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Lenovo Z585 Laptop Giveaway from DragonBlogger.com

I had been wanting to coordinate the biggest giveaway, like a laptop giveaway here on DragonBlogger.com and a brand new budget gaming laptop seemed an appropriate way to reward the readers of DragonBlogger.com with any fan being able to enter and benefit from the prize!

So I went and got a brand new Lenovo Z585 Budget Gaming laptop and decided to give it away to one lucky fan of Dragon Blogger Technology but instead of using Rafflecopter this time I decided to use Punchtab to run the contest.

With PunchTab the validation of the entries is done by the server and there were too many bogus entries I had to moderate/manually remove in the Rafflecopter giveaways, this will ensure more accurate verification of entries as well as offer a new feature which allows readers to greatly increase their odds of winning.

Yes, you can increase your odds.  The Laptop Giveaway is still a random draw for the winner, but when you enter the contest you will be given a referral link to share, if you get others to click and visit this referral link you get 1 entry, if they enter the contest from your referral link you will get 5 entries for each person that enters under your referral link.

This means if you are clever at helping promote this contest with your referral link on forums, social media…etc you can end up getting thousands of entries and the more entries the greater the odds of winning.

I encourage my readers to be creative, share like crazy and see how many entries you can get.  Good luck to all who enter.

The Lenovo Z585 Laptop we are giving away has the following specs:

Lenovo IdeaPad Z585

  • AMD A8-4500M 1.9GHz
  • 6GB Memory 750GB HDD
  • AMD Radeon HD 7640G
  • DVD±R/RW

Additional Features
Stylish design in premium brushed gray metal
Integrated AMD Radeon HD graphics
OneKey® Theatre, with touch-sensitive hotkeys, for one-touch audiovisual optimization
Dolby® Home Theater v4, with specialized stereo speakers for crisp, clear surround sound
Intelligent TouchPad, supporting multiple-finger gestures
Integrated 720p HD webcam, HDMI
Two USB 3.0 ports, 5-in-1 card reader
AccuType keyboard
15.6” HD LED backlit display
DVD Drive
OneKey® Rescue for system backup and restoration
Lenovo Energy Management

The Lenovo Laptop Giveaway Contest is being held by Dragon Blogger Technology in coordination with the following sponsors:
Metallman’s Reverie
Blog Engage

In addition, the following blogs have joined as co-hosts:

Adventures of a Military Family of 8
Sunshine and Sippy Cups Sweet Pea Savings
 Fashion Xensation Android Rays Average Joe Geek
The Cool Nerd Frugal Quack
AndroidPlus.IN Tech Blazes Geek Oddblogger
113 Tidbits BrainForge.net JoeTech
Lisa Reviews Tech Breach MetallManx
Basic Podcasting Tips Enter Online Sweeps
Fast Income
Tom Jamieson Jersha and Dup A Sedentary Lifestyle

Can’t wait for the contest to end, get your Lenovo Z585 from Amazon.com now!

Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


Technology, Gaming and Wordpress blogger who runs gadget giveaways, helps others with blogging tips, monetization, earning and more!
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About the Author:

Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
  • garrettyu

    @dragonblogger Hi I just want to know what if I change my Twitter handle during the contest?

    • dragonblogger

      @garrettyu This tracks your email or FB login ID, since it recorded your entry (already validated it) it doesn’t matter if you change

      • garrettyu

        @dragonblogger Okay thanks for clarifying!

  • I want to win the laptop because my current one is 6+ years old. I would use it for work, blogging AND for school!

  • Hi DragonBlogger I will use it to blog and host giveaways just like this one. Need to move around instead of sit at a desktop 🙂

  • markjosephce

    I want to win this. My dual core laptop can’t cater my needs as an engineering student.. 

  • HollyJahangiri

    I want to win! I’d use the laptop to write my next children’s book – in inspirational places, like the library, the park, a coffee shop, or the beach. 

  • Best of luck to everyone joining I’m extremely happy to be a sponsor and love to support the dragon blogger community. Thanks for hosting such a great contest Justin.

  • I want to win this Laptop so that I can gift it to my brother. All the best to everyone and special thanks to Justin and all the sponsors for hosting this giveaway. 🙂

  • TravisDillard

    I would like this because I need to upgrade from my 7 year old laptop.

  • JonathanBelvedere

    Well, the current laptop I’ve had is over 4 years old. It’s been with me through the thick and thin of university, but now it’s starting to feel a bit of age. Sure it still stays strong, but the fan gets really loud now and some things just really eat away at it. A new laptop would be a great thing for managing between the work and social aspects of my life.

  • Well, I would like to win (let’s say want!) because my current laptop isn’t working, and I am entirely depending upon my college library to get things done (in a way, it’s great, but it also means I have to stay a whole day at college).
    Would love to win 😀 Great contest, Justin!
    I would use the new laptop for blogging and for my studies 😀

  • uttamshrestha

    another exclusive giveaway……no words for it….
    thanks for organizing this huge giveaway….and best of luck to all friends….
    i also like to win this one…like we all do…
    currently i am using compaq presario v6000 with 1.6Ghz with windows vista home premimum…it is way to slow and doesnot work properly when i need it…so this giveaway could be wonderful chance for me to switch from that old laptop…which would also help me in various activities…
    so,,,,fingers crossed…lets hope for the best…

  • zekthezookeeper

    I need a new laptop.  The one I’m using now, the screen doesn’t work so I have a monitor attached to it to use it.  It is 7 years old, so time for a new one.

  • Thanks again Justin for yet another awesome giveaway! And for allowing me to co-host it with you! Looks like this is already successful as there are over 800+ entries since this started!

  • Another nice opportunity,already 1K entries..Obviously there are going be an Huge number of entries until the end day.

  • I would like to use this in my college in leisure times.. WiFi access is given to students .. Hope I win this

  • trishabooth2004

    I would love a new laptop.  My motherboard fried and I need a new, this one is a loaner:(

  • I’m a Web Developer and a laptop will help me to work anywhere…

  • GeraldShimizu

    I want to win the laptop so I can have portability anywhere outside or inside this structure I’m at,plus it would replace the long gone dead one that was once here.Since its a budget gaming laptop,I’d try my hand on some gaming just to see how well i fare.

  • I need to win because I’m a Mama o 4 and we are 2 bloggy parents.

  • SohilMemon

    After T.Y BCA, I got admission in MCA – Semester 1. I do not have laptop so I will use it for my studies, making presentation, applications, programs and much more. Therefore I want this laptop at any cost 😀 😀

  • CrystalAWarren

    I’d give it to my son who is in the 10th grade and needs one to keep up with his homework

  • Tiffinie Powers

    As a single mom I can’t afford to buy a new one myself, but really need a new one to be able to continue with my studies.  I’m in school part time as I work and since my kids also use my laptop that I use for school, it has slowed down, been beat up and is now very outdated (it’s 7 years old).  It would just be nice to have a new laptop for my kids and myself to be able to do our school work on.

  • airodinamic

    i’d like to win it becouse i have really old pc. dual core 2.ghz 1 gb ram and integrated geforce9200. very weak pc plus its kind suck that its a desktop pc not a laptop :/

  • Eduard

    I’d like to have this laptop because my old one just hasn’t got enough juice left in it.

  • AshleyLacyBurgess

    I wanna win the laptop because i wanna get into  making youtube videos and livestreaming video games without terrible terrible lag and having to play games in low graphics just to prevent high amount of lag

    • [email protected] son has the Z575u the model just before this one and can play Starcraft II, Guild Wars 2 on almost highest graphics settings without issue.  This one should be able to do pretty well, it is still an integrated video card so won’t be a powerhouse like the $1700+ gaming laptops, but for the price it is the best I could find which is why I bought one to giveaway.  

      • AshleyLacyBurgess

        [email protected] Blogger thats good. right now i run world of warcraft on fair settings, starcraft 2 on low, and guild wars 2 on low but at least i don’t lag : /

  • So many people have really good reasons for needing a new laptop, I only wish I had more to giveaway.  Good luck to all who enter, remember it is random draw so more entries = better odds, but still random.  For those looking for International shipping estimates, I did USPS calc and it was about $85 to ship to Hyderabad, so giving you reference if you are from there and wanted to have estimated shipping cost.  Remember if you are International you pay shipping but since contest ends on Nov 30th gives you some time to save up.

    • SohilMemon

      [email protected] Blogger  Hello, I am Mumbai then what are the shipping charges and How can I win more entries ?If there is more entries then he/she would be the winner ??

      • [email protected] need an exact postal code to estimate shipping from USPS, also you can get more entries from sharing your referral link in the widget, you get this at the end or if you skip all the steps you get your personal share link at bottom of contest widget, you get 5 entries for each person that signs up under your referral link.  You cannot WIN this contest by having the most entries because it is a random draw winner, however if there is 50,000 entries and you have 2,000 entries, you have much better odds of being selected than someone with only 50 or 100 entries, so your odds get better the more entries you collect.

        • SohilMemon

          [email protected] Blogger Thanks for replying Sir.I will be collecting more entries as you have :Dand the pincode is “380028” 

  • ChrisConley1

    My laptop died last year and I haven’t been able to replace it.  I do have an older desktop, but it’s obviously not as mobile.  

  • technewsgadget

    I’d use the laptop as my first review unit on TechNewsGadget!

  • This is great! I know of a young budding entrepreneur who could use this laptop. It would help him with his business while he is on the road working. Thanks!!
    posted by Galen Morgigno

  • Daniel T

    I want to win this laptop because i don`t have one and it could really help a lot with my work having all my files and work documents with me while i travel.

  • katriane018

    I would need this for my work. I plan to pursue writing 🙂

  • AshikNesin

    I would like to use his laptop to learn programming languages and code new software. Right now I don’t have any PC or Laptop with me and it will be really Great if I win this giveaway!

  • This is a rare opportunity for me to win a brand new laptop. If anybody could win it then I can.
    @patrick ‘peculiar’ ogidi, Onoko marshall, Soki Briggs, Joseph Epobari, Stanley william, Okoku Amos, Azikor Blessing, Chux Martins, Bunmi Okoro, Fidelis Edosomwan, Joseph Jacob, Felix Adeley, Julie A Dee, Utubor Chuks Chukwu O, Edeh Cyril, Andy Ighodalo Ebhomhan

  • My wife needs a new laptop and this would be an easy way to get her set up without buying a new one.

  • Shannon Gallagher

    I’d love to win this because my daughter needs a laptop for school and I cannot afford to buy her one.

  • JorgeLopez

    I would like to win this and give it to my wife as a birthday or Christmas present 🙂

  • KhimArkih

    I like to win this , so i can have my very first laptop, will use it for my sideline cad work and 3d render as jr.architect. 🙂

  • geco_ok

    I want to win a new Lenovo laptop because the one i own is also a Lenovo with almost 8 years,although i can use it for browsing only. , I need a good spec to so that i can use it for practicing web and app development for my study.

  • Joyce A Raymond

    This would be an answer to my prayers! I can’t work because I’m disabled so I enter contests online to try to get some things I need. However ,  My”old” desktop is frequently ill, plus I keep having problems with my legs from sitting so much using my computer. Having a laptop would enable me to move around. So that’s why it would be awesome to win this.:)

  • AlexanderGenvarev

    Great giveaway! I Like it, I need it, hope I win! I want to win!

  • Jordan C

    I’d like to win the laptop because my current laptop in a piece of crap. The battery messes up & the only way I can open the battery pack up is with a butter knife. One of these days I’m going to stab myself. I’ll use it for personal use.

  • dmarie824

    I have an old desktop that badly needs to be upgraded.  My hubs and I have a vineyard that we have started and it would be nice to have a computer we can take out there to help track things.

  • iamtonyescobar

    I want to use the laptop school work.

  • KillerPoPTarT

    I really want this for my school work because im in a computer class and we use computers all the time and I would like to be able to study the online materials at home.

  • JamieN

    I want a new laptop because my current one is so old it can barely run itunes.

  • I’m quite excited to be co-hosting this contest and I must say Good Luck to everyone that’s in

  • I’m so excited to be a co-host and I’m wishing you all good luck 😉

  • Nagaraj93

    First of all, thank you for holding this contest and having put up such an amazing prize. i would really like to win this laptop because i am a HUGE GAMING FAN!!!!!! unfortunately my laptop doesn’t have the specs to play the new games. Ultimately may the luckiest person win!!!!

  • PradeepBhandari

    Great giveaway I am was going to buy a laptop gonna wait till the contest ends hope will win it.. 😀

  • I want to win this laptop, because I am a Web Geek and I love web designing and developing. But unfortunately I haven’t enough resources that allow me to do what I want. And one of the problem is that I have my uncle’s old Pentium 2 which is very slow and it is not suitable for me. Insha Allah if I’ll win this laptop I’ll build my website that I have planned since 2011. BTW awesome GiveAway and I hope that I’ll win this 🙂

  • I guess @Hasan Ali Hasan Ali deserves this laptop 🙁

  • Thanks for this Bro,
    I just won this in advance, I won because I’ve been favored with it and need it to propagate more useful information online while keeping in touch with the world

  • This would be good on me!  😀

  • RonaldSmith

    There are many reasons I want this laptop, one of them being reliability, another being that I need a mobile computing device.  The most important reason is the second one, but more importantly I need something that has low power usage and that I can use in the emergency situation much like I’m going through now.  Not a health emergency, but a computing one.  My monitor is dying and I cannot afford a new one.  This one is reparable, however the downtime alone could be a very bad thing for my family and I, because my fiance’s laptop is all but completely dead as of a week ago.  I’m positive that she would use the laptop far more than I would, but at least we would have a portable computer and an emergency backup, that also just happens to be of great quality and reliability.  Thanks to all of you who are funding this giveaway opportunity, and good luck to all of us who enter 🙂

  • Great giveaway mate. This laptop is worth winning, Hope I will win 😉

  • dpapsis2

    I want to win so I could use something more up to date than what I’m using now. I’d use the Lenovo Laptop for my classes online.

  • You finally got this running! I knew this was coming but didn’t know when. Good Luck with the giveaway! I hope all goes well and smoothly!
    Why I need a laptop? Because I have been using mine for the past four years and would love to get a new one! And what better than getting it in a giveaway! 🙂

    • [email protected]  Thank you, all is doing spectacular so far.

  • RajaEkka

    i want to win it because my current laptop dell inspiron 15R battery backup is only of 15 seconds . As soon i pluged out my laptop goes off instantly

    • [email protected] had the same issue with my old Dell D600 where the battery wouldn’t hold a charge anymore.

  • Steve del Castillo

    I want to win because i dont have a laptop! i will used it for my online work!

  • Ashish

    Well I want this laptop for gaming purpose plus I will do my blogging work with it

  • blackasphodel

    I want to win this for a friend. He’ll probably use it mainly for surfing the internet and watching movies.
    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • brianforge

    The laptop I am currently using is becoming dated, so here’s hoping!

  • PDuthoy

    My laptop died, and my desktop is old.  I could really use this.

  • chelle165

    I’d like to win it so I can give it to my son who is running on a 5 year old desktop, lol. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • SandraCobb

    Would love to win this so my daughter and I can each have a laptop. I also want to purchase a new graphics software eventually, and would need a laptop like this to be able to use it. What a great opportunity! Much appreciation and good luck to everyone.

  • CocoAlcontinHugo

    I only have a very old desktop computer. I can only wish I would win this. <3

  • Wow! Its unbelievable! You’re hosting truly awesome giveaways!

    • [email protected], not sure how often I will be able to keep hosting one with this large a prize, out of pocket on most of it, but will continue to do my best to excite readers with new gadget giveaways where possible.

  • AbdulsalamKhan

    Thank you justin,This is awesome giveaway.I would like to get a new Laptop for my brother 🙂

  • 22kitblu

    I want a laptop so I can watch exercise and yoga videos.

  • Jcces44

    My computer is dying, would love to win this!

  • I must win because , If I don’t win I will not be able to use a new powerful laptop , will not be able to give away my current laptop, And I will regard myself as unlucky fellow!

  • HeatherHolmberg

    I would love to win this awesome laptop, i would share it with my daughter, and use it for some extra classes I am taking and also for some serious playing 🙂 

  • I must win because , If I don’t win I will not be able to use a new powerful laptop , will not be able to give away my current laptop, And I will regard myself as unlucky fellow!

  • I must win because , If I don’t win I will not be able to use a new powerful laptop , will not be able to give away my current laptop, And I will regard myself as unlucky fellow!

  • I must win it because i am tired of using my desktop.

  • CyberGanesh

    This is awesome giveaway and great opportunity to win Lenovo IdeaPad Z585. I wish to win this Laptop because this is my dream to have own Laptop…! Hope with this giveaway my dream will fulfill…! 
    Thanks in Advance…!

  • KaushikMedhi

    Thanks for this awesome Giveaway contest !!  Lenovo Z585 Laptop is one of my dream Laptop  ! I am very excited to win ! Hope U will make my wish come true ! Please count me in the draw !
    Best Regards..

  • clintbrutas19

    I really want to win this laptop because it will greatly help me in my studies especially that I am a college student right now. Dolby Audio Technology will greatly help me when watching the latest movies–so I could understand those movies clearly and to really feel those movies.

  • clintbrutas19

    I really want to win this laptop because it will greatly help me in my studies especially that I am a college student right now. 🙂

  • LindsayCooper

    I need a new computer for school – I am in my last year of my bachelors degree and cant wait to be finished!! 

  • LindaLeroux

    I would love to win this Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 261729U 15.6-Inch Laptop for my son.  He is disabled and in a wheelchair so cannot get outside and play to much with the other kids and this would give him something to do of his very own!  He loves games!  Good luck everyone!

  • LindaLeroux

    I would love to win this Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 261729U 15.6-Inch Laptop for my son.  He is disabled and in a wheelchair so cannot get outside and play to much with the other kids and this would give him something to do of his very own!  He loves games!  Good luck everyone!

  • nosogirl

    I would like to win because I do need a new laptop.  I’ve had mine for a while and as you know, they start to slow down and all that.  So yes, I would keep this for myself.  julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  • Roxanne0005

    If I won, I would use the laptop to play games and do my work from home when I am sick or snowed in.  My husband is always on the computer and so I can never get on. lol If I won this, it would be my dream come true!

  • MychalLachicaSimene

    LENOVO has been the most powerful brand I ever saw. Therefore, winning this Laptop would be my most unforgettable experience because this is a one of a kind Laptop. 🙂

  • AadityaVerma

    I need this laptop to make my friends jealous! Me + Lenovo z585 = New Awesome Me!I will use it to develop Windows Apps, Android ROMs and Apps and maybe Apps for other platforms too! 😀

  • GuestFF1337

    My little computer nerd husband would worship me forever if I won him this laptop LOL .

  • alexmparish

    Would love to have a dedicated gaming laptop! Need to free up hard drive space on my Macbook.

  • GlennCuerdaArapoc

    i have been unfortunate this days, all i wanted is something great..and that great thing i wanted is winning the free LENOVO laptop..

  • Czedric

    Hello, I’m a broadcasting student and I could definitely use this laptop for my academics. Plus, I’m planning to start my own blog and this LENOVO laptop will play a huge part! 🙂

  • Elnoravhl1z0kug

    @vibhusri http://t.co/0VbrUjSA

  • I would like to win this Lenovo Laptop for my sister as she is in need of it… Lenovo is a good brand and I knew my sister will also like it…

  • I would like to win this Lenovo Laptop for my sister as she is in need of it… Lenovo is a good brand and I knew my sister will also like it…

  • vivekramindian

    Lenovo is a good brand. I would like to win the laptop for that. I would use it for blogging 😛

    • [email protected] of my kids own Lenovo Z575 and are happy with them, as am I.

  • Dan Valentin

    I need to win this great giveaway, Lenovo IdeaPad Z585, in order to make my job easier.Personally i think that when you want to improve something, Lenovo is the perfect  choice.

  • StaceyDempsey

    for some reason the follow on twitter entries are not being counted on the form? thanks

    • [email protected] you have to unfollow and refollow, or was it a 1st time follow.  punchtab can you look into this?

      • [email protected] [email protected] you know if this was taken care of?

  • Jenny

    I’ve been meaning to get a new laptop to do some blogging!

  • anish274

    Lenovo iss finest company in laptop market …. Need to grab one & want to be a lucky owner of one. 

  • Sindroam

    My laptop isn’t quite so wireless anymore.

  • Given the amazing specs, I could do almost anything with this laptop! Gaming, video playback, web browsing as well as blogging would be the regular activities.

  • gustosagiveaway

    i want to win laptop because I don’t have one

  • OliPia

    Cause i need one, sick to go in my parents room and work on their old pc.Definetely, with those specs and with your help, by giving it away, the Z585 will help me in the next years.It’s a great benefit having it, now that i’m in high school.

  • mwright199

    I would use this in my business start up, I have only a desktop pc now and limited in my mobility. 

  • illusion

    I have a 10 year old computer, and I’m working to be a CG artist.. Long story short, I’m already using 3 Flash Drives just to save all of my work, and a new labtop with more room on it would be godly!

  • lennyg10

    Too many uses to list!  Thanks for the chance!

  • techhogger

    Would love to win this gaming laptop. Has been looking for gaming pc since I own Mac and Mac is not meant for games.

  • victorcarazo

    I would love to win this laptop. Mine is very very old!!! I will use it for a lot of things!!! A lot!

  • Cybermanagement

    This offer shows amazing.  That should be useful for the person like me

  • PabloGarcia

    OMG this be perfect for work

  • JMLogic012

    This will be Useful for me as engineering student. 

  • Guywunv5puf

    @JMLogic012 http://t.co/rwYULFna

  • When will the contest end on 11/29?

    • [email protected] Lenovo Laptop Giveaway Ends on: Nov. 30, 2012, noon GMT-8.0

  • MahendraSharma

    done all steps

  • pandasty

    Wanna use it for engineering software and to play games on

  • cyvllkrstn

    I want to win it so much for my studies. Portable pc are more easier than desktops, because you can bring it anywhere and anytime.

  • Vaibhav Manral

    i want to win this laptop because i have an  old desktop and now i want a notebook…….. if i win this i would use this for my study in software engineering  and to play games……….

  • leafminlee

    I want to Win because my laptop’s right, left, up arrow keys and enter button is not working, I need a laptop for my studies, Computer Engineering is my course 😀

  • KevinBryant

    This thing is faster than my gaming PC!

  • Hi, I’m web developer and in My country there is too much load shading, so i can’t use my system continuously, that’s why I want this Laptop, because It’s perfect for both, developing and gaming. Thanks.. Zeshan

  • Although i already own a Lenovo laptop but that has a dual core processor and has been out dated. I want this laptop to do my day to day activity related to blogging even faster & with its wider screen i would be able to give presentation to my client with mush confident.

  • I’m a writer, blogger and gamer. I could really use a laptop for….everything.

  • CandysMindCave

    i would like to win this laptop for my photography stuff… i take a lot of pictures and love to edit them but it slows down my current laptop

  • ShawnaMaxwell

    I would use it for school.. having to walk to the library to do school work and send in assignments is getting old fast!

  • MoHatton

    Thanks for the chance to win. I could use if for school. And a high chance of gaming, too.

  • nomanfayez

    I need because currently I do not have any…….. I have a desktop but I need a laptop for Roaming use….. Also in Bangladesh there is too much load shading … so if I have a laptop… It will surely help me a lot…..

  • Andrew

    Teaching myself to program, would be nice to take around with me so I could meet with people and confer on the best methods and practices.

  • Although, I have used mostly HP Laptops and desktops for years, I feel that HP might not be the best option for the next laptop purchase. I have been looking at the Lenovo laptops for a few months now and its on my list as a possible replacement.
    Now that my wife’s computer is starting to have hardware issues, this contest would be a great option to get her a new computer. Thanks for doing this contest Justin!

  • meissaul

    I have never owned a laptop and I’d like one

  • Never owned a laptop before……..really looking into winning this..

  • Never owned a laptop before….. really looking into winning this ……

  • Akshay Ohri

    As simple as i can say… I love winning and i love playing games on pc/laptop… so its just perfect for me…

  • BruceNewport

    I would love to win this so that my wifey can use it and keep of me gaming machine 🙂

  • Kathy R

    I’d love to win because I have some health problems that  cause me to not be able to sit at the desk a lot or for very long sometimes.  This way I could sit anywhere and be on here.

  • lmd1974

    I want to win the laptop because I can’t carry my PC everywhere. Also, it is more powerful than my old PC.
    I would use it to play games and surf the web anywhere in the house.

  • vanessa richard

    i would win this for my brother and he would use it for his college homework

  • B Elliott

    I would love this laptop as I only have a desktop and need something more mobile

  • amiramzar

    i want to win this laptop to make it easier to me to travel!

  • JunaidMustafa

    I want to win this laptop as I love playing games and I can’t miss such chance to win this.

  • CGruning

    I would use this to blog, to game, to watch movies…. I would love to win!! 
    Connie Gruning
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  • Kashif Minhaj

    Thanks for the Giveaway. I am in need of a laptop as I am having a old pc which can do nothing much in this modern world.

  • nice giveaway count me also …

  • I tried many raffles, I think this one fits for me! Hihi. If i would be able to have a chance to win this Laptop it will really really help me with my studies especially when it comes to Computer works like powerpoint, research, etc. I will not be renting some other computer to do it But instead I have my own! Thank you!! Godbless <3 Win!!!

  • KunuArtist

    I’m taking up 3D animation and this laptop would best suit for my purpose.

  • lilasmommy

    I would use it for facebook, and internet surfing. then my kids could have the desktop and i could still get online!

  • JasonSearles

    I would use it for school

  • 100LBC

    I have a wonderful cousin who is working so hard in school after having to leave home. She needs her own computer for school. 

  • rdaga

    I want to win it because I don’t have a laptop and I’m too cheap to buy one. 😀 I’d use it for college and gaming.

  • cafetinhoc

    I want to win it to replace my old laptop.

  • I want this laptop because i never used laptop till now..

  • kujen92

    I want to win the laptop to play games on it

  • hacheh

    Thanks for the chance!

  • aprize

    greatgfiveaway!need it for my workplace at hospital for easier access to information and check  ups  fast
    Hope to win!

  • PammLong

    I want to win this because my current desktop is terrible and i don’t have the money for a new one. i really need this!

  • Peter_W

    I want to win the laptop so I can upgrade my mom’s laptop from 1994.

  • Erik A

    I want this laptop because I could be on the web without dumb parental controls and it would be nice to have before I go to college!

  • Tennistiger

    I can’t afford an expensive laptop or anything but I want to get into pc gaming

  • MOrdinateur

    I want this laptop, because I am now in Scientific college, and I currently don’t have a powerful computer. However, I need one to use software such as Wolfram Mathematica, and I can’t afford a such expensive laptop.

  • KarenBascon

        I am dreaming to own laptop coz it’s usable in this generation. And in my situation it’s hard we can buy such this thing especially its very expensive. I just want to get connected to all the people in and outside the foreign countries

  • AvinashKumar

    because Big THINGS don’t come for free i want this Big Thing as a replacement of My R60 which has been 7years old

  • PratyakshaKulesh

    i want this Lappy for my son who is in high school for his education projects

  • KumarGaurav

    i will use it for gaming purpose i want to win it so that i can play gaming contest and tournaments worldwide

  • GarimaKumari

    i want to win it to help my poor friend who need a laptop to do his DTP jobs

  • AkhileshKumarVerma

    i want to win this laptop to do my designing works i would use for this very purpose

  • Ido_Shamriz

    I want to win this laptop because I am a programmer and my computer just die, and I really need a new one for srudy and for work because right now I am preety much dead..

    • Ido_Shamriz

      I meant to right study

      • Ido_Shamriz

        I meant to write write lol 🙂

  • GarimaKumari1

    I want to win this because my current desktop is terrible and i don’t have the money for a new one. i really need this

  • IerraMiole

    i would like to win a laptop because i really need one in my study. I experienced hard time in making my research papers and thesis. Having one will really make me happy and will really help me in my online life and job, this will help me to connect anywhere, whenever and will help me to gain more friends :))

  • GarimaKumari1

    I want to win it so much for my studies. Portable pc are more easier than desktops, because you can bring it anywhere and anytime

  • I’d love to win  this laptop so I can edit videos from coffee shops! lol!

  • peti86

    I wanna win this awsome laptop cause mine is old, so I really need a new one
    This Lenovo looks perfect for me:D

  • KarenBascon

    iT’S  awesome to be part of this activity and its fun who knows it might be luck one day

  • lenovo laptop pls be mine!badly want you! 🙂

  • Jeffrey Fletcher

    Hi, winning this laptop would be great because my current computer is over 6 years old and starting to get blue screens.  I recently got interested in photography, too, so a new laptop would help jumpstart my new hobby!

  • tNfWDsuJrw

    Leonora Rivera
    want to win this badly…

  • Azha

    I want to win the laptop because I don’t have one and it will be a great help in my studies. Mainly for school purposes.. 🙂

  • GuilhermeVaz

    I want to win this laptop, so I can work wherever I am!

  • Nick

    Need a laptop for school

  • JanetLee1

    I don’t have a laptop so I’d love to win one 🙂

  • Goh

    just want to replace my very old pentium4 desktop for my daily task.

  • spez911

    I need a replacement laptop as mine is slowly dying.

  • vivek khanduri

    i got bored working on my desktop so looking to win a laptop 

  • vivek khanduri

    i am bored of working on my desktop so looking to win a laptop

  • keeper3945

    I would love to get this laptop i never win anything and i would use it for school and gaming. My current one is actually my dads and its about6 years old but it run so slow and the screen holster came off so u cant even open the thing. The only way to use it is by getting it docked and using a extra screen

  • RaajTram

    @dragonblogger that’s amazing!!

    • dragonblogger

      @raajtram Thanks, it certainly is the most entries a contest has collected in 2 weeks, exceeding even our iPad 3 giveaway!

  • keeper3945

    I would love to get this laptop i never win anything and i would use it for school and gaming. My current one is actually my dads and its about6 years old but it run so slow and the screen holster came off so u cant even open the thing. The only way to use it is by getting it docked and using a extra screen

    • [email protected] last few winners have told me they never won anything before, so you could get lucky.  

  • KeithBorgnet

    I’ve had my poor old laptop since’07. It’s done me well, but she could use a spell…

  • Kalangs

    would love to have it for gaming needed ! Good Luck all ! 

  • lbeaton

    PCs are SO 90’s!  I’d love a laptop to take with me on travels!

  • ChristopherWetmore

    My comp is so old, George Bush was popular when it was built!

    • [email protected], typically I like to refresh my PC every 3-4 years, believe it or not I don’t have a laptop as my home PC (gaming rigs were always cheaper as desktops, but not nearly as portable)

      • ChristopherWetmore

        [email protected] [email protected] I’ll be honest: This is a matter of “want” over “need”. I’m not a gamer, and I’m a Linux user (BTW, Steam is now in public beta with their Linux engine, hurrah!), but I do love my comp. If I win (and I realize that you’re not picking the winner, I don’t think), I’ll just be tweaking the hell out of it!I’m more or less homebound by agoraphobia. But I LOVE COMPUTERS!

        • [email protected], I press a button called “pick a winner” on Punchtab and it randomly chooses a winner.  I am also looking forward to Steam on Ubuntu, and really enjoyed using the OS back when I had it installed on a laptop several years ago.  Gaming was the only reason I still use Windows 7 (though a substitute for Livefyre on Ubuntu will be needed, wonder if there is a good linux blogging program that integrates with WordPress?)

        • ChristopherWetmore

          [email protected] Blogger Hey, cool, another Ubuntu user! There have been changes over the last few years in Ubuntu…I’ve gotten used to them, but some people hate them. Me, I just got used to using keyboard shortcuts more often.I know the lady who runs tuxmachines.org uses WordPress-I’m sure there are ways of integrating WordPress. (I’m not a blogger.) In fact, this being Linux, I’m sure there are at least a dozen!

        • [email protected] back then, Ubuntu with Wine and loved installing packages, tons of free stuff.  Ironically it was the lack of ActiveX and some flash support that hindered access to certain websites that were required which eventually had my wife switch back to Windows, she was using Ubuntu for over a year, now she is on Vista unfortunately.  I need to get her a new laptop on Windows 7.  (Yeah, as you can imagine, giving way a brand new laptop instead of upgrading my wife was not a big hit)  Just Kidding….

  • CandysMindCave

    would love to win this laptop because i am thinking about going back to school to become either a photographer or a receptionist

  • I’m loving this contest, Justin!

    • [email protected] Brown Thanks Sally, this is so far looking like it will be the most successful contest so far in terms of # of entries.

  • I’ve been looking for a laptop to use to blog from away from my desktop.  Of course, I’d have to give the gaming a test drive or two as well!

  • Clau4u12

    I need a new computer , I will use the laptop to check email, and keep in contact with family and friends

  • DeniseAd

    I want to win a lapton because i don’t have one and i think it would be usefull for faculty.

  • CherryRasulka

    I want the laptop because currently I am using a Dell made back in 2003 & it can’t be upgraded anymore! I would take good care of the laptop, my old one lived for 9 years!

  • Kalea F

    I would give it to my MIL whose desk top computer is old and slow.

  • Ed Martel

    My current laptop is over 10 years old, need a new one :)!

  • EdmondLeung

    Pick me, pick me.  Your next winner!!!  Show me the money! It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize.  Starving artist here desperately needs a laptop  to work and eat again. Winner, winner.  Chicken dinner. A life changing experience.  Top of my bucket list. 

  • Talex

    I can’t even tell you how old my laptop is, I’ve had it so long.  I take it everywhere with me and use it for everything, it’s my link to family, friends, and the world – I would be so lost without it.  But it doesn’t hold a charge anymore and is constantly freezing and crashing. This is a great giveaway! Here’s hoping….

  • AntonioIacobone

    It would be great to have a laptop like that! I only have a desktop and I love APUs from AMD!

    • [email protected] definitely has a win in the low end CPU market with the APU which can outperform the Core i3 and Intel HD graphics chipsets.  I remember the Athlon XP days when AMD had faster/better high end CPU’s than Intel but it has been a while since AMD ruled Intel in the high end processor space.

  • MSGjk

    great contest good luck to all!

  • KumarGaurav

    @jermino Please make this contest worldwide

    • [email protected]@jermino This contest is open worldwide but if you are International you just have to pay for shipping costs, so anyone anywhere can enter (if the country is eligible to receive computer shipments from the U.S.) the contest and just save up to cover shipping.  If you want an estimate on shipping costs let me know the country and postal code and I will give you an estimate from the US Post Office Shipping estimator.  

  • Cool Giveaway justin, loved it 😀

    • [email protected] Technikant I enjoy giving back to the fans, someone should have a SUPER holiday when they win this.

  • janicelys

    I wanna give the laptop to my sister who’s using a super old laptop which is seriously affecting her works!

  • MarinVl

    for gaming mostly

  • Bela Lugosi

    For blogging in my own room. 🙂

  • VasuJhawar

    i will use it for office and personal work……..

  • Mayank

    I would love to use this for gaming 🙂

  • WizardBGR

    I will use it for Photoshop and Diablo – my two secret sins 😀

  • joseph29

    i used it for personal used.. cozi just barrowing laptop tm my couzin..tnx hope i win..

  • judithalbius01

    i will use it to my works

  • kyutichel

    I want to win this Lenovo laptop because I will give it to my loving parents. 😉

  • Mary Ann Cueto

    Its for my job…editing ang layouting, it would ne a great help!

  • Mary Ann Cueto

    Its for my job…editing ang layouting, it would ne a great help!

  • nettie777

    I don’t own a laptop and would love to have one !:) I would use it to  communicate with family and friends ,doing couponing, and all my computer needs 🙂 Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  • solitarydragon

    I would actually let my daughter have it to use for school.

  • JanellDurr

    I would like to win this because the computer I got last year froze up on me and I cant afford to get it fixed. I would use it to do my social media and enter contests.

  • MichaelHaarstad


  • Hello Sir,
    A great giveaway for anyone and as a student come blogger I really need this laptop so I can do my work from anywhere and provide my best in Blogging and in Study also.

    • @Jeet Dholakia Good luck to you Jeet, thanks for entering.

  • Rachel Anne

    I want to use it as my own personal use.

  • Rachel Anne

    I want to use it for my own personal use because i want to update my laptop i’ve been using it for 7 years.

  • RollyPegaNunez

    I want to win use it for my new work. I want to become more productive than the one that I am using right now. A very slow and prehistoric device that runs with a low specs support.

  • dykhatri

    This is nice give away as i am programing student and has started blogging recently. I would be a great help for me to get this laptop so i can give my best as both of things and i can use it for productive purpose

  • Rhose_luv

    i joined !want a new laptop because my sister & i shared one laptop it would be great if have new one 😀 connect with my family & friends

  • TomBeaney

    I would use that awesome laptop for all the games I haven’t played in the last 5 years…because my laptop is 8 years old!

  • henglish

    I would love to win as it’s a great brand.  I would use it for my husband’s bookkeeping.

  • LeesaWho

    I’d give this to my nephew who’s starting college.  Then maybe I could take mine back!

  • boski1989

    My husband just retired and needs something to do all day instead of calling me at work!

  • DonnaMByrd

    I would love to win because mine is old and kranky, need it so I can enter Sweeps;)

  • DG

    Well, I don’t have a laptop, and could really use one for late night work that needs to be done.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • mrshrainey

    I would love to win this so i can throw out my crappy pc! If I won I would for sure take this lump of junk I call a computer and smash it into tiny little pc pieces!

  • Maegan M

    I would love to win it because my current laptop is a hunk of poop. I cant do anything on it :S. I would use this laptop for everthing!!

  • SolimLegris

    I would use this cool laptop for daily use and for gaming !!! 

  • SoteroBernardoJr

    My grandson needed this badly for his school.

  • Janice Cooper

    I would love to win this for my mother-in-law

  • DeannaRoddy

    I do a lot of things online including blogging, working, writing, and promoting my business. My current laptop is getting older and I’m ready for a new, faster one!

  • tigerlilys71

    I’m constantly online & could really use a new laptop. And this one sounds amazing. Would love to win this 🙂

  • joipegad

    For studying, connecting my loveones and for my business.  A great big help to me.

  • Joyluck_614

    I want to win this for my husband so he could replace his ancient desktop, he can do much better like blogging, surfing the net and much more.

  • Cheryl Rahkonen

    I want to win this laptop for my daughter, then we can stop fighting over my Mac.   She could use the laptop for gaming and I could have my Mac full time for giveaways – a win-win situation.

  • DeniseSmith

    i want one for my daughter for school and also for myself at home i dont have a laptop and only have a pc so this would be so nice

  • Susanleah

    Simply put I’d just love to own my first laptop. It’s difficult lugging my desktop around town.

  • JorgeGranda

    I would like to win the Lenovo laptop because I need a second computer as a backup to the one that I have.  My mother bought me a Lenovo about a year ago, so I know that they are very good laptops.

    • @JorgeGranda Lenovo is great, really happy with their models.

  • louiedog

    I need a new laptop. I would use it for all manner of things.

  • keen9000

    need to upgrade my centrino laptop for photography

  • czageorgene_uga

    @Phenom_965 I’m personally following the next 300 people that will follow –> @OMGFantasy 🙂 RT once you’re done so I’d know ?

  • Geomart

    I need to upgrade laptop for working online.

  • JannBarrtnik

    I’ll use it for my studies next year.

  • TavaH

    I want to win the laptop because I’m chained to my ancient desktop and keep having minor emergencies pop up taking from the get a laptop fund!

    • @TavaH I hear you you on emergencies draining the funds.

  • couponnoodlesup

    I would love to win this laptop.  It would be great for blogging, especially on the go!

  • ShokuBox

    It’ll be great to win something as big as this. I’ll use it for school of course.

  • BarbaraComptonKesterson

    I want to win the laptop to give to my daughter who is a nursing student.  She would make great use of it and she doesn’t have one now and we really can’t afford to buy her one.  Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • AnitaCash

    Would really love to own a laptop and this one is cool. Thanks for the giveaway

  • jewa

    I don`t have a laptop. So, I seriously need this. Thanks.

  • autumn13_07

    I would give it to my son who is a HUGE Gamer…this would be a dream come true for him

    • @autumn13_07 My kids both have and love their Z575’s which was the precursor to this model.

      • autumn13_07

        @Dragon [email protected]_07  Awesome good too know…yes my son would certainly go thru the roof

  • momsfocus

    It doesnot work for me 🙁

    • @momsfocus What doesn’t work, the punchtab widget?  Does it display at all, what happens if you sign in via email or Facebook?

  • Laura

    I would use the laptop for web surfing, email and taking online classes.

  • Thank for your information. I’m thinking about choosing Asus or Lenovo with designing purpose.

  • hmrcarlson

    I would use the laptop for myself and give my old one to my girls to use for their schoolwork.

  • I would love this to give away as a prize for my new website lol, lets face it, i need something! 🙂

  • GabrielRa

    I would use it for homework, it would be so much easier than my 10″ netbook.

  • kureii21

    I would use it to join more contest, this will be very useful. Its my hobby to join contest like this, cause i cant afford to buy, and I never win something bigtime or something awesome or expensive like this so please pick me. <3 <3 <3

  • LeoRancesGarcia

    i want this laptop bec. great help and i can easyly join your giveaway ang others contest

  • EmilioGuerrero

    I want to use to program and do my homework from college!

  • slstaffo

    Would love to win the laptop for my hubby! So proud of him he’s headed back to school to finish up his bachelors degree.

  • Constance V

    I would be thrilled to win this laptop for myself. I had an older model hand me down laptop that a family member was kind enough to give me, but it has finally quit on me. I went back to school so I really need this to help with my assignments. It’s hard sometimes waiting for other students to finish using the computer here at school. Winning this laptop would mean a lot to me. Thank so much for giving me this chance! =)

  • lahn69

    i really want to win this laptop coz i dont have one. im only using old model pc and it sucks coz sometimes it get freeze or stuck up. if i win this laptop, it is a big help for me and it is the best ever gift i recieved if i win…

  • I’ve been trying to save up for a gaming laptop, because my current one is slow as molasses.

  • VolusiaForObama

    @dragonblogger That is a serious connection/intel operation- kudos! Will you #ShareTheStory about how successful contest was? W/video?

    • dragonblogger

      @volusiaforobama connection? the contest is still ongoing until Nov 30th and I will share it’s story and how it does.

      • VolusiaForObama

        @dragonblogger Connecting all the different #SocialMedia for each person- most comprehensive I’ve seen. #Impressive.

  • ChristianWinterbach

    Would be great to win this laptop because my current laptop’s screen broke and I now have to work from a separate screen, it’s quite annoying, lol. Would also be a fantastic wedding gift as I am getting married at the end of the year 🙂

  • sydney_lukee

    I love gaming and I thout it’s time for my desktop to retire from have over due game, and besides it’s a bit old now and it may not run recent games at full potential.

  • KashyapWeboo

    @dragonblogger Cool contest with cool laptop.

    • dragonblogger

      @kashyapweboo Thanks, I was excited to finally buy one to give away.

  • harry

    this laptop palys latest games better than consoles according to specs and can do so for a few years and a great battery life..best deal for money..may the lucky one win..

  • kenyub13


  • KatNelson

    my laptop is on its last legs, so winning this would be perfect timing so I can continue entering contests like yours

  • MichaelCrowley

    I don’t have a laptop at the moment so winning one would just be amazing! I would use it for working, gaming and whatever else you can do with a laptop. Here’s to winning…

  • bonmarvz07

    I dont have laptop. hope this would be it….

  • AndrewKimInamarga

    To play a lot of computer games!

  • Honey_Erin

    I love computer  & games, this is the BEST!!

  • Sheri L

    I’d use the computer for gaming 🙂

  • sweepingnews

    I am trying to get a blog going…and stay going. I am a on a dinosaur that quivers if I even think of speed…so I am quite frustrated with blogging and timing out!  I also would love to be able to spread my wings creatively and see just what I am made of.I love this Punchtab way instead of Rafflecopter!
    I am now subscribed as well!


    my computer is on its last leg and i cant afford another one so this would help keep me online

  • monicabr

    My old computer broke and I need one to help me search for a job!

  • JM Logic

    ands it is huge man,, 🙂

  • Brandi Price

    My current DESKTOP is 4 years old and I would love to have a laptop to do the normal every day things I do with my desktop. Not to mention starting a business soon…

  • ValerieGeorge

    I need a new computer for school. my school computer is no good anymore

  • Dragonblogger

    Yep, it will be the biggest contest in terms of entries, though it will have to break the 45k entry mark first.

  • KyshaJenningsPlante

    I would love this new laptop so I can increase my skills in graphic design

  • KhimArkih

    @kureii21 @punchtab ang nabasa ko, you entered the dragon :)) nahihilo ako

    • kureii21

      @KhimArkih @punchtab bat ka nahihilo?

      • KhimArkih

        @kureii21 @punchtab wala sobrang daming iniisip 🙂

  • Ruthdelrosario

    I teach English to non speakers online… and the laptop I’m using is in the brink of being thrown in the garbage..It has gotten so old that it came to the point that my students are complaining how sloooowww my laptop is… so I neeeedddd this ssooo badly so I could put a decent meal on our table…

  • raspberry ketones

    Your post is nice. I have also the same laptop and its superb. no doubt.

  • raspberry ketones

    your post is really nice this laptop is awesome.

  • lahn69

    pease let me win….. 🙂

  • This pretty little monster would go a long way to restoring my technological equilibrium; I have two defunct laptops and one phenomenally fried PC. A new, shiny piece of geek pride is just what the doctor ordered. Prescription: Countless hours of surfing, social networking, blogging, and photo-editing. Prognosis: Sanity or something like it.

  • raingatdula

    ..I’ve been a good boy and since Christmas is just around the corner..I wouldn’t mind having a Lenovo Z585 Laptop..and since this is a gaming laptop..this will give me extra hours infront of the computer..

  • Janet C

    I want to win the laptop for my sister, who could use it for her animation projects (:

  • JennaSweeps

    I would want to win it to give to my husband for his birthday in December. He is a musician and a writer, but his laptop crashed earlier this year. He lost everything as he did not have it backed up. He now has an external hard drive, now all he needs is a new laptop 🙂

  • Gina N

    I would love to win this laptop, especially after reading all of the specs that you listed. I could definitely use an upgrade, since my laptop seems prehistoric compared to this one. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. 🙂

  • lahn69

    please let me win…. 🙂

  • mjpabia

    Hi! I’m Michael, an SEO site builder, Gamer and PC hardware enthusiast. I work with a computer all the time. There are times that I need to go away from homebased work so I need a laptop to be able to work outside home. I do have a laptop now but it’s really old… a 2008 toshiba laptop. I would really be helpful to get a new one right now. It would help me setup WP sites faster when I’m working outside my home. 🙂 Thanks for this chance, best to all people here in Dragon Blogger and to Lenovo as well.Cheers!-Michael

  • imapc

    I would like to win, cuz i want a first laptop , i only have a computer but broke :-(…

  • DeniseMelone

    Are you kidding? I have a 13 year old gaming addicted son! If I won this for him.. I would be the “Best Mom Ever” .. Well, until the next time I asked him to clean his room or study. 🙂 The price at Amazon is not that bad! Is it powerful? Thanks for the sweepstakes. I’m going to join your blog. This stuff is way more interesting than “mommy blogs”!!!!

    • @DeniseMelone This is a budget gaming laptop, it is more than capable of playing Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, Starcraft 2 and other games at higher settings, but if playing the latest first person shooter games settings would have to dial back a bit, but it will still play them fine, just not at the highest graphic settings.  You won’t find a better gaming laptop for the price, but I can’t tell you it can match a Samsung Series 7 gamer which is 3x as much 🙂

  • Joshee

    i actually have a laptop right now but my sister needs a fast one so if i win this ill give this acer to her and use the lenovo gaming laptop. ^_^ i play a lot sooooo yeah i would need a gaming laptop. ^_^ and i also use it for some editting stuff and IT stuff. ^_^ im 17 btw.

  • lahn69

    i really want to win this laptop coz i dont have one. im only using old model pc and it sucks coz sometimes it get freeze or stuck up. if i win this laptop, this is a big help for me and this is the best ever gift i ever recieved if i win… 🙂

  • TonyTwaggyDoman

    I wanna win because it’s time I got a new laptop, but I just can’t afford one right now.

  • sdhuab

    for our thesis? need one badly. haha!

  • JafarDhada

    I would use it obviously for blogging. I would be able to blog more productively and flexibly.
    I mean if I win it, Then I would no more be forced to blog with my DESKTOP PC. After that, I would be able to blog from anywhere in house. Ah.. How awesome it would be..
    Well, Thanks for the giveaway.

  • i i want new laptop for my study and blogging

  • i want Laptop for blogging


    me and my son using my old model junkie pc. it always freezing or stuck up and most of the time its super slow! i want to buy a new one but the problem is i cant affort it. by winning this new lenovo Z585 laptop, it would be a BIG help for me and my son.. please let me win…. 🙂

  • sarah oswald

    my computer is sooooo old i need a new one i would use this computer to check email surf the web and keep in touch with family that live far away. thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • it will replace my inspriron b130 (sad pc)…will use it for gaming

    • That’s a 6 year old laptop there, good luck to you.

  • I would like to win this laptop because my sister has taken over my Toshiba laptop and she keeps saying its hers so I need to get another laptop now. lol

  • I would love to win this laptop as an Xmas gift for my mother.

  • I want This Laptop For Giivng to My Sister B’day

  • I am having my PC, if i have laptop it will be easy for blogging and web developing anywhere

  • Lake Provence

    I’d love to win this so I can replace my very old cranky laptop. This will be of so much help with my work and further education. Thank you so much.

  • SueSueper

    I would love to win so I can replace my crappy desktop!! WHOO HOOOOO!!

  • I’d use the laptop to get some screen time. My kids are using most of it now!

  • i would use the laptop all the time my daughter could use this she is 13 she loves playing games listening downloading music watching shows all kinds of things

  • wanda

    I would use it to get a nonprofit webpage up and going. I could upload pics at the nonprofit and then get the design at my home. It would be awesome.

  • Miyong Baysa Pagaduan

    I want to win this awesome laptop because I do not have any and this would be the best gift I will recieve in my whole life and I will use it for my daily studies and of course for gaming.

  • AshleyTucker

    I would use the laptop to do online classes.

  • Mozbo

    I would love to win the Lenovo Laptop to *finally!* experience mobile computing. Desktops are the only computers we’ve ever had, and our most recent is now 6 years old! I’d use it most often for a combination of Photoshopping and gaming.

  • cjfurious

    I need a laptop to blog and organize events from. I am constantly on the move and could really use the resources to blog wherever I am, whenever I can.

  • RonaldSmith

    Is Punchtab down? It’s not showing up any more on here.

    • Yes, Punchtab has:
      500 errors right now.

      • RonaldSmith

        Ouch, you think it’s because of the hurricane?

  • I would LOVE to win this laptop!! I am a new Mom to a 7 month old, and need something that I can use when nursing on the couch, or in the bedroom when little one is napping… I had a Dell I purchased for college in 2004.. it is ancient and sooo slow I can hardly check my email…. The cord has recently broke on it from so much use, and the battery won’t hold a charge anymore.. So, I NEED to WIN this laptop!! Please please please!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good luck, only about a month left to go and I pick winner on November 30th.

  • My laptop is on the verge of crashing! Help! 🙂 I need a new one that’s why I want to win this 🙂 thanks 🙂

  • how to win this contest???

    • Winner is chosen randomly, but the more entries you get the better the odds. They are still odds however, and nobody knows who will win. Some contestants have a few dozen entries, others have over a thousand.

  • Eric Jablonowski

    I have 2 330 gallon water tanks and filters. A 12’x20′ greenhouse is coming. I’m doing an aquaponic tilapia farm, and would like to run all my timers, heaters, fans, vents, pumps off of the laptop.

    • Wow that is the first time I have ever heard they needed a laptop to run all of that. I haven’t met anyone running a aquaponic tilapia farm 🙂 Do you sell the to local markets or just food for the family?

  • jen stevens

    i would love to win this laptop because my laptop that i have now is ready to completely die and that is what i use to keep in touch with my family. I live 10 hrs away and i need a good computer to be able to connect with them almost daily. my computer ha stopped me from skyping and i miss them so much.

  • I am trying to do a test, at the bottom of this post before bio will be a rating system 0 – 10 stars. I want some readers to vote on this contest article to see if it will help it rank better in SERP this is an experiment.

  • Kharimov Tsukuyo

    I would use it to play game because my current Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 with GMA 965 laptop is completely outdated, i can’t even open Portal 2 and Battlefield 3

  • I need a laptop to blog and organize my foodblog!

  • y hp dv9810us did a good job in Iraq and Afghanistan until the 148 degree weather this past summer took it out so having this HP Laptop would make it so much easier traveling back and forth to Afghanistan and using it as a trainer for those soldiers who waant to learn some of the great software that is on the market, like ms access or excell. Even putting a virtual machine on it to do simulations that are easily reloaded for programs like Maximo, DB2 or a number of other CMMS systems that are in use over here. Not all the soldiers have laptops of there own so this would be great for them and for me in showing my skills in training on software, and of course with a nice webcam, what a great way to let them see families in private using team viewer to connect to their pc’s back home and for video chat with loved ones and not having to use the MWR PC’s.Also this laptop would make a very good multimedia studio to play movies through some of the MWR TV’s over there. Imagine an 8 hour movie (thats one behind the other) for their in camp R&R! Great! Home for Christmas and then it is back to the camps in afghanistan.!

    • Wow, and I thought it got here living in Arizona where it reaches 115-117 on many Summer days, that is deadly heat. I am surprised laptops don’t overheat altogether running out in weather that hot. Good luck to you, I have respect for all those who serve our country. Be safe when you redeploy.

  • I’d like to win it for my son so he can do his homework w/o wanting to take mine!

  • For my business solution, a true solution to my bug business problems!

  • I’m not rich, so of course I’d love to win something that I can’t afford and would use. This would replace an older Lenovo G570 that I use at work daily. (It’s okay, I work in a computer store, I’m not goofing off at work… not too much, anyway)

  • sreeragnk

    I really wanted an laptop now as I am in final year of my semester in college. I have projects coming in so it will be great if I win this giveaway. Thank you so much for organizing such a great Giveaway.

  • Rosario Quiambao

    I’d love to win the laptop for business purposes and for entertainment as well. 😉

  • a laptop will be usefull for doing my final year projects

  • Oni

    I’d love to use this laptop for school! I’m a college student with 4 Semesters left!

  • Raja Asad

    I hope that i’ll win first time prize 🙂

  • I would like to win this because it would be a huge help for writing game reviews and what not when I am not at home.

  • killerjas

    I would love to win this laptop because it would help me out buy making it so I can use it for college and also use it to help with my business.

  • mramzi

    I love to test any new technology, and if I won this laptop I’ll have a chance to test the new AMD CPU and Graphic cards, beside I like the new line of Lenovo laptops

  • merx

    I’d love to win the laptop to try out new AMD-based laptop, and specs, and see how the 6-cores match with the competition 😉

  • i want this because i love gaming and i haven’t any laptop so this is the great giveaway and i want to win it because i really love t get laptop.

  • It’s my Birthday on Monday 11.05.2012! I want something special for my birthday and this is more than special…it’s super….super…mega…special birhday gift If God’s will! and I soooo Love playing RPG games!! God Bless and more power

    • My youngest son’s Birthday is 11/8 and I got him the Lenovo Z575 as an early birthday gift 2 months ago so he could use it during summer vacation before school started (and he could play Guild Wars 2 with his brother and me). So I know how cool this laptop is as a birthday gift, good luck to you.

  • I want to win this because I have got a very old desktop that I want to get rid of. The energy I will be able to save due to this laptop can be put to better use.

  • If I win this, I’ll replace my 6 year old desktop and I will use it for my personal cum professional work

  • i just to any thing to get this hot piece of tech 😛

  • I would like to win this laptop, so that I can stop using my weak netbook computer to get online. I would use the Lenovo Z585 laptop to connect with my family and friends and enter online giveaways.

  • brian

    i would love to win this laptop to promote this great site!

  • I want to win this because my current laptop is on it’s last legs- it only runs in safe mode 🙁
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

  • I’d love to use this laptop for school! I’m a college student

  • affanruslan

    A gaming laptop? Bring it on! It would be great to play to NFS.

  • I really need this gaming laptop because I didn’t have any laptop right now and yes I’m a gamer!

  • I love laptops thats the simple reason to participate in this giveaway

  • Shannon M Gallagher

    I really need this laptop for my daughter for school She doesn’t have a computer at all.

  • If I won, I’d use it to create the audiovisual show I always wanted to at my local club 🙂

  • I would love to win this Laptop. Lenovo makes great products I think.

  • because i need a brand new lenovo laptop! yay I love this!

  • yeah..i love this laptop..

  • because I super loved this.

  • krystel jabonitalla

    I badly need a new laptop because my current laptop always has problems. And I need it to review for my upcoming boar exam.

  • HI! I am a fourth year college student and we’ll be graduating this March 2013 as a future educator. Since, I only have PC at home, I want also to have laptops that I could carry with no hassle in going to my future school probably in God’s Will. I am from the Philippines and students are really left behind in terms of technology especially in the remote areas. I want in the future, to share with them about computers and new technology innovations that could greatly help in their learning process in school. Most of the public schools here can’t afford to provide a one on one ratio with computers. I want that laptop, If I’ll win to be one of my aids in teaching in future.

    [email protected]

  • This contest has been such fun! Good luck to everyone and Congrats to whoever wins!

  • Sheena Fiel Dalman

    i want to win a laptop because I badly need it for school works. I only have a notebook that I share with my brother. Having a laptop would not only help me but my brother as well. 🙂

  • AnAudiophile

    I want to win this laptop, mainly because I want something that is more in line with my needs. My current laptop does not have the power to satisfy my demands, and, as a college student, I don’t really have the money to buy a new laptop.

  • Want to get a laptop as i broke my laptop and not in a position to buy one so doing this contest from my very old pc

  • I want to win this laptop, because i needed cause i’m not have laptop in my house or homeworks.

  • i want to win this laptop because I never had one and it will be a big use to my studies…

  • I basically dont have a personal laptop. So hope to win this 🙂

  • i want to win this laptop, because my own laptop broke, i need it for my online work and studies

  • I need a gaming computer to play game

  • i want to win this laptop for my own personal use.. i don’t have a laptop only a desktop.. and i badly need it to chat with my fiancé in florida.. im in the philippines.. so im hoping that i will win this laptop 🙂

  • My current laptop is on its last legs. This would be a great replacement!

  • Our old laptop is wear out already. I would love to have a new one so that I could connect to our relatives and friends abroad anytime, anywhere! 🙂

  • Siddhartha Dash

    I dont have a working laptop…My old one’s damaged..The Dell support team no longer provides support to my old laptop.I need one urgently but don’t have enough cash for purchasing..Furthermore this is a lenovo laptop giveaway & lenovos are meant for reliability & durability..I would like to use this laptop for coding,software testing & for other stuffs like watching HD videos because AMD’s APUs are meant for playing HD contents.

  • I want to win this laptop because it is necessary for a college student like me. It would be a big help for my projects and reports. And I see that most of my teachers are using LENOVO that’s why I am thinking that these brand is durable. Hope to win. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. God Bless! 🙂

  • me

    please let me win this laptop, as a single mom at the age of 19, i’m having a hard time joggling work and my baby, so, i want to have an online business, i badly need a laptop to do so… please help..

  • Partha Sarathy

    superb idea

  • I highly need a new lappy as my current one, the HP Probook 4420s gets heat up a lot to 50-60 degree celsius while multitasking and abruptly gets shut down automatically due to high memory usage! Due to this most of my data gets lost. I was planning to buy a new one, then I found this lovely giveaway and didn’t took much time to participate. Earned all the entries, hope to stand a chance amongst such a huge number of contestants!

    Good luck to everyone, hope the lucky wins! Cheers.

  • Miah27

    I’d like to replace my so used up 3 years old laptop with a new one that works faster and has lots of disk space for all my files…

  • Belle

    I want to win the laptop so that I could work on my on going thesis anywhere, anytime 🙂 The laptop would also be a big help in my other school/paperworks.

  • I would love to win this laptop because my husband, daughter and I fight over our one computer we own. Thanks so much!!

  • If i win this laptop, I would gift it to my mom 🙂

  • Jim Ford

    If I win this laptop I would use it for building android apps and other programming tasks.

  • Black Asphodel

    I hope to win this for a friend.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • My sister is a teacher and I’m a freelance writer, we can definitely share this gadget and will maximize its functions:)

  • focverover

    I want to start recording gameplays and this is the best oppurtunity for my.

  • Victor

    I love this laptop!

  • Dont have a laptop so winning one would greatly enhance my productivity at home.

  • I want to win to help myself in doing school works

  • Beby Xxvi

    All i want is to have a laptop that can be use by me for my studies, i’m having a hard time going to computer shop just to do some assignment which is needed in my school. Also, this will be a great Christmas gift if ever i win. Thanks. 🙂


    I dont have any laptop and i cannot afford to buy one. I am only using old model pc and i hope to win this lenovo Z585 laptop. This is a awesome gifts i ever receive if i won it. Thanks DrogonBlogger for the oppurtunity…. 🙂

  • Raheem Khan

    hope I win……… It would be an awesome gift for a kid like me <3

  • I love this laptop!

  • I want to win this Laptop bacause I want to replace my old model laptop .. . :DD

  • I would love to win this for my husband. It was his 50th BDay on Nov 4th and he has a very old PC with a fan that *whines* so loud it hurts my head lol. I am recently disabled and thanks to the loss of that 2nd income, we’re not doing so great. If his current PC died, we’d have no way to buy him a new one, not even a used one! We are avid gamers, we met on an online game 12 years ago and are still gaming together! No spousal aggro when you both are gamers right?

    • 12 years ago MMO game, trying to guess which one it is that you connected over! Good luck.

      • The Realm – it’s still running today! You’ll find it if you use “The Realm Online” 🙂

  • I want to win this laptop because I will give this as a gift to my mom. This will be a great help to her at work.

  • I would replace my ancient hp pentium notebook. Thank you!

  • leizledemaisip

    I want to win this laptop because my old laptop is already damage and i want a new one but can’t afford to buy another. I need to have a new one for my online job.

  • i want this laptop because since before i am a PC user.. i want to experience using it.. 🙂

  • Just to let everyone know who entered early, I added 3 extra entry options to the contest so make sure you collect them all for maximum entries / better odds.

    • Where did the giveaway form go?

      • Looks like punchtab is down, can’t hit main site. Give it an hour or so.

        • You know of a fix for when the +1 or share buttons overlap the submit button of the giveaway form? Makes it damn near impossible to make +1 entries.

        • Are you talking about buttons overlapping in the widget or my Sharebar floating bar buttons overlapping the widget? What web browser/device are you accessing from?

        • yea..like when I hover over the +1 chiclet..the “share” button is hidden.

  • Anif Wahyudiyanto

    My laptop is broken now, Chipset VGA was trouble, drive has failed and oftenly
    overheat. i’ve planned to repair this, but the budget is inadequate. I’m confused, is rarely blogging and forced out of work.
    I said thank you, if you are willing to give it to me, I promise to be more active in blogging and achieve my goals as a professional blogger, so will be happy both parents.

  • naser

    I want FREE LENOVO Z585

  • I want to win the laptop ‘coz I don’t have one. I intend to use it for anything that requires a laptop!

  • Need a new laptop (mine is dying!) to use for keeping in touch with family, doing research and….entering more sweeps! 😉 Thanks for the contest

  • Great contest – Lenovo makes great laptops, good choice.

  • Brenda Penton

    I want to win this so I can gift it to my sons for Christmas

  • loshla

    I need a new laptop for my daughter, she uses a netbook that is way toooooooooo slow, not good for school.


    I dont have any laptop and i cannot afford to buy one. I am only using old model pc and i hope to win this lenovo Z585 laptop. This is a awesome gifts i ever receive if i won it. Thanks DrogonBlogger for the oppurtunity…. 🙂

  • Hilda

    I would use this laptop to replace my old Dell laptop that way my son can have a good laptop to do his homework and I can have a good laptop to do my entries 🙂

  • i hve a lot of confidence in winning this laptop and it helps to my education and career lot ….

  • My son really needs a laptop for school. So he’d probably get it 😀

  • i really would love this laptop for christmas cuz mama needs a new toy…..

  • I want one, yay a lappy giveaway !

  • I really would like to win this laptop because I need a solid laptop to stay din touch and get many tasks done throughout the day A quality and reliable laptop is a must.

  • Trish F

    I would love this for my husband. He’s been having the worse time with his laptop, at the moment it is inoperable. I think it’s time for a new one. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Serena Debolt Hay

    This giveaway is great – I would use this laptop for my world domination plan. Don’t believe me? Just you watch. Lenovo has enough power that I can do it.

  • Tala Cañete

    I want to win the laptop so I don’t have to got to any internet cafe’s just so I can do my homeworks. 🙂

    • Tala Cañete

      Crysy G. Cañete in FB. 🙂

  • Jerry Lafferty

    I want to win because I detest having to sit at desk using my desktop all of the time, I would use this laptop for general web surfing and light gaming

  • Thanks for the giveaway

  • I want to win because I admire Lenovo brand and I would use to facilitate my student life.

  • would be great for being productive on the go!

  • Matthew Healy

    I am at my desktop computer a lot either studying or gaming and to have a laptop that i can use on the go or just to kick back on the couch would be amazing!

  • Good!

  • Reaz Ahmed

    Thank you so much for giving us this offer. I see this is the gamer PC. I love to play games on computer. but my PC configuration is too and too low. So, I need this Laptop for working and Gaming.

  • I have a taped together laptop, i use them for my aspiring writing career and would like one that works 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about your laptop being taped together, good luck.

  • if winner selects by random selection ,efforts from 80 days which flows in a river …..

    • Winner is random but the more entries you have the better the odds, but still random.

      • no more hopes of winning ,now just waiting
        Justin if u select from random selection everyone just entered and keep away ,if winner selects on the basis of points everyone surely works for the blog and competition is more ri8 ?

      • Guest

        punchtab updated the widget now showing accurate points

  • Scott M

    I’d use it to replace my audio production laptop

  • C

    I’ve been looking at lenovo and asus laptops since last Black Friday when my family told me I had to get my own computer and stop borrowing all of theirs! It would make it so much easier to get NaNoWriMo and school papers done as well as a place to put all my pictures!
    (mckane courtney on FB)

  • alison huffaker

    my current laptop is slow & out of date. if i won a new laptop i would be able to start the book i’ve been wanting to write for the past 4 years 🙂


    I dont have any laptop and i cannot afford to buy one. I am only using old model pc and i hope to win this lenovo Z585 laptop. This is a awesome gifts i ever receive if i won it. Thanks DrogonBlogger for the oppurtunity…. 🙂

  • This is great! My laptop’s 5 years old now and I can barely use Photoshop on it. I’d like a new one to be able to do better work for my Youtube channel!

  • i dream to finally have a laptop!

  • Anthony Buenavista

    I love to win ‘coz I dont have a laptop,never had before.

  • I have a desktop and would like a laptop so I can enter sweeps while I watch TV…what would I do with it…enter more sweeps of course!

  • Wendi987

    I would give it to my 78 year old computer literate mom. She’s still using a desktop that’s about 5 years old. She needs to be brought up to a higher technological level. She’s too afraid to buy one herself, want another PC…she’ll never get one of these if I don’t get it for it.

    • My mother in law uses the hand me down laptop my son had when he was 2, that was about 7 years ago so I am familiar with your situation. Good luck to you!

  • A new laptop would go down a treat especially as a student!

  • Erika

    I’m in college now and i can’t afford to buy a laptop at the moment so I believe It’d be much more easier on me to be able to do my school work while waiting for my next class plus it wouldn’t be such a financial, but worth it, burden on me. Hopefully I do win, but if I don’t that’s fine and give an early congrats to the winner

  • Janine Erika Dizon

    I wan’t to win the adorable laptop so that I can make my school projects anywhere at any time!

  • I would give to my daughter. She needs one for school!

  • punchtab updated the widget now showing accurate points

  • i want to win a laptop because i don’t have internet connection at home here in batangas. i just recently gave birth and agreed to stay here in my hubby’s side till i fully recover. i want to share the world every capture of baby’s milestones to the world and this laptop would be a great help for me to be able to do that.

    • Good luck, this laptop does have a webcam/mic built in so you can do recording directly on it at least to save it until you can get to a place where you have Internet connection to share.

  • I want to win this for my grandson! He would be sooo excited!

  • Punchtab widget is now updated, so you can see the exact number of entries you have if you crossed the 1k mark just by hovering over the 1k or 2k.


    hope to win…

  • Thanks!

  • my laptop broke a few months ago really need a new one 🙂

  • When i was 15 years old i had a stroke and was diagnosed with kidney faliure. I was blessed by going to the best hospital ever. Childrens hospital LA. They take great care of me and when i was on dialysis their Lenovo gave all the kids their a brand new laptop with the cover filled with pictures the kids took. I have my laptop for 2years but unfortuntely it broke 🙁 i really love lenovo laptops they are really good. Right now i am in need of one for school i am in my senior year and i have a lot of papers due so i need a laptop to use. So i hope i win this because it has taken me a long time to get to senior year i dont want this to affect me from graduating! so again i hope i win.. it would be a huge blessing and helpful because my mom and i cant afford a new one.

    • Good luck to you, I am also doing 10 days of giveaways starting Black Friday so if you don’t win this one you can still pick and choose some other great stuff.

  • I want to Win this Great Laptop. Have 5 Kids and this Great Laptop is a Great xmas present for all 5 Kids

    • Good luck, 1 laptop shared with 5 kids I see fighting reaching an all time high (at least it would in my house, the 2 fighting over my iPad was good indication)

  • so that way my family will stop using my laptop

    • I bought Kindle Fires for my kids so they would stop accosting my iPad, it only 1/2 worked they still use my iPad as much as possible because it has better games.

  • susan

    My old lap top is on it last leg ….. A new on would be nice.

  • Que Será Será

    This would be a perfect win, as I am now working on a laptop with a cracked screen (courtesy of my pup) I have it hooked up to my tv for a monitor.


  • I want to win the laptop because the one I have is old, missing keys, spacebar barely works,and I reallywant to be able to use it to help my 7yr old with his disabilities (autism, social & emotional.) There are special games and things that are available that we can’tuse on this computer.

  • I’m 52 years old right now but I never had the chance to have a laptop. I only rent at internet cafe’s, I hope I can win this..God Bless to you, nice giveaway for us..It will be an early Christmas gift.

  • thewolfkin

    I have a business in waiting. People want me to do stuff like build them websites etc and I’d do it but I need the tech and this laptop would go a long way towards that

  • Jan Nowak

    I need a laptop handy for travel.

  • to be able to cope up with my paper works. getting pile up.. great tool to finish it 🙂

  • Ana Paula Barreto

    I want the laptop because it is a product of great quality, excellent for games, programs requiring specific qualifications and also for everyday use.

  • Jo Tuason

    I want to win this because I can make most out of it. I primarily use computers from home and office stations. I also rent at the nearest internet cafe when I’m out and need to send emails to clients. Having one that’s portable and faster will make my life easier as I can customize them to suit my needs and don’t have to worry much about forgetting my login passwords from different sites I visit. Thanks.

  • Hey Justin, I never could get the ptab script to work on my blog, so I have entered here.

    • Curious, did you have it in a scheduled post, or draft? I found that sometimes it doesn’t show up in preview or scheduled.

      • I tried it as a draft and as a scheduled post. Neither worked. I’m wondering if there is an issue in my WP Theme that is causing the problem. I wouldn’t have to put the script in a separate file and then call it from the post would I?

        • I found out it won’t work until it actually publishes, all my 10 days of giveaways wouldn’t show the punchtab code until they published, scheduled view, draft and preview wouldn’t show the widget until the post was live.

  • thank you so much for holding this giveaway!:) i would like to win this because i haven’t played any computer games after 2008!! my pc is simply too outdated to play them!

  • Ronald Smith

    Idk but I think the punchtab app may be glitched. It’s said 9 days left for at least the last 5 days, lol.

    • That’s not true, I check it every day, contest ends on November 30th at 12:00PM MST.
      It changes only at noon MST.

  • Arra Odeza

    i wish to get a laptop i could use it to communicate with my husband..could also use to communicate with my father who’s working abroad..hope i could win here 🙂

  • my laptop is a dell latitude d610 and that is a good reason why I want a new one


    I dont have any laptop and i cannot afford to buy one. I am only using old model pc and i hope to win this lenovo Z585 laptop. This is a awesome gift if im gonna win. Thank you DragonBlogger for the oppurtunity…. 🙂

  • June Ebinger


  • Dee Gardner

    My current laptop is very old. I’d use it for work

  • Well I do not have a laptop, I use my boyfriends laptop when he is not using it for work. This would be a great help for stalking yall!

  • Jaimi W

    I would send it with my soldier when he leaves.

  • Mr Nerve Damage

    It would replace the 6 year old laptop that I have now. My HP freezes and is crazy slow. It also will not run any games. it would be a fresh start and then I can donate this laptop to a local school.

  • I have four kids, that’s why 🙂

  • angevege

    I would love to win the Lenovo to give to my mom. She has a 10 year old desktop that is the source of a constant stream of complaints. 🙂

  • Kathleen Downes

    I will give this laptop to my son so he can play games on it instead of using mine.

  • Barbara Compton Kesterson

    I would love to win this laptop for my daughter who is a nursing student. This would truly be a blessing for her

  • Kiser R

    I would love to give this to my GF.

  • I will get Freedom from Home PC & use it alone so More Concentrate on my Project which difficult to do on Share Computer.


    I dont have any laptop and i cannot afford to buy one. I am only using old model pc and i hope to win this lenovo Z585 laptop. This is a awesome gift if im gonna win. Thank you DragonBlogger for the oppurtunity…. 🙂

  • CA Nikhil D’Souza

    I want to win it so that I can use it for my work and music production. Besides with such a nice graphics onboard, I can play my favourite games when I am bored 🙂

  • peppe

    now I use an old notebook and I have to take a new one… winning it would be great!

  • To take notes in at class

  • Cool Care

    I am going to win

  • V Brewer

    I need a new laptop, been sick for a while, so have lots of bills, can’t get top notch electronics, so, having a nice new laptop would be great–thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sandy

    The hard drive on my 6 year old laptop just went this week, I’ve been managing with my phone until I’m able to get a new laptop!

  • I would like to win because i nver got a loptop and would like to play with one

  • id like to win so i can have a pc to myself finally

  • thank you so much

  • So then I can finally have one that doesnt freeze on me

  • Heather

    I would like to win the laptop because mine is pretty old and I have to hold my breath to make sure t turns on. So far so good! Ha! I would use it to connect with my family across the country via webcam. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 2 days to go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Debra Guillen

    I want to win the laptop because I don’t currently have one of my own and have to share with my husband. I would use it to enter more giveaways like this one and read more blogs which I love to do.

  • tezza

    i want to win cause i never had a laptop before.

  • kathleen

    i want to win this laptop because i really need to replace my old one. .would use it for work and gaming 🙂

  • thank you for this great giveaway

  • ajhall62

    I would play games on it of course. But I would also save pictures and videos of my grandchildren

  • How do I get the referal link?

    • In the Punchtab widget, if you do all of the entries or some, then come back, or skip to end, you will see “share this contest” you get your own punch link http://ptab.it/j4vK for example.

      You should see this in the widget:
      Want more entries?
      Increase your odds….etc

      The link is at bottom, also if you enter 1 entry, leave page and come back I think it shows you the referral link to.
      You get the referral link after the last option, so if there is 22 entries, when you do or skip the last one you see the page to give referral link.

      • I did, but the link didn’t work… I will try again now

      • Omg… This is solo bloody … Shameful… Seriously… You guys got there +1, Retweets, Follows… Facebook stuff… Totally nuts! How much does this app costs?

        • This is a free contest widget, called Punchtab and Rafflecopter both do same thing. The goal is to giveaway prizes and in exchange you are building your social media follow as methods of entering. Hardly a trade off, I am giving away a $600 laptop, all you have to do is subscribe to a few social media accounts to enter for a chance to win.

        • I know, it’s like totally worth it…. It can spark quite the viral…

        • Yes, I grew by over 6,000 fanpage members in the last 12 months as a result of my contests.

  • I want to win the LENOVO Z585 laptop…because i want to use it in making our research papers now that im at college…its also for presenting my report to the class

  • I’ll use it to keep all my films and music on!

  • Vaibhav Mhatre

    if i win this laptop then This would be my first laptop, I want to win this because it would help me do things on the go… I can bring it with me in my college and do thing just by switching on the laptop than by running round to find cyber cafe..

    I’d use office, watch movies, even listen to music on this lappy… 🙂

  • i want it because my old laptop is suck, and i would use it for my study 😀

  • Sarah p

    I would love to win this for my husband, he’s really into gaming, and I think this would make a fantastic gift!

  • Bashir Ahmed

    Hi justin,

    Thanks for the great offer. Well at this time I really need a laptop because I am sick and I can’t do work on desktop computer, I have 2 sites to work on. So I badly need a laptop. I Do like so much lenovo laptops. I hope to win.

    Thanks again.

  • I could def use a new laptop, I stupidly put windows 8 evaluation copy on my current one & dont have a disk to revert it back to 7, what a mistake :

  • I’d love to win because my computer is so slow. I would use it for my husband’s business.
    (Huguette E.)

  • i could really use this laptop keeping fingers crossed

  • Garrett

    I want to finally have a good Windows Laptop as my MacBook is very old. I will game and probably edit videos with it.

  • I need to get a new laptop to give my 5 year old one a break

  • Brent

    I would use it for music and being social

  • Yomar Lopez

    It’d be cool to win the Lenovo laptop because then everyone in my family will have a laptop or tablet to connect online. That means less fighting over the living room computer.. I could also use a new upgrade for my laptop setup sooooo I may secretly take this one for myself. *wink-wink*

  • Kristina Jonas E. Mendoza

    I could use it for school since I’m studying Programming! 🙂

  • Roxann

    I don’t have a laptop. I would use it for gaming and everything else. That is one sweet laptop!

  • I would put my son’s Magic: The Gathering game on it so he’d play there instead of on my rig!


    hope to win….

  • Only 6 hours left to enter to win the Lenovo Laptop Giveaway, I will be picking and announcing the winner soon. Remember winner has only 48 hours to confirm or else new winner is chosen, so it could take up to 48 hours or until winner confirms for me to announce in widget.

  • internetkhazana

    I am a blogger by profession and laptop is a must for me. At this
    time i am using Tower system but some times i need to go outside and I
    don’t have any laptop yet.

    • When I got a new computer last August, I had a gaming desktop system built. But I travel to California a lot and sometimes spend a week or two there at a time, in retrospect I wish I had gotten a gaming laptop instead and saved up more instead of jumping the gun for a desktop.

  • Kuvalja

    This would be ideal xmas present, since my pc s on its last legs. Cheers

  • Winner has been published, she confirmed and a huge congratulations to Lisa Grillo from MA!

  • L.McReynolds

    Congrats Lisa G!!! Awesome prize!



  • Good shot Lisa!

  • masternr

    Dose it run Battlefield 3 ?

    • Yes it would just fine, maybe not at max settings with high frame rate, but just fine.

  • Lan Huong

    Hopefully I will be the winner to own a wonderful computer.