Nov 272012
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SSD drives are expensive compared to standard platter disks but they give you performance that just can’t be matched.  The performance you get for application load times and Windows boot times is significant if you use an SSD drive as your Windows install drive or even as a secondary drive where you install your most commonly used application to that you want to load faster.  Many games will play faster, especially those that do a lot of read/write operations on a drive for caching…etc.

kingston 120gb ssd

In our 4th 10 Days of Giveaways contest we are going to give away a 120GB SSDNow 200V+ Drive from Kingston Technology.  Some fans may remember when we did a SSDNow 200 V+ Review in the spring and gave away a 90GB version of the same drive.

This drive rocks and I have since upgraded to using the 90GB version of this SSDNow drive from Kingston Technology and my primary boot drive and my boot times are measured in single digit seconds as a result.

Enter to win a Kingston SSDNow 200 V+

Contest Rules:  This contest is open to anyone anywhere, but if you live International you will be have to pay for shipping.  I will only pay shipping fees to U.S. and Canada.

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Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • Peter Duthoy

    I have a HP ProBook 4520s, and the hard drive is 280GB

  • Amanda Secord

    My main pc is just a dell inspiron with a crappy hard drive no doubt lol, the other pc we have, for audio stuffs, is a PcAudioLabs rok box, it’s got a cache ssd and a couple hdds in it.

  • Rahul Kumar

    compaq desktop with 2 gb ram nd 32o gb harddisk.

  • J.G.P.

    Desktop computer — AMD Athlon 3.0 Ghz with 500GB Seagate HDD.

  • Neil Tomlinson

    I have a HP laptop, with a standard spinning 500mb, 7200rpm hard drive.

  • Brandi-Josh Price

    Gateway computer and no idea about the drive! LOL

  • andre sinclair

    i have a dell xps laptop 720gb, 7200rpm hard drive.

  • Dumitru Cristina

    I have a PC with 120G Samsung.

  • Ron Miller

    ancient, 60GB hard drive of unknown specs…

  • Ronald Schwartz

    a Dell Inspiron N5050 Laptop with 250 GB hard drive

  • Rogger Laster

    Custom-built PC with 2TB

  • Peggy Doty

    I have and iMac not sure of Hard Drive

  • jen

    hp with the 500 gb and a 32 gb usb posrtable that just broke!! :(

  • Shannon M Mcbeth

    I have a Vaio E series with the 640gb harddrive

  • Andrew Wright

    I have a home build… My main drive is a WD 1TB Caviar Black

  • annethought

    I have a 2 and a half year old Lenovo Y410 with 160gb hard drive.

  • suyanto

    l use desktop but don’t know kind of its hard drive

  • veshmashin

    i have a desktop computer with two wd caviar blue and black hds, 500 and 750 gb

  • Theresa Reed

    I have a Acer, it has windows 7 in it as for the hard drive I’m not sure.

  • Melissa Bumgarner Hayes

    Toshiba laptop with a 120 gb hard drive

  • Michael Crowley

    I have an HP desktop with a 500GB hd.

  • Rahul Darji

    Ihave Intel p4 machine yet, with a 500 GB HDD and 1 GB RAM.

  • at00

    I have a Dell laptop w a 5400 rpm hdd.

  • William Campbell

    HP unit spinning at 5400 …on a good day!

  • Pac

    A custome desktop with a couple of 7200 rpm spinnters.

  • Valerie Lemoine

    I have a dell laptop, not sure what drive I have, not the newest one that is for sure

  • Jeanette J

    I have an HP desktop

  • James Thompson

    WD 600GB Velociraptor – 120GB OCZ

  • brandi

    Desktop computer , 1T WD HD

  • GMan

    I have a mini-tower and am using 750 and a 500 GB drives.

  • Casey E. Palmer

    MacBook Pro with a 500 GB HDD

  • Tia Mayasari

    I have laptop and Desktop Comp. My Hard Drive is Western Digital

  • arra odeza

    we have a desktop but i forgot what’s our hard drive :D lol coz my husband is the one who put the parts together and he’s working away right now. i think the hard drive will help on his career as an IT

  • Heather Holmberg

    I have a crappy old acer lap top that takes too long to do anything !

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    I ha e Core 2 Duo processor and I have 500 GB Seagate HDD.

  • Guy Henderson

    This would enhance what I already have!

  • Travis Dillard

    I have a Dell Latitude D620 with a 500GB Seagate HDD

  • fgyn

    desktop PC and a 7200 hdd

  • melissa gauvin

    old acer with a 500GB hd

  • Ishan

    I have a Compaq Desktop PC, core2duo 2.8 GHz, Seagate 320 GB HDD, Win 8

  • Vladimir Ljubetic

    Hp, 250 gb

  • Arsen Gedmishkhov

    I have a desktop with WD Caviar Blue 1TB, WD 250 GB and Hitachi 320 GB HDDs

  • Abdelrahman Yehia El-Feky

    Desktop computer

  • Colleen Cole

    Dell, and I’m not sure, but it isn’t solid state.