as a gift to someone.  Ask any questions about the Kindle Fire or contest too, I have both a Kindle Fire and an iPad 2 so I can directly answer questions if you want to compare the devices though you shouldn’t as they aren’t in the same class.

Tips for increasing your odds of Winning the contest:

This contest is open to any reader in the U.S. and Canada, and though the contest is a random drawing for two winners you can increase your odds if you notice how many points you get for each entry type. This contest gives a slight edge to a blogger who can do a blog post about the contest and gain an instant 10 entries, but you can retweet the article every day for an entry each day. All in all, if you retweet every day and do everything in the contest you can gain up to 36 entries total. This greatly increases your odds of winning, so I encourage you to do a blog post if you run your own blog, or guest post somewhere about the contest and get the credit!

-Dragon Blogger

Update:  I added a new Contest Entry method, you now can create and upload a video talking about the Kindle Fire Giveaway and if you link to the contest in your YouTube description and use the word “Kindle Fire” in your Video title somewhere you will get +10 entries toward the contest.  Don’t forget to leave the URL of your YouTube video in extra info when you mark “I Did This” on the Rafflecopter.

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Justin Germino


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  • dragonblogger

    @tonygreene113 Tony, the contest is over, is it still letting you enter?

    • tonygreene113

      @dragonblogger oh no the contest form showed “over”

    • tonygreene113

      @dragonblogger Justin, what are you using for mobile version of dragonblogger site?

      • dragonblogger

        @tonygreene113 WPTouch Pro do you like it? Here is my review >

        • tonygreene113

          @dragonblogger yea looks good mobile..reading from nexus s

  • bbrian017

    Nice one Justin! This is so awesome. I’m really happy to be part of this! I’m publishing this to the front page of blog engage now! I hope we get a lot of people joining this! I will also share it on facebook.

    • @bbrian017 Thanks Brian for being such an awesome sponsor and for all the support.

      • bbrian017

        @Dragon Blogger you know it buddy, and I even got my writers writing about it and I should have a published article on our community blog by tomorrow!

        • @bbrian017 Sounds good, looks like it is taking off, not a bad start for the first 9 hours.

  • Looks good Justin. Rafflecopter’s widgets are interesting (I signed up a few days ago). Will be fun to see how it plays out.

    • @doolin Love Rafflecopter, easiest way to track contest entries and this is my 4th contest using the service.

  • Hi Justin,

    Awesome giveaway! I like the Rafflecopter’s widget. Very interesting! Best wishes everyone!

  • ScottPellegren

    Best Holiday giveaway I’ve seen so far, thanks Justin!

    • @ScottPellegren Thanks Scott, it was made possible by my awesome sponsors. I love that I can give some cool gadgets away to readers.

  • I think the only tablet hotter than the kindle fire is the Asus Transformer 2

    • @benwaynet Asus Transformer 2 is a better tablet as far as hardware, but Kindle Fire OS even on older Gingerbread is so much more user friendly and is the most user friendly tablet OS next to the iOS from what I have seen. It has some limitations, but it is really easy to use for young kids and older grandparents. Also, the android marketplace is a mess, the Amazon android marketplace though has fewer apps none of the junk is there like the other marketplaces.

      • @Dragon Blogger Guess I’ll just need to win this contest to find out 🙂

      • blm03

        @Dragon [email protected] Good to know. I’ve been looking at the Transformer myself but just don’t have the money for it.

        • @[email protected] Honestly, if you have the $500 to spend on a tablet, get the iPad 2… Nothing compares. If you only have $200 to spend then the Kindle Fire hands down is the best. It beats most tablets in the $250 – $300 range too.

        • @Dragon [email protected] I’m trying to rid myself of Apple products. I’m trying to sell my Apple $200 gift card on craigslist.

          Maybe I’ll regret it but I want something new. iOS5 felt like a lot of the same. Plus I really despise itunes

        • @[email protected] I don’t use iTunes for Music, I use Spotify so I don’t feel the pain of iTunes on my iPad. It is however fine for finding games and apps. I will tell you that the Amazon Android store is AWESOME. You can simply browse Amazon store on your PC and purchase the app (even if free), then just press the sync button on your Kindle Fire and it will download. You also can download an android like client and even test the android apps/games on your PC before deciding to download to your Kindle Fire. Really love the Amazon Android app store.

        • @Dragon [email protected] Wonder if you can use the Amazon Andriod store on the Asus Transformer….hummm..

        • @[email protected] I don’t know, but I think you can. Because the android store lists apps that are not available for the Kindle Fire, this tells me any android device should be able to use the store.

  • What a great giveaway. I wish I could be a US resident to join the contest.

    • @Tuan I was telling some other people that if you know someone in the U.S. who can accept the gift and mail it to you, I will allow you to enter. I just need a U.S. address to ship to.

  • Suzanne Hill

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Hi Justin,

    Just published a post on my new blog and here’s the link.

    • @Evelyn Parham Cool, noted but you put 2 g’s in dragonblogger in all cases.

  • FrugalJenn

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  • blm03

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    • @blm03 Glad you could enter, remember to tweet every day for an additional entry and increase your chances to win.

  • Mark

    Nice giveaways! I hope I can get one of those.

    • Thanks for entering the contest, best of luck and remember you can tweet every day for an extra entry each day.

    • Thanks for entering the contest, best of luck and remember you can tweet every day for an extra entry each day.

  • PamFirestoneBrechlin

    very cool giveaway. great feedback too!

    • @PamFirestoneBrechlin Thanks, I have been doing a series of Kindle Fire reviews on the site in preparation for the contest and to better educate readers on it’s potential and drawbacks.

    • @PamFirestoneBrechlin Thanks, I have been doing a series of Kindle Fire reviews on the site in preparation for the contest and to better educate readers on it’s potential and drawbacks.

  • Metallman

    Justin, for clarification purposes. Are Dragonbloggers or sponsors allowed to enter? I don’t see any mention of not being eligible. Thanks.

    • @Metallman Because this is a random draw contest, it cannot have favoritism. I have therefore decided not to exclude dragonbloggers or even sponsors from entering.

      • Metallman

        @Dragon Blogger Whoo hoo! I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m in!

  • Metallman

    Justin, for clarification purposes. Are Dragonbloggers or sponsors allowed to enter? I don’t see any mention of not being eligible. Thanks.

  • sunshinetricia

    I would so love to win this for my daughter for Christmas. I think this might be the year that we move from kids toys to tween electronics!!

    • @sunshinetricia I bought 2 of them for my kids and 1 for my grandmother in-law. So I actually bought 5 Kindle Fires in the last 2 weeks, 2 were for this contest. I am doing an AWESOME article later this week on how to setup a Kindle Fire for a younger kid and get around the instant 1 click payment and no way to password protect app purchases.

      • @sunshinetricia That should say mother in law, my kids grandmother.

  • JenniferMathews

    Nice contest – thanks so much! 🙂

  • ChristineSenter

    Killer contest, Justin. And the fact that you’re giving out two of them is even more awesome. The generosity of some people just goes beyond mere words. Someone’s going to have a VERY Merry Christmas this year. 🙂

    • @ChristineSenter I am so excited, after buying 5 of them and setting up 3 with various apps, games, movies, mp3’s I have learned so much on how to maximize it’s potential over the past 2 weeks. Really is a great gift.

  • thanks admin for providing the great giveaway on your blog and i hope to see more giveaways and contests in your blog

    • @shenoyjoseph I have 3 active giveaways right now, I am also giving away an iPad 2 Grabbit case, and a copy of uRex DVD Ripper Platinum which can burn DVD movies and convert them to any format including Kindle Fire format.

  • PriscillaNascondere

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    • @PriscillaNascondere Happy to give back to readers, and thank the sponsors by visiting them.

  • Disparately waiting to win this.

    • @Abhishek Thanks, don’t forget you can tweet the contest every day to gain an additional entry.

  • Stacy T

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    • Glad you enjoy the contest, keep getting entries everyday to increase your chances to win.

  • VanessaB

    I would love to win a Kindle for one of my kids so I would only have to buy one for the other. I’m not as blessed as you, I would love both of my kids to have a Kindle Fire, but I can only afford to buy one.

    • @VanessaB The reason why I took up blogging part time 3 years ago is to make a little side money to cover some of these things. I can honestly say that my blogging covered my Mother in Law’s Kindle Fire, and the Amazon Affiliate income I earned in October/November was enough to cover one of my Kid’s Kindle Fire’s. I wish you luck to win one.

  • Julie2884

    Thanks for the chance to win – looking forward to the winners being announced!

    • @Julie2884 Contest just started, going to be a lot of entries for this one!

  • Thanks for the great giveaway. Trying to win one for my kids. This seems to be a great tablet for the price

    • You know I have seen a lot of people say they want to win one for their kids, even though many high profile sites including one previous article here on some of the issues with the Kindle Fire being for younger kids. I have a work around coming soon however.

  • ElenaIstomina

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • LavonneYates

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  • TheSunshyn

    I’d love to win this. I just saw AOTS’s Fire review. It looks really good.

    chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

  • TheSunshyn

    I’d love to win this. I just saw AOTS’s Fire review. It looks really good.

    chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

    • @TheSunshyn AOTS? What site is that acronym?

      • TheSunshyn

        @Dragon Blogger Not a site. Its Attack of the Show – a TV show on G4TV. I’d had it on in the background when I ran across Metallman’s post about your giveaway so I figured it must be fate. 😉

        • @TheSunshyn Ok, I had heard of Attack of the Show, just haven’t seen it.

  • jeevanjacobjohn

    Just joined in for the contest. Thank you for hosting this contest, Justin!

    I will try my best to win this contest 😀 (by posting more entries).

    Thanks again,

    Jeevan Jacob John

  • jeevanjacobjohn

    Just joined in for the contest. Thank you for hosting this contest, Justin!

    I will try my best to win this contest 😀 (by posting more entries).

    Thanks again,

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • @jeevanjacobjohn Thanks Jeevan, good luck. I didn’t know you live in the states.

  • MomMostTraveled

    this is nice like beans and rice….its nice, i’ll say it twice.

    • @MomMostTraveled I appreciate the poetic rhyming for sure, being that I run a poetry blog too.

  • Shaking the cobwebs from the noodle to get my blog post ready.

    • @tonygreene113 Cool, make sure you grab an updated copy of the sponsor code, I just updated it about 20 minutes ago. I was missing a last minute sponsor.

      • @Dragon Blogger Just finished off my blog post, now it’s time to look for even more goodies to win.

  • SuperBlogga

    Very nice Justin. Thanks for the cool giveaway. AAA++

    • @SuperBlogga Thanks, glad you like the contest. Good luck to you.

      • SuperBlogga

        @Dragon Blogger Do you know how to grab the URL from Twitter. I use to before they changed over to new format and now new tweets am not sure how to grab. On older tweets I do, but not new ones. Let me know?

        • @SuperBlogga Yeah at the very bottom of a tweet you will see a time like “8 min ago” or “now” and click on this will take you to the Tweet URL. You don’t have to post the Tweet URL for this contest however, Rafflecopter tracks automatically the moment you click to Tweet and keeps track of it.

  • Hi Justin,

    Here is the link to my post about the giveaway.

    This is an awesome giveaway. Best wishes everyone!

    Thanks Justin!

    • @Evelyn Parham Looks good, did it let you record “write a blog post” 2x on the Rafflecopter?

  • SouthernLady23

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for this! 🙂

  • catherine12

    This would be great! I’ve played a bit with my friend’s Kindle Fire and am now officially jealous! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    • @catherine12 Stay tuned, I have a whole bunch of Kindle Fire related articles in the upcoming week on tips for everything from how to find free apps to configuring it for younger kids so they don’t charge your account to death.

  • BuySellWordpress

    Probably I won’t be very original if I say that it is an excellent giveaway, but still I would like to say it))) Thanks a lot

    • @BuySellWordpress Thanks, really happy to be able to do this awesome giveaway.

  • momzilla54

    I already have a Kindle Fire and I LOVE it, but I would love to be able to get this for my husband. 🙂

    • @momzilla54 Good luck, as mentioned I bought 5 of them and am giving them as Xmas gifts to my Mother in Law and two kids, 2 were for this contest.

  • I would love to give the Kindle Fire to my sister this Christmas!!

  • Remember, you can enter every day by tweeting, so make sure you get all the bonus entries by retweeting the contest every day from the Rafflecopter entry.

  • TrinaMb

    Thanks for the opportunity, would be a fine prize.

  • Glad you could enter!

  • Glad you could enter!

  • Good luck, and thanks for entering.

  • Good luck, and thanks for entering.

  • joetech did you enter to win a Kindle Fire yet?

  • joetech did you enter to win a Kindle Fire yet?

  • joetech

    I’m entering pretty much any way I can. Awesome contest!

    • @joetech Thanks Joe, should be a fun contest. I have seen all sorts of benefits in just the first 24 hours and will also do a follow up post on the benefits of such contests.

      • joetech

        @Dragon Blogger Yeah… Too bad I didn’t sponsor this time around. With RaffleCopter, I may have to do another contest like this one I ran a couple years ago: Managing all those entries was a nightmare when I had to do it manually.

        • @joetech Yeah, Rafflecopter rocks and I saw one contest that had 266,000 entries tracked with Rafflecopter. Imagine if you had to track all those manually. That contest you ran was incredible and so many prizes…amazing.

    • @joetech Also, don’t forget to tie your blog to your Livefyre profile so your name links back to your blog, currently it doesn’t appear to be setup.

      • @Dragon Blogger Updated. Thanks

  • WesleyTech

    Kindle Fiyahhhhh FTW!

    • @WesleyTech Thanks for entering the contest, don’t forget to update your Livefyre profile with your blog if you have one.

      • WesleyTech

        @Dragon Blogger Posted my blog entry for the contest here:

        • @WesleyTech Responded, looks good just trim the image width to make the banners fit in the post the 468px wide is getting cut off.

        • WesleyTech

          @Dragon Blogger Fixed that, thanks!

        • @WesleyTech Thank you

  • Been wanting a Kindle, but have been waiting to see how the Fire is. I’m liking what I see and would love to win one!

    • @Bennyhsu It is fantastic, I setup and configured 3 of them with 3 different Amazon accounts over past 7 days. I can tell you just about anything you want to know about it.

      • @Dragon Blogger How it is when reading books on it? That’s what I want to know.

        • @Bennyhsu Pretty good, the screen is sharp. However because it is a screen and not e-ink it has the same glare issue in bright light as the iPad, the regular Kindle is designed to read like a book in bright light. The Kindle Fire however has a bright screen and easy to read in dimmer light (indoors). I think it’s harder to read if you are at the park in sunlight but shade is fine. I didn’t have any eye strain reading a PDF for about 30 minutes, and I was able to read Word Doc’s with ease as well.

        • @Dragon Blogger Thanks for the reply. I like the size of it as well. I held it at Target and it felt good in my hands.

  • MistySunrise1

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    • @MistySunrise1 Good luck and thanks for entering the contest.

  • Great Kindle giveaway!

    • Thank you, happy to give back to the readers and thanks to my awesome sponsors we can finally give some cool gadgets away.

  • NicholasTeri

    Nice giveaway here I have had my eye on the fire for a while really want one good luck all .

    • @NicholasTeri It’s a pretty cool tablet, good luck and thank for entering.

    • @NicholasTeri It’s a pretty cool tablet, good luck and thank for entering.

  • This is an awesome giveaway!

    • @Bridget Hopper Thanks Bridget, good luck in the contest.

  • Bojan Djordjevic


  • Dragonblogger

    Yep, this is a great contest, over 530 entries already so far and contest is less than 48 hours old.

  • WagTheFox

    I gotta say that the Kindle Fire becomes a little more tempting the more I read about it, despite whatever shortcomings it might have.

    • @WagTheFox I think it servers as a perfect way to replace paper, no more paperback, hardcover books, physical magazine/newspaper subscriptions. Having 1 or 2 of these in a household is green friendly!

      • WagTheFox

        @Dragon Blogger True enough. My Kindle Basic is surprisingly addictive and I’ve gotten used to it in record time. Still enjoy the feel on an actual book in my hands too, though.

        • @WagTheFox I hear that, I use my iPad 2 for reading CNN, Google News, BBC News…etc. But I still get Maximum PC, PC Gamer, PC World magazines physically. I like physical pages for some reason, I think our generation will be the last that feels they need to feel paper. All kids born in last 2 years probably will be completely used to tablets and not have that love of physical pages as much. It is hard wired in us adults.

  • chillymama

    Thank You so much for a great chance at winning the Kindle Fire. I have a 16 year old who loves to read and we are looking at getting him one and if I could win it that would be amazing and help the bank some. Thank You again.

    • @chillymama You are very welcome, I am giving 2 away. Make sure you retweet every day to increase your entries and chances to win. If you run a blog do an article about it too!

  • Hey Justin, this would be awesome to win. You can count me in and thanks for offering a chance to win such a hot item this Christmas!

    • @Sonia (Sunnnee) Happy to give something back to readers, and my awesome sponsors make it possible.

  • slbphoenix

    Hey Justin,

    I just entered and will be anxious to hear who the winners are! Hope one of them is me! Sally

    • @slbphoenix Contest is just getting warmed up, not even 3 days old yet, still have 2 weeks left about until it ends.

  • PreciousCargo15

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I added a new contest entry, now if you create and upload a YouTube video talking about the contest you can gain 10 additional entries for the contest! See the details in the entry above.

  • scrypton

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • Dragonblogger

    Up to 700+ entries now!

  • EisleyJacobs

    Awesome! Thanks!

    • @EisleyJacobs Thanks for joining.

      • EisleyJacobs

        @Dragon [email protected] We should get extra points for having already followed you and being a reader BEFORE the contest… ROTFL. Only kidding… sorta 😉

        • @EisleyJacobs But YouTube video and blog post are worth 10 entries each and that is 20 entries if you do both.

        • @EisleyJacobs But YouTube video and blog post are worth 10 entries each and that is 20 entries if you do both.

        • EisleyJacobs

          @Dragon Blogger Yes… this is true. However, what if we did a vlog… does that STILL count for 20? 😉 Dang, that means I have to put the manuscript away and take a shower. Argh 😉

        • @EisleyJacobs It would be 20, yes since you did a video and a blog post. As long as the video is hosted online somewhere and publicly findable. YouTube, Vimeo…etc I will still give the +10 entries.

  • beebubbabella

    Thanks for the giveaway

    • @beebubbabella Thanks for taking part in the contest.

  • beebubbabella

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • LeahZamudioEinhorn

    woohoo thanks for offering this giveaway!!

  • Nasif

    Wondering who will be the lucky guy? It won’t be me for sure still dreaming though!

    • @Nasif Thanks for entering, remember you can gain a ton of entries and increase your odds by tweeting every day, I also added 10 bonus entries if you do a YouTube video.

  • 01GAramairTA

    Thanks so much for the giveaway

  • This is so exciting – hope I win!


    • @sallykwitt Thanks for the post, did you paste the URL in Rafflecopter when you marked “I Did This” so Rafflecopter records it?

      • @Dragon Blogger I think that I did. I wasn’t sure about those instructions, and thought that it meant to post them here. Thanks for checking.

  • Lisa

    Love the blog.

  • Brad TBear Marshall

    Crossing My fingers

    • @Brad TBear Marshall Good luck, remember you can gain +10 entries for a blog post and/or a YouTube video upload about the contest.

  • Saimese

    Such an amazing giveaway

  • entangledinu

    I hope that I win!! I really want one of these! <3

  • I found the Kindle Fire can run Flash in the Silk Browser, I was able to successfully play Plants Vs. Zombies on the Popcap Games website from Kindle Fire, you can’t do this from iPad.

  • 3littlebirdsstitchco

    Would love to win this for my son. I’ve been waffling back and forth between the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet.

    • @3littlebirdsstitchco I haven’t tested the Nook tablet so I honestly can’t compare. I can tell you that Barnes and Nobles has no chance of building an app store as massive as Amazon, the company is just in a much better position to offer things to Kindle Fire subscribers.

      • 3littlebirdsstitchco

        @Dragon [email protected] Thanks for the reply. I’ve read a lot about both of them and can’t find a clear winner. I’m really trying to figure out which is best for a 9 year old.

        • @3littlebirdsstitchco If It helps, we bought the Kindle Fire for my 5 year old and 8 year old this Xmas. I preloaded about 20 games, 1 movie, 20 songs on each for them so they can have fun with it as soon as they open.

        • 3littlebirdsstitchco

          @Dragon Blogger That’s a great idea! Because there’s nothing worse on Christmas morning than not being able to play with the presents right away! Any game suggestions for the big kids?

        • EisleyJacobs

          @[email protected] Blogger Angry Birds… 🙂 A must have… PERIOD!

        • @3littlebirdsstitchco What type of games your kids like strategy, role playing, action, shooters? Let me know the type of games they like and I will give you suggestions. I also did an article on how to find all the free apps on the Amazon Android Store > easy way to filter just all free games.

        • @[email protected] Yep, my 5yo loves Angry Birds.

        • 3littlebirdsstitchco

          @Dragon [email protected] He loves Angry Birds! He plays it on the computer now though. We don’t do a lot of video games so I’m not sure what would be his favorites, He loves all of the Lego games for the Wii and that’s about as deep as we’ve gotten into the video game world. I, of course, would like some more educational games.

        • @[email protected] Speed Anatomy is a great free educational science game, ASL Spelling Game – My Smart Hands is another great game to learn sign language.

  • yarby50

    What a terrific entry for a blog contest. Very sharp and highly productive I would guess.

    • @yarby50 Yes, this contest is doing well. Just 5 days old and almost 1,000 entries so far.

      • yarby50

        @Dragon [email protected] I’m very happy for your great response Dragon Blogger. Me, not so much!

  • Those interested in a Kindle Fire for their kids, I just finished this article > it is the best way I found to give your kids a Kindle Fire yet prevent them from purchasing against your 1-click credit card on file.

  • C_Linnell

    Love this giveaway, hope I win!!

  • Sweepin_mama

    Oh great giveaway this would be perfect for my family.

  • Sweepin_mama

    Thanks for the great opportunity. This would be used a lot by my family 🙂

  • I would luv to Win this for Hubby!

    ~ Jill


  • SiddSrk

    Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.

  • Brad TBear Marshall

    I made a blog post

    • @Brad TBear Marshall Did you put the link in Rafflecopter when you clicked “I Did This” that is how the URL is tracked.

      • Brad TBear Marshall

        @Dragon Blogger no I didn’t. The instructions made it sound like I needed to put the link in these comments not that. Is there anyway to fix that so I can get my entries?

    • @Brad TBear Marshall No problem, I exported the rafflecopter entries and added it manually to the output so I don’t forget. Rafflecopter recorded it, but I wanted a list of all URL’s so that I can send to Sponsors showing them who all wrote blog posts. I am going to fix the instructions a bit too.

      • Brad TBear Marshall

        @Dragon Blogger thanks a bunch!

        • Brad TBear Marshall

          @Dragon Blogger The instructions are a lot easier to understand now

  • freddiephuzz

    Getting a Fire for my daughter for Xmas. Thanks for all the great information on setting up an account for kids!


    • @freddiephuzz If your daughter is young check out my article on how to setup a fake CC so they can’t charge your real account to death with app purchases.

  • MargeNewton3390

    What a great idea! I saw so many Kindle’s when I flew from LA to Florida last week. I would love to take one with me in my purse. Talk about a handy accessory.

    • @MargeNewton3390 I have 5 in my house right now, 2 unopened which I am shipping to the winners of this contest. The other 3 I ran various experiments on and are gifts for family members.

  • rayjay

    awesome giveaway 😀

  • momkirk

    I wish i could win this for my bday gift this coming 14

    • @momkirk Happy early birthday, would be an excellent gift. Good luck. Don’t forget you can get dozens of entries by doing the various options.

      • momkirk

        @Dragon Blogger Thank you Justin for the early wish. Now i made my post, hope to win it hehe!

  • Yogizilla

    Awesome contest here. We have a large household with three tablets and now everyone wants one.. Needless to say, it’d be pretty sweet to win one of these. BTW, thanks for sharing the details on Flash support. My teenager will love the Facebook and gaming support!

    • @Yogizilla Yeah, flash is a bit slow on some websites, but I found it playable, especially for the simplistic games you find on Popcap.

  • Thank you for the chance to win the Kindle Fire 🙂

    • @Jennifer Gray Glad you entered the Kindle Fire Giveaway contest, good luck.

      • @Dragon Blogger ty, my kid has been after me to get her one for christmas and i cant afford it so tryin to enter to win one…only way she will get one is to win it..LOL

      • @Dragon Blogger ty, my daughter has been after me to get her one for christmas and i cant afford it so tryin to enter to win one…only way she will get one is to win it..LOL

  • Thanks for entering the contest and good luck, this does make a great gift for parents.

  • Brad TBear Marshall

    I made a video

    • @Brad TBear Marshall Brilliant, if I could give extra credit I would, I was expecting something much more simple as an entry, but this is worth promoting everywhere!

      • Brad TBear Marshall

        @Dragon Blogger feel free to use it if you want to. It not like it will be getting any more use after this giveaway

  • hotsauce126


  • firemoon2424

    this is soooo cooool

  • fergusonsarah

    Wow! That’s going to be an early Christmas gift!

    • @fergusonsarah Yep, 2 people will win one by Christmas and I will make sure it is delivered before then too.

  • Hope I win 🙂 I’ve wanted a non-Apple product for a while so I can compare

    • It isn’t a fair comparison to pit the Fire against the iPad 2, they aren’t in the same price class. But that being said, I was very impressed myself at how functional it is and valuable at 1/2 the price. You definitely get more than 1/2 of the features of the iPad at less than 1/2 the price.

  • I guess that this contest can be very interesting) and excellent giveaway!

    • Thanks, happy to be able to give 2 Kindle Fire’s away. I have some great sponsors.

  • BhanuChawla

    Fingers crossed!

  • Woot Woot!! Got the crazy hair and Movember beard in the video!

    • @tonygreene113 Great video, I am doing a post tomorrow on my personal blog where I am embedding all video entries to showcase to readers.

  • It is pretty fantastic.

  • Remember if you post a YouTube video to include the link when you click “I Did This”, I have no way to validate that a YouTube Video was done. 5 video submissions so far, but only 2 people included the links to their YouTube video.

  • momkirk

    Hi Justin,

    I made my post. here’s the link:….I hope i win on my bday this 14 hehe!

    • @momkirk Good luck and thanks for the blog entry.

      • momkirk

        @Dragon Blogger No problem…wish me luck 🙂

    • I made one for the contest too: @momkirk

  • Parker


  • Brad TBear Marshall

    @Dragon Blogger Whats your Personal blog if you don’t mind me asking? You said you would be posting the videos there and I would kind of like to check that out and to keep tab on whats going on better

    • @Brad TBear Marshall and my post goes up in about an hour with the 3 video’s.

      • Brad TBear Marshall

        @Dragon Blogger Thank ya sir!

  • Jomson_george

    Amazing Giveaway. Waiting to see the winner..!Thank you:)

    • @Jomson_george 8 days left and the winner will be announced.

  • Wowowow, Huge number of people participating for this contest…. Let me try my luck now 🙂

    • Random draw, nobody knows which 2 people will win, so everyone should get an entry and see if lady luck shines on them.

      • Siddartha Thota

        @Dragon Blogger Lets check-out how luck favors me 😛

  • Cool, let me know the URL when you post it.

  • Shawnna L White

    I hope I win! It’s so many ppl! But I am optimistic!

    • @Shawnna L White Thanks for entering, the more entries you get the better the odds since it is a random draw. If you were to do 30 entries, your odds would be about 50:1 right now for example. While just 1 entry is 1554:1 right now 😉

  • Tiffanymichelle

    I really do need a new ereader. Plus the bonus of apps and movies? YES!!! I’m excited

    • @Tiffanymichelle I tested Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand as well as ripping my own DVD’s and converting them to Kindle Fire format (1024×600) and they all look good.

      • Tiffanymichelle

        @Dragon Blogger Cool! Thanks!!!

  • Allan Hong

    I’m pretty excited. The thing that attracted me to this the most is the fact that I can use it for all the e-books that I already have. I wasn’t even aware until today that you can use ipads and nooks and kindles for that! hahah

    • @Allan Hong There is an iPad Kindle app that lets you read your books, but you can’t browse/add new ones from the iPad app have to do it from Amazon browser. With Kindle Fire you can browser, read books and with Prime you can rent 1 free book per month so it pays for itself.

  • TriciaNightowlmama

    I’d love to win thank you for the opportunity. Looks like an amazing prize

    • @TriciaNightowlmama Yep, 2 people will get luck and win one next week.

  • I’d love to win this.

    • @Paul Santosh Good luck Paul, remember to tweet every day to get more entries.

  • Good luck, 7 days left to get as many entries as possible.

  • Abhi Balani

    Hello Justin ,

    I am in.This is my first participation in any contest/giveaway like this. And i am excited. Wish me Good Luck.

    • @Abhi Balani Good luck Abhi, 6 days left before I announce winners on the 15th.

    • @Abhi Balani Good luck Abhi, 6 days left before I announce winners on the 15th.

  • milxxon

    hello justin I’d love to win this. thank you for the opportunity.

  • Schmidty

    Thanks for the entry!

    • @Schmidty Thanks for joining the Kindle Fire Giveaway contest.

    • @Schmidty Thanks for joining the Kindle Fire Giveaway contest.

  • blogsaays

    Yaa that’s nice giveaway from author,i will be really happy to grab this KindleFire

  • blogsaays

    Yaa that’s nice giveaway from author,i will be really happy to grab this KindleFire

    • @blogsaays Good luck, contest ends in 6 days so remember to get as many entries as possible to increase your odds.

    • @blogsaays Good luck, contest ends in 6 days so remember to get as many entries as possible to increase your odds.


    Would love to have this beauty in my hands 🙂

    • @NIMSRULES It’s a fun gadget, was playing Atari’s greatest hits on it yesterday and enjoying Millipede, Battlezone and more.


        @Dragon [email protected] Wow, and now I’m even more jealous of you 🙂 Thank you for this giveaway once more.

  • Good luck

  • I did most of the stuff! Please count me in bro 😀 These days im dreaming to get a kindle fire 😀

  • I did most of the stuff! Please count me in bro 😀 These days im dreaming to get a kindle fire 😀

  • I did all the steps accept the last two. Will write a blog post very soon. Thanks to all the sponsors!

    • @smseleem Don’t forget, when you do a blog post enter the URL to the post entry into Rafflecopter when you click “I Did This”

  • I did all the steps accept the last two. Will write a blog post very soon. Thanks to all the sponsors!

  • Great promo! I really would enjoy a Kindle Fire.

  • I really enjoy visiting your blog! your interesting system to see things is what keeps me interested. Thanks so much!!!!

  • MatchesMalone

    Would be cool to win. Not clear to me why I had to scroll down so far to comment, but it kept me from the rest of the entry possibilities….

    • @MatchesMalone Yeah perhaps I should have put the widget closer to the comment area, in any case you can mark I Did This and then comment after 🙂 As long as I see the comment and match it to a name it is fine. I will update the instructions to popup a window that will directly jump to comment box if possible.

    • @MatchesMalone Cool, I figured it out, now the instructions will have a quick link that opens a new window and jumps you right to comment box.

      • MatchesMalone

        @Dragon Blogger Very cool. Hopefully this will garner more entries….

  • MatchesMalone

    Would be cool to win. Not clear to me why I had to scroll down so far to comment, but it kept me from the rest of the entry possibilities….

  • skittles

    AWESOME promo….nice Blog… WOULD LOVE to win

    • @skittles Good luck, and thanks for entering the contest.

    • @skittles Good luck, and thanks for entering the contest.

  • Blog post is up:

    • I made one too: @doolin

    • @doolin Thanks for doing a post about the contest.

    • @doolin Thanks for doing a post about the contest.

  • Blog post is up:

  • cdklively

    Thank you for posting this giveaway on another blog! Who wouldn’t love to win a free Kindle Fire!!!

    • @cdklively You are welcome, trying to spread the word since I am giving away 2.

    • @cdklively You are welcome, trying to spread the word since I am giving away 2.

  • GrrGrrr

    Thanks Justin for the giveaway.

    I would be mad to win the Kindle Fire something that I am unable to afford buy.

    Hope that I get this as a Xmas present due to you.



    • @GrrGrrr Good luck in the contest, more entries = better odds.

  • Awesome giveaway.. looking forward to..

  • we have posted your giveaway on our popular blog so that you can get more participants as well as visitors. Hope so it works fine for you. Please do take time to check out

  • xxrockin4lifexx

    I hope I win! I’ve been dying to get a kindle fire! I have a whole bunch of ebooks that I want to put on there!

  • livingsimply69

    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

    • @livingsimply69 Glad you enjoy the contest, good luck.

  • SoSimplyScotty

    If you would please read this, I know you and me both hate those corny comments that say “Please help me get a Kindle Fire for my Dad that is going into the army, and I want him to remember me by…” not trashing on people that have dad’s in the army or anything, I am just saying that I hate those comments that are just made up so you can win the Kindle Fire. The reason I said that is because I want you to know that I am not entering this conversation to get my hands on the Kindle Fire for my own use, but because I really want to get it for my mom. I know this may sound another one of those comments that are just made up, but trust me, it is not! I really want to get my mom a nice gift for all of the hard work she has put daily into making my life easier. She deserves it so much, that a simple comment can not explain. If you would be understanding enough to let me give this to her, it would show her that I REALLY do care. 🙂

    Thanks for just taking the time to read this.

    -Scotty =]

    • @SoSimplyScotty Scotty, thanks for entering the contest. I have heard many different stories from different people on why they want to win. Just wanted to remind everyone this contest is “random draw” Rafflecopter will automatically randomly select the winner based on number of entries. So pure probability has best chance of winning, more entries = better odds. I do appreciate everyone wanting to win one for their daughter, mother, son…etc. I have seen many people desperate to win a cool gift for a loved one and my heart goes out to them. All I can say is I am giving away 2 and hopefully the people who win were ones that really needed it most. Other than that I plan on giving another Kindle Fire or an iPad away in January so stay tuned for another contest next month if you don’t win this one.

      • SoSimplyScotty

        @Dragon [email protected] Ok I now understand that it is a random draw. I really do appreciate the heart you give out to the people that really want it. It means a lot. I really love how this contest is organised! 🙂 It was a lot of fun entering the contest. 🙂 If I don’t win, I completely understand, and I will love to enter the next contest! 🙂

        Thanks for responding! 🙂

        • @SoSimplyScotty There will be more contests, the amount of interest in this one just shows me I need to be giving more gadgets away.

        • SoSimplyScotty

          @Dragon [email protected] I couldn’t agree with you anymore! 🙂

  • coriwestphal

    What an incredible giveaway! My kids have been dreaming of having something like this in our house. I’d love to add some kids books and maybe some math and reading games to make it even more useful!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

    • @coriwestphal There are some pretty cool math games and science games for the Kindle Fire, most of the educational apps are free or cost very little too.

  • It is an awesome tablet, been using my kids for a few weeks preloading apps and testing. Ask if you have any questions.

    • MohsinZaib

      yes Dragon i agree with you its really good tablet. @Dragon Blogger

  • Nice 🙂

  • DebbyM

    I would love to win one. Ihave been dreaming of having a Kindle since they came out, but money has been tight (who doesn’t know that feeling right?). My primary use would be for e-books…but can you tell me a little more about some of its other capabilities?

    Thanks again for the great giveaway! You will make a couple of peoples holidays VERY Merry and Bright!

    Debby in Virginia

    • @DebbyM Okay, so the Kindle Fire is an all purpose Android tablet. There are over 16,000 apps in the Amazon App Store, and over 6,000 are free. Games like Angry Birds, but also more in depth games too. There is a good browser (Silk) which can hit almost any website just fine, it plays flash games like Popcap games too. You can read books, newspapers, comic books, game, there are note applications like evernote, task, calendar apps and you can stream movies and TV shows from Hulu+, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand…etc. It really is an all purpose tablet, you can do pretty much anything you want on it. You would be surprised the number of apps available, just go to the Amazon App store and see what exists.

      • DebbyM

        @Dragon Blogger

        Thanks for the really nice summary. I have really tried to stay away from all of the apps and stuff…but I’m getting wayyyy to tempted. Hoping Santa (dragon blogger) is good to me this Christmas! =)

  • Pam Firestone Brechlin

    maybe i will win! its my birthday this week 🙂

  • Pam Firestone Brechlin

    maybe i will win! its my birthday this week 🙂

  • I entered, I love gadgets. Thanks Dragon Blogger for organizing this awesome giveaway

    • @Salah Messaoud Glad you enjoy the giveaway, good luck to you.

  • DonavinLuder

    my kids said to me daddy i wish santa will get this for us i said i will tell santa thats what u want so please just help me

    • @DonavinLuder How old are your kids that they are asking for a Kindle Fire for Xmas? My kids weren’t asking for one, they just use my iPad so much I knew to get them one of their own.

      • DonavinLuder

        @Dragon [email protected] 9-10

        • @DonavinLuder Yep my oldest is 8, great age for the Kindle Fire. Good luck.

  • DonavinLuder

    What an incredible giveaway! My kids have been dreaming of having something like this in our house.I would love to win one.I am in.This is my first participation in any contest/giveaway like this.Thanks for the entry.I have heard many different stories from different people on why they want to win.and know this is a random draw. and by now i have a 1 n 2456chances of winning but i would just want 1 kindle fire not 2. but thats if i did win and if i dont then good job to the one that did. thanks justin for this giveaway i am checking every day.

    • @DonavinLuder The more entries the better the odds, since if you get 50 entries, it brings your odds to 25:1 if you have 50 entries which is not that bad having a 1 in 25 chance of winning.

      • DonavinLuder

        @Dragon Blogger just like i said i dont need 2 if i win

        • @DonavinLuder I noticed you marked down you wrote a blog post, but I don’t have a blog post URL recorded, send me the blog post URL so I can validate.

        • DonavinLuder

          @Dragon Blogger how do i find the url and we r commenting on the blog post

        • @DonavinLuder No, you have to write your own blog post on your own blog. If you check “Write a Blog Post” for the 10 entries, you must write your own blog post on your own blog., Blogger, Tumblr…etc Commenting on this post was only worth 2 entries.

  • NeerajSachdeva

    Just saw this on Twitter, count me in. Surprised I missed it till now!

    • Thanks for joining the contest, remember to Tweet every day for more entries.

  • fergusonsarah

    Love to win that kindle.. Can you be my Santa this Christmas and wrap that kindle and send them to me? 🙂

    • @fergusonsarah Good luck, I wasn’t going to Xmas wrap them but will 2nd day them FedEx or UPS on the 15th.

  • Dragonblogger

    Good luck to you

  • momkirk

    can’t wait to win:)

  • Interesting concept. Looking forward to the report and, of course, winning.

    • This certainly will make a good contest summary post when it’s finished.

    • This certainly will make a good contest summary post when it’s finished.

  • Ashmita

    Let me try this one.

  • Contest has only 2 more days, the contest ends exactly midnight on 12/15/2011 EST. So just today and tomorrow to get all your entries in!

  • Contest has only 2 more days, the contest ends exactly midnight on 12/15/2011 EST. So just today and tomorrow to get all your entries in!

  • Yogizilla

    I’m such a silly newb.. Forgot to include the sponsor code at the end of my blog post. No worries – I needed to update it anyway! Thanks for the heads-up, Justin.. I know you must be a busy man these days!

    • @Yogizilla yeah, pretty busy. Going to take hours to sort through all blog post entries and youtube video’s tomorrow night before I draw winner.

  • Cool contest, Justin. And I see that you’re using LiveFyre! Would love to know what you think about it and whether or not you have people emailing you saying they can’t leave comments. I do! Gets irritating after awhile! 🙂

    • @Tia Peterson I have been using Livefyre for about 3 months now, at first I did get about 2 readers saying they couldn’t leave comments but since I turned on guest commenting with Livefyre I have had 0 complaints about people leaving comments. The users who couldn’t leave comments, just tell them to sign into Twitter or Facebook first then comment and it works fine. I did all sorts of commenting tests from iPad, Blackberry, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE 9 and never had an issue whenever I did testing trying to recreate the user’s behavior.

      • @Dragon Blogger Aha! I had not turned on guest commenting, until I just read your comment. I have turned it on; we’ll see what happens!

        I keep getting the strangest ones – and honestly, sometimes it doesn’t even work for me (it seems to hate Firefox, or maybe Firefox hates it – for one of my computers). I haven’t been able to comment on the Blackberry but mine isn’t a touch screen, and I don’t know if perhaps the issue isn’t my blog and my particular theme anyway.

        Nice to see things are going so well over here!

        • @Tia Peterson I have heard some complain about mobile devices but always worked fine from iPhone / iPad. I think it can do with how you signed up too and which way you try to sign in, sometimes the Twitter OATH process fails and not really Livefyre fault when it just blanks out. But I know they are still tweaking the plugin for mobile improvements too.

  • chendrix7217

    Thanks for this Awesome Giveaway, I donated my iPad to a child with Autism and boy I sure could use this!

    • @chendrix7217 What a great donation, good luck on winning.

  • ChristineHellewellJensen

    I would love a Kindle Fire!!

    • @ChristineHellewellJensen Good luck, tonight is it! I will announce winners tomorrow.

      • ChristineHellewellJensen

        Thanks for the good luck wishes! @Dragon Blogger @ChristineHellewellJensen

  • Oh I sure hope you give it to the most deserving…me of course. I plan to use this device to change mankind for the better!

    By eliminating every Angry Bird I can find!


    • @mikefromolney Thanks for joining, it is random draw so I can’t choose the winner based on how much they need it or want it. It is clear some people it would make their entire year and really help out so I am really hoping the luck is with them.

      • @Dragon Blogger Yes I was joking of course!

        • @mikefromolney I know that, I just say that in case other people read the top comments first or only so that they all know it is random draw. Fruit Slice is also on Kindle Fire and quite addicting, ironically my 5 year old prefers action type games. There are some RPG games for Kindle Fire too that my 8 year old would prefer.

  • For all following this thread, I updated the post with my latest video which you can also watch here >

  • momkirk

    it’s my bday today, pls let me win hehe!

  • Blogging Tips

    Hey! Dragon!

    First of all thanks for keeping this one of a kind Contest!

    hoping to win it,by luck not by telling you any excuse!

    lets hope that My luck shines this tym around atelas! 🙂

    have entered almost 50 COntest in last 1 month but no prize as of yet!

    • You was pretty luck as far as contests go last year, I won a Dell Laptop worth around $600 in 2010. Ironically it was a contest where you earn points by promoting so was able to leverage my network. I have only entered about 10 or so other Rafflecopter contests myself and haven’t been a winner of another Rafflecopter contest yet ironically.

      • Well the only thing I’ve ever won from these giveaways was….was a pair of ladies stiletto heels a bathing cap and a woman’s body shaper…lol. Lesson more mommy blogger contests for me @Dragon Blogger

        • @tonygreene113 I enter the mommy blogger ones only usually if there is a gift card or something worth winning for my wife.

  • Momofthreeunder

    really trying to win one of these for my hubs and Christmas (so I can steal it!), thanks!

    • @Momofthreeunder Good luck to you and thanks for entering.

  • patelsanam

    Cool Giveaway, Hope to win.! 🙂

  • Contest ends in approximately 7 1/2 more hours.

  • EisleyJacobs

    I can’t find my original comment so I will just comment again! I finally did the blog/video = vlog! In order to enter it into the count officially I had to do the “manditory” entries again (Even tho I already follow you both) so I hope that doesn’t screw up the count or something 😉

    • @EisleyJacobs Re-enter it in Rafflecopter with the URL, it should let you. If there are duplicate entries I will filter them. Yes, you can still get entries if you were already a follower, I realized this limitation when I made them mandatory so I had to enforce that you were already eligible. Many probably faced that same issue.

    • @EisleyJacobs I just checked out your post, I need you to also include the sponsor html code in your post, without the sponsor code I can’t count the entry. Get the code here and just put the source code in your blog post (html cut/paste)

      • EisleyJacobs

        @Dragon Blogger Somehow I missed the code part… so it’s in there now! Woot! 🙂

        • @EisleyJacobs You are good, entry officially validated.

  • EHildy

    Very cool! I wish you only the best!!! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the pictures!!!


    • @EHildy Thanks, unfortunately the Kindle Fire doesn’t do screenshots like the iPad built into the OS functionality, would have been a nice feature for Amazon to include as part of their OS. I requested an enhancement.

    • EisleyJacobs

      @EHildy Good luck Elizabeth!

  • I still have 10 people who marked “wrote a blog post’ but left no URL for me to validate, emailed those people but entries will be removed if you mark something and I can’t validate.

  • 4 hours and 15 minutes left until contest ends.

    • chendrix7217

      @Dragon Blogger Your killing me!

    • chendrix7217

      @Dragon Blogger Your killing me!

    • EisleyJacobs

      @Dragon Blogger You are killing me too… Every time I get a LiveFyre email I jump! 😉

      • @EisleyJacobs Part of the thing I like about LiveFyre is the real time engagement with readers. This contest was by far the largest living conversation I had on the blog with the most people at once.

        • EisleyJacobs

          @Dragon Blogger AS a blogger, I really like the LifeFyre thing! It really does bring the readers together. *I approve*

        • EisleyJacobs

          @Dragon Blogger In fact I liked it so much I installed it 30 seconds later 😉

        • @EisleyJacobs Yeah, this is why I chose it about 3 months ago. I was very happy that I did, it took a little bit for some of my readers to get used to after being WordPress default commenting for 3 years. They added guest commenting feature a few weeks ago and that greatly helped.

  • 2 hours and 55 minutes left approx until contest ends. I will have to take some time to weed through the bogus entries and remove them before I let the random draw take. There were some bad entries already removed to save time. Again, if you did the “Blog Post” or YouTube video and you didn’t leave the URL to the blog post and YouTube you need to make sure you re-do the entry and leave the proper URL’s so I can validate. I already notified you by email if this applied, so if you didn’t get an email from me then your entry is good.

  • Arnold Staton

    Well I wish I had something witting and insightful to post, but I’m glad Eisley Jacobs shared this link. Because a Kindle would make a nice stocking stuffer for myself.

    • EisleyJacobs

      @Arnold Staton *waves at Arnie!!! Good luck!!!

    • @Arnold Staton This contest is only the beginning my friend, I intend to do far more contests here after the success of this one.

  • rsmc1

    I like that you tested before you give it away- I never like to buy these kinds of things when they first come out – i like to read reviews first

    • @rsmc1 Yeah, it just turned out that I had bought 3 as gifts for my own family and I liked it so much I wanted to get 2 more to giveaway. If I didn’t like it, I would have chosen something else for this contest and it wouldn’t have been a Kindle Fire Giveaway.

  • That’s it, it’s all over! The Kindle Fire Giveaway contest is ended! Will give final entry count after I weed out some bogus entries.

  • Contest is over, working to remove bogus entries and select the 2 winners now. You will be notified by email if you win. Once winners are confirmed I will post publicly (some people may have entered and aren’t US/Canada so I won’t know if they are 100% eligible until I contact them)

    • Wondering if the RC folks can look into making the bogus entries die a bit more y restricting via IP address…whaddya think, Justin? @Dragon Blogger

      • @tonygreene113 In this case IP restrict won’t catch the bogus entries, since they don’t know if contest is national/international…etc. In my case bogus entries are people who marked “YouTube Video” and left no URL or way for me to validate, or wrote a blog post and no URL or means for me to validate. I had contacted everyone by email over last 2 days giving them a chance to correct. Nobody did it today so they had plenty of time to notice and fix and didn’t.

        • This is why I wish there was a to keep a running tally of entries per giveaway. Anything could happen where a person could post the urls wrong and not know or confirm that the url was accepted. It just makes your work a lot more tedious by sifting through such issues @Dragon Blogger

        • @tonygreene113 There is, the new version of Rafflecopter launched this week but after my contest was already started. In the new Rafflecopter you see how many entries you have. Even in this contest when I removed entries it showed them remove from the total, there were over 3,000 entries but it trimmed down to 2840 when I removed all bad entries. Remember removing 1 bogus blog URL dropped 10 entries, so 10 of them would have dropped 100 entries total.

  • The two winners were selected by Rafflecopter and notified by email already. Once they confirm and I can validate they were eligible I will announce. If for any reason one should not be eligible, then I will draw a replacement winner.

  • Well, it’s back to MMS and sifting through more giveaways to attempt to win something this year. It was fun Justin..keeping an eye on your feed for the upcoming events..Have a good one!!

    • @tonygreene113 I am already posting for sponsors for my next contest, thinking about an iPad 2 being my next big giveaway, but I might do 2 Barnes and Nook Tablets since I hear they are pretty good but I haven’t reviewed them. Ultimately, once I get sponsorship I will put it a vote to the readers to decide what I should giveaway next!

  • One of the Kindle Fire Winners has confirmed congratulations to Sophie Sanchez from Illinois for being the winner of the 1st Kindle Fire. I am still waiting for confirmation from the 2nd winner.

  • Winners for the Kindle Fire Giveaway have been officially announced! Congratulations to April Johnson from Oregon and Sophie Sanchez from Illinois.

  • Winners for the Kindle Fire Giveaway have been officially announced! Congratulations to April Johnson from Oregon and Sophie Sanchez from Illinois.

  • VanessaB

    Congrats to the winners!

  • sheri barton

    Hi my Name is sheri barton from Bakersfield, California My Birthday is July 22, 2013 but born 1964 I will be 49 one more year and I will be 50 and thats what I want to WIN a KINDLE FIRE Please Thank You

    • This is an old giveaway that ended I’m afraid. But there is an active Kindle Fire giveaway at my personal blog right now if you want to enter