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Happy Black Friday everyone, today is the first day in our 10 Days of Giveaways series here on where we are hosting a giveaway contest every day for the next 10 days.  All giveaways will end on December 18th and am hoping to get the readers their prizes before Christmas day if possible (if you are located in the United States anyway).  Read the terms and conditions notes one very contest I will specifically mention if it allows International entries or not.

Today’s Giveaway is a Kingston Technology Wi-Drive + FilePop from BurnWorld


What is the Wi-Drive?

Well the Wi-Drive is a very slim Wi-Fi Flash Drive that greatly extends the storage capacity of your mobile device such as an iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone or other Android Smartphone.  It is basically a Wireless Hard Drive that your device can access to play and watch video files from or stream and listen to audio from.

What this means is that if you have an 8GB Tablet you can put all of your media files on your Wi-Drive and leave your tablet storage space for applications.  This device was a life saver on my recent trip to California where both of my kids had Kindle Fire’s (1st generation) that used the Wi-Drive in the car to watch both the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King on one Kindle Fire while my other son watched Adventure Time episodes on his other Kindle Fire.  Both media streaming to two separate Kindle Fire’s from the same Wi-Drive at the same time!

This 16GB Wi-Drive is a perfect solution if you want to take media files with you but either don’t have the room or want to fill up your storage space on your tablet.  The Wi-Drive has applications for Android, iOS and even the Kindle Fire.

wi-drive kindle fire app (2)

What truly makes the Wi-Drive amazing is it acts like it’s own wireless network, so you just have your tablet or smartphone connect to the Wi-Drive wireless network, open the Wi-Drive up in the application and then you access whatever files you need to access.

wi-drive kindle fire app

The fact that this 1 Wi-Drive can stream 2-3 media files to 2-3 separate devices at the same time without lag or jitter is incredible.  This is now a MUST HAVE device if you like to take Movies and TV Shows on the road with you when you travel with an iPad or Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy 10, Kindle Fire or Google Nexus.

What is FilePop

You win a Wi-Drive but you need a way to quickly and easily convert media into Kindle Fire h.264 MP4 format or convert your video files into iPad compatible format?  This is what FilePop does and it is the fastest video converter program I have tested.  The person who wins the Wi-Drive will also win a copy of FilePop Platinum version.  But if you want a copy of FilePop now you can download the free version of FilePop and start converting your media files immediately. The free version of FilePop does not leave a watermark on your video’s, so you can use it all you want!

Enter to win a 16GB Kingston Wi-Drive + FilePop Platinum

Contest Rules:  This contest is open to everyone, but if you are International you will have to pay for shipping if you want to claim the prize, I will ship to U.S. and Canada only. 

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  • The loader thing is having trouble loading.


    oh sad to say im not qualified. im from philippines…

    • Qualified, but would have to pay shipping costs. I just can’t cover shipping Internationally out of my own pocket for this one.


        ok thanks.

  • working now.thanks

  • Xoom

  • Robert Ocheltree

    I have a Pandigital Novel multimedia tablet.

  • the twitter follows dont seem to be registering as entries thanks

    • Unfollow/follow is required for it to record the entries, if you were already following.

  • 2 Kindle fires and would be interested to see if we could use our smartphones with it as well 🙂

    • Yep, I tested it with an iPhone so pretty sure it will work with Android phones like the Galaxy S3 as well.

  • michael joshua pabia

    Android? Using an old Motorola XT720 Milestone.. kinda noobish when it comes to android phones..

  • Jo Tuason

    Android 2.3 gingerbread. Hope to win.

  • iPad

  • vhick

    I use Android phone and I will definitely use Wi-Drive for videos, pictures and some apk backups.

  • Talex

    I have a Galaxy and an android phone – curious to check this out.

  • Ronald Smith

    My wife has a 3rd Gen iPod Touch that she’d be using it with if I won it. Would make for a nice Christmas present I do say. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Antonio Iacobone

    I have a little Sony Ericsson X8 with Android 2.1 updated unofficially to 2.3 lol.This drive would be useful to do backups and access videos and media!

    • michael joshua pabia

      eeh! how do you upgrade andriod OS? teach me!!! LOL. Really noob here when it comes to android phones X__X

      • Antonio Iacobone

        you must root them to gain full access to device, Than install Xrecovery or CWM and from it you can flash another firmware from the SD card previously downloaded!

  • Jerry Lafferty

    I have the ipad 2, the wi-drive would be a great help

  • Sandy Bruce

    Android phones and tablets. To stream music and movies where ever we go with kids so they will shut up and watch something!

  • Chris

    Nexus 4

  • Doris Calvert

    I have a phone and a tablet

  • ana georgievska

    HTC flyer

  • CA Nikhil D’Souza

    I have a defy+ my mom has a fire xt and my sis has a xperia x8, this will come in handy

  • Right now I have a Kindle Fire, but due to the limitations of it’s app store and Silk browser, I’m hoping to score a different Android tablet for xmas!


  • peppe

    I’m using an LG L7

  • Talex

    I have not been able to load this contest for at least 2 days, anyone else having that problem? reloading or refreshing does not help

    • Did you click the reload button, it works when I click the reload button.

      • Talex

        It didn’t yesterday or the day before, but when I clicked ‘reload’ today, it worked! Thanks for the reply. I was worried there was something wrong with my pc again.

  • anish274

    I am just going to buy a Sony Xperia SL in this week. 🙂

  • Alexander Genvarev

    I’ll use Wi-Drive with Android device

  • Emma Kesner

    I have a nook and my hubby has a Kindle Fire!

  • iPhone 4

  • It’s for my friend. She has a Samsung Galaxy S3. Will use it to backup media files especially the many series we watch every week. 🙂

  • steve weber

    I use Android 2.3

  • I would gift this to my mom for Christmas since she has an iPad & iPhone

  • Alan Tong

    I would use the Kingston Wi-Drive with my Kindle Fire, iPod touch, and iPad 2. Thanks!

  • slugbug55

    I have an iPod Touch 8GB and this would be perfect for adding some extra tunes.

  • Kamella Greene


  • with android Phone & tablet.

  • Linda K.

    Would like to use this with the Kindle Fire

  • i hane an xperia ray haha

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • i want to use my sony wt19 with widrive

  • I have Samsung Galaxy III and I really want to use it with WI-Drive 🙂

  • I want to use it for my Droid Bionic and my friends iPhone 5 <3, Plus maybe our computers and laptops lol

  • Device: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

  • i have iphone and ipad

  • Jeanette J

    I have an iPad

  • Rahul Kumar

    i have htc explorer nd want to store my media files in it 🙂

  • Heather Holmberg

    I have neither .. but I am getting an android (undecided) for myself as a christmas present !

  • Uh. Nothing yet, will be upgrading soon.

  • Donna Cohen Murphy


  • Cory Mc

    I want to use it with my Kindle Fire to back up the nearly overflowing documents on it!

  • Shannon M Mcbeth

    I have a droid razr

  • suyanto

    great giveaway

  • I have an LG Viper. My hubby would definitely use this while traveling.

  • I have a Moto Droid 4

  • annethought

    Have the iPhone and the iPad Mini.

  • Dharmesh Khatri

    I have android device it’s storage capacity is less so i can use it for my back up

    and i don’t like wires this hard drive is cool one

  • Dharmesh Khatri

    I have android device it’s storage capacity is less so i can use it for my back up

  • Theresa Reed

    I have the LG lucid phone from Verizon.

  • I have a android smartphone and hoping to get a tablet for Christmas

  • I use with my cheap Android phone.

  • Michael Crowley

    Sony ericsson xperia. and want to use with a Nexus 7 or 10 if and when I hopefully get one soon.

  • I don’t have any android or iOS device. This will be the first 🙂

  • atta

    A 1st gen iPad

  • Samsung galaxy 3 i’d like the drive for extra files and for sharing with grand kids!

  • Pac

    I have a Droid Incredible

  • harry septonadi

    I have a low-end android phone OS Gingerbread 2.3. I need a cool storage device to make my low-end become the cool one

  • so i want it for backup.

  • GMan

    A Galaxy S3. I’ll use the wi-drive to store my music.

  • Colleen Cole

    I have an iPhone, my hubby has an iPad.

  • kathleen

    as of now i don’t have. . but i’ll buy soon 🙂

  • none as of the moment 🙁 but it will be great if i could win this

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    I have Samsung Galaxy Pro Duos..

  • I coild really put this to good use!

  • GoClever TAB A93 8GB

  • LG Phone (Android)

  • fgyn

    original Google nexus

  • brandi

    ipad, this would great, wouldn’t have to reload movies and shows as often

  • melissa gauvin

    ipod and it would help with backing up music

  • Maritza82

    I have an Ipad …..

  • I have a LG Optimus L7 running Android 4.0.3

  • HTC ONE S on ANDROID 4.1

  • Ishan

    I have a sgs 3 and would use the Wi-Drive for streaming music I guess…..

  • I have a android incredible. I have a ton of pictures I need to save.

  • I have HTC Wildfire S with a little internal storage of 150 mb. So, i will use this with my Wildfire S….

  • Cool

    I am having Samsung Note 2 with Android version 4.1.1 and hopeful to use this great tool on it. Thank you for organizing this awesome giveaway! May the god shine upon you guy 🙂

  • i have android and their is no space for me to add pictures

  • Bernice

    I don’t have but My Son will be getting a galaxy for Christmas

  • i have xperia mini..a wi drive will be very useful

  • Samantha Alexander

    I have an Android 4g phone. and would try to use this for my phone.

  • I have both Galaxy Fit and Galaxy S3